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  1. Ya'll running away with a 7 second edited video to throw run under the bus. Lol you guys need help
  2. Agreed, I also take in to account that RR had JR over his head and who knows what he was allowed to do and not allowed to do. For one he could not get rid of Mike Shula because of JR's relationship with the Shula family. Another positive note he is the most winningest coach in franchise history. Also he is coaching in the loaded NFC South and first ever coach to lead a NFC south team to 3 consecutive titles. Most fans have no clue how hard this is and can not back up their argument for a new coach. #ImWithRon
  3. We will see less assignment goofs. We will see better blitzing and pressure on QB. Most importantly davis is another coach out there and will have them playing better run defense. I predict minimun of 3 turnovers next game
  4. KaseKlosed

    CMC or Saquan

  5. How about ya'll stop being butt hurt and stop replying to my threads? Easy solution. Win/win fellas. =)
  6. I said CMC resembles more of a scatback coming out of college than a power back. I said Fournette would be better to replace JStew because he can break tackles due to poor OL play. CMC needed wide open lanes to be successful running the ball. Carolina was far from being able to do that. You guys have to remove your emotions sometimes. Ya'll just got too caught up in the hype.
  7. 1. Because he has yet to be consistent breaking tackles is one key. 2. Wanting to see CMC in the slot is not a crime especially last years wack ass WR options and Funches / Torrey Smith are struggling to be legit WRs 3. I have created 3 CMC topics. 2 Were positive 1 was critical. You guys just defend him like jesus when he makes mistakes. lol
  8. Carolina Offense 2015 with Fozzy n company says hello
  9. you guys do not understand what the term racist means....
  10. Guy in the video said CMC will not be able to consistently shed tacklers.... I said the exact same thing and Im a bad fan =(.... Guy in video says CMC could be used more in the slot as WR.... I say I wanna see that too and Im a bad fan =( LOL Ya'll guys need to get it together. No player is immune of positive and critical breakdowns... Sorry he is not Jesus... Just enjoy the video
  11. Film Room: Christian McCaffrey’s versatility in the Panthers' scheme Mr. Gold loves CMC and we both agreed on similar things when it comes to CMC. He should line up more often as a slot WR option. He is assisted with better OL play and majority of his runs are with motion going on in the formation. CMC also has incredible vision and has improved his blocking since last year. Also CMC is not the kind of back that will break tackles consistently but can juke you in open space down field. Love this breakdown. Enjoy "For this breakdown, I tracked all of his carries so far on season by alignment, formation, motions, and play design. Hope you enjoy! "
  12. KaseKlosed

    Players’ reactions

    My man! Always coming through with the broader perspective
  13. Stiff arm is not bowling over someone. Cmc will never be able to run someone over his strength is avoiding contact. Running backs like Kamara, Lynch,Zeke, Bell have been able to run ppl over. Cmc has not done this. I said great game and great stiff arms but he needs superp OL play to open big gaps in order to be highly effective. He does not have the power to break tackles on a consistent basis like fournette, bell and Gurley has shown.