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  1. As I stated before.... CMC the best WR in the draft. Lol 4th best scatback in draft.
  2. Nothing is ever CMC fault. When will you learn. He isn't getting his fair shot to be an all-pro. Remember never blame his inability to break tackles, his fumble, his inability to convert on short yardage runs.... If this was drangelo Williams people.would be giving him all kinds of poo
  3. Can we stop pretending that CMC is superman?? 200 yards of total offense pffffft.... stop
  4. LT still wiff's on his predictions
  5. LT is rarely right about anything. Dude really. He sounds so lost on that show.
  6. Film Room: Ladarius Gunter

    Fundamentally sound, physical corner, SMART corner. Great move!
  7. Bills have a far better defense than 49ers. I do not believe this will be a blowout. It will probably be closer to 17-13 type of smash mouth football game.
  8. Bro you have the biggest hard on for a running back that will never be a true number 1 RB. He is a situational player. He is not a bell cow. He is talented but your man crush is on another level as if the man can be NFL league MVP. The dude allows us to call more screen plays bro. Serves as a great special teamer. Just ignore my posts bro if you are that legit upset. Leave my poo alone.
  9. Bills have a better defense Preston Brown and Lorenzo Alexander will take away opportunities for Christian McCaffrey It was a typo. It meant to say Byrd OR Samuel. You are just upset because you disagree with CMC being contained. Get over your man crush bro. These are sports opinions. LOL
  10. Buffalo looks to run the ball this year. (We may not be able to match their production) McCoy is on another level... (CMC will probably be held in check due to Bills Line Backers) Tyrod Taylor is as dangerous as Russel Wilson when he scrambles during broken plays. (Cam will have to look for big plays down field to take advantage of the aggressive defense) This will probably be a low scoring affair. I am thinking 17-13 Panthers. Panthers OL will have their hands full with a much better defense than the 49ers. Look for Byrd or Samuel to catch a deep TD pass. We need the defense to score. 17-13 Panthers Win
  11. AP looking at Sean like "bring me my switch boy"
  12. PFF: Refocused Car-23 SF-3

    Starr was a beast I agree. However I also agree that we didn't see any evolution that ppl were screaming about with the addition of cmc. Also cmc nearly fumbled twice more before the real fumble. It looked like defenders were more focused on stripping the ball rather than tackling him with solid fundamentals. Hopefully the playbook gets better and cam gets better as well.