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  1. Because he looks like a Slot WR next to real running backs. His frame is leaner than others. Lol look at him in pass compared to CJ Anderson and cap. He looks closer to fozzy frame.
  2. KaseKlosed

    Possible Huge Addition

    Don't cry in the car bro
  3. KaseKlosed

    Possible Huge Addition

    Remember when "GettleMagic" Signed Martin.... LMAO so glads he's gone.
  4. KaseKlosed

    Troy Aikman at OTAs

    Cam was being super cool and humble. Looked like troy wanted no parts of that extended handshake and stepped back from Cam. Troy looked uneasy and akward
  5. Thanks you are smarter than all the draft scouts in the nfl congrats. I will be revisiting this thread fyi lmfao
  6. I believe CJ will be the the number 1 RB in our offense and CMC will be change of pace scat back. This guy moves the pile unlike CMC, and has more power than CAP and willing to run people over.
  7. KaseKlosed

    Power RB & Shifty RB examples

    Cmc is robotic compared to mccoys moves. Sorry.
  8. KaseKlosed

    Power RB & Shifty RB examples

    I thought I was going insane with all these ppl claiming cmc was unleashing paon onto nfl would be tacklers. Cmc is a shifty back and geck he's no where near shady mccoy. Shady is smoother and cmc looks robotic in his shifts. Till this day I've never seen cmc break more than an arm tackle in the nfl. We rather have him in spaceto break ankles.
  9. KaseKlosed

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    The original cmc lmfao
  10. KaseKlosed

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    Omg cmc is not curtis martin period. Cmc lacks explosive power from his legs. Trying size them up has nothing to do with frame, grit or toughness. Cmc is not very tough. He avoids contact because he knows he can not break tackles. Please stop the comparisons. Dave gettleman drafts despite a few players are looking like total poo right now. This man crush yall have on a scat back is beyond my mind. Cam Newtonis big, jstew is big, cmc looks like a damn slot wr we stole from the patriots in his pads compared to everyone else. Lmfao
  11. @Saca312 congrats youre now blizzzocked. Yag