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  1. You only said this to get trump supporters approval. Dont be that guy.
  2. That is a giving man! Happy for everyone and rest in peace to the lost carolina family members. This made my day. Way to go JR.
  3. Too many black kids at the swimming pool?

    Cant really justify the cops actions after this video of police approaching ARMED citizens in the state of texas.....LOL Some people on this board are in such a state of denial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfK1fJhZX7g
  4. Brenton Bersin continues to impress

    People act like this dude is a stud. He is taking up a roster spot for someone who has more tools and more talent. He wouldnt make 95% of teams rosters today. He can't get separation and he doesn't have speed. He is a great story to tell and he wont be missed. He doesnt even play special teams anymore, because his IQ couldnt handle when to leave a ball to bounce or slide after it like he is in a baseball game.
  5. Brenton Bersin continues to impress

    He is decent but he does NOT need to be active during games. We know what he is already. He will just get slower with each season and he cant muscle anyone off the ball. He is the avg joe's superhero
  6. Not once were they called THUGS, N*****s Criminals etc....Stop playing into the media's race baiting game SMH
  7. http://wane.com/2015/01/13/fire-department-89-fires-reported-in-post-game-revelry/ Fire department: 89 fires reported in post-game revelry COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Fans took to the streets after Ohio State’s football championship early Tuesday, yelling and screaming in delight, setting nearly 90 fires and in the case of a few, tearing down an Ohio Stadium goal post. Police made a handful of arrests after using tear gas and pepper spray to disperse crowds of Ohio State students and other fans following the Buckeyes’ win. Officers on foot, on horses and in cruisers patrolled the main drag through campus after midnight Tuesday, when revelers spilled out of bars near the campus to celebrate the university’s 42-20 win over the University of Oregon in Dallas. Thousands converged on the Ohio State football stadium, where police turned most of them away. Most headed back to the bar area, where cruisers lined the street and officers limited pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Photos | Buckeye fans celebrate win over Oregon Fans tore down a temporary goal post on the south end of the Ohio Stadium field used for high school games, said university spokesman Dan Hedman. University police responded to various places in and around campus, including Ohio Stadium, the university’s Mirror Lake, a popular student gathering spot, and the neighborhood north of campus, Hedman said. Ohio State fans block High Street in Columbus, Ohio, early Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015, as they celebrate the Buckeye’s 42-20 win over Oregon following the National Championship football game between Ohio State and Oregon. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon)The 89 fires reported to the Columbus Fire Department involved trash bins, Dumpsters and couches, and no injuries were reported, according to spokeswoman Battalion Chief Tracy Smith. Smith says the 89 reports started coming in just before 1 a.m. with the last reported about 4:45 a.m.
  8. Since 2011 the city of Baltimore has paid out over 6 million dollars in police brutality and abuse cases. Yea these people are just living in a illusion and making up all this shyt for attention...yea....yeaa thats it....lets discredit the entire area that will make me feel better.
  9. How not to have your ass kicked by the police....

    They think joking about people losing their life is all good and fun because honestly their soul can not relate, and they do not have room in their heart for compassion but rather buy into the medias myths and stereotypes.
  10. 11 moronic reasons white american people have rioted

    Arsen is racist just let it go. He wont directly say it, but he will imply with his words and clues he leaves. Racist and he loves it. He loves his views and let us be glad he doesnt have a large platform. LOL only the carolina huddle
  11. 11 moronic reasons white american people have rioted

    Western hypocrisy says: "Violence is not the answer!!" Well what happened after 9/11? What happened after pearl harbor? ​What happened Iraq/Libya???
  12. http://www.salon.com/2014/12/02/11_moronic_reasons_white_people_have_rioted_partner/ 11 moronic reasons white people have rioted Conservative pundits seem to think looting is unique to black communities. They obviously don't watch much sports
  13. No mention of Freddie Gray?

    I see the racist and insensitive people have shown up. LOL
  14. Sad part is white people FEAR black people without a protest just as much. Your mindset is what cops like to hear.
  15. Panthers get a 5th and 6th comp.

    We are drafting 7 DEs and 2 RBs So calm down people