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  1. No. Cmc is not getting any bigger. He has peaked already for his frame. He is human. Plus his genetics are limited.
  2. Coach Ron setting the standard to beat the pats consistently
  3. They put up 7 points vs the eagles... They have much better weapons in Vikingtown.....
  4. This.... Maybe Shula was crying for CMC..... Now CMC is not the total package like he thought he was and Ron fires Shula.... yay...lol What a REACH for a top 8 pick... We missed out on the BEST RB and CB drafting CMC so high lol Great Job Panthers... Let us get it right this year. No more hype players... no more fantasies about "evolution of the game with one player" Come back to Earth....
  5. I'm convinced half of y'all are on meth..... bruh cmc and LT do not belong in the same sentence together... smhhhhhh one is a hall of fame the other will not make a damn pro bowl. Y'all give cam hell and cmc passes left and right. Lol I really do hate a lot of talks football ignorance. It's annoying...
  6. Lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  7. So we gotta spend another first round pick on the same position to compliment a position we drafted top 10 last year?? But he can run in between the tackles like fournette and kamara!!
  8. I thought CMC was supposed to be the future rb1????
  9. When your front four can't generate pressure you have to send another man. Smhhhhhhh I wish you would criticise CMC like this. Your selective criticism irritated the fug out of me.
  10. If true then JR proves he has a slave owner mentality. JR has a dark side and that includes sexist behavior calling a person a racial slur in a professional environment and now suppressing expression. Good bye JR!!!
  11. Star def not a weakness. However he will be more aware this time around.
  12. Hey guys here is a great break down of the Panthers vs saints tomorrow that I personally respect and find highly accurate. Quickhits: saints rushing totals were deceiving. Ingram was avg 1 yard per carry against us. That 72 yard run was only because the refs neglected to call an obvious holding penalty that let Ingram free. Kamara was only going to have 1 TD and 30 yards if 2 of the holding plays were flagged by refs I do not expect for these holding calls to be neglected again. I also do not expect 2 turnovers on special teams to happen again which gave the saints short field twice. Also our run defense is amazing! Ron has coached these guys up along with Steve wilks. We know new Orleans like a glove and their center is their key to their run game. We have to literally throw him off his path and allow the Line Backers to do their job. This is why Wilks kept the 4-3 base defense in against the saints. This is what was required to stop their rushing attack. 31- 28 Panthers
  13. He is not what we thought he was. He is 28th in total yards from scrimmage. He is not a playmaker. He requires perfect blocking to get to next level. Even elliot has to break tackles in Dallas and he has the best OL. Even bell in pit has to shed tackles. I hate to say I told you so but I told you guys. Cmc wasn't going to evolve anything but an increased check down pass. He's good he's just not kamara great. He wi never be a probowler as a running back ever. I will put 100 smackers on it.
  14. Ron says "we" have to do better because he considers himself a part of the team. He was part of the 85 bears I am sure he understands personal responsibility. You guys just want him to be overly humble I feel. Please name another coach that is available right now that can win the Panthers a super bowl.
  15. I'm telling you guys..

    I agree with you. Watching the game again I see we did basic basic basic poo. The loss of J Stew probably effected this as well. I believe the plan is to be fine with 5th seed. Beat the Saints and possibly play Eagles with their crap ass QB situation. Then we are back in the NFC Championship possibly playing the rams. Goff to me is a younger matt ryan with more of a panic in his heart. We got this.