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  1. Saw her up at Midnight Diner a few weeks ago... looked like she'd been to a Tramp party or something... she was dressed as a bum, yet still astoundingly beautiful. she was with a few other hotties, but they paled in comparison really. kind of a funny story cos i'd seen her for the first time on earlier that day and sent a link to my buddy saying something to the effect, "holy poo, we actually have a smoking hot cheerleader..." aaaaand then i see her out that night, and i'm like, "holy, that the same girl?!" and no i didn't approach her... i know my ceiling, and that poo is nowhere near her stratosphere.
  2. Official Panthers Cuts Thread...

    isn't that the same knock on Hixon? did he even play in the preseason? (that's a legit question cos i missed the pittsburgh game and i watched the other three at bars...enough said)