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  1. Roll Call for NFC Championship Sunday

    I'll be in 510, row 14.
  2. I used to think the same way you do, until I received the red X when trying to enter the stadium after buying on Craigslist. It was a female, which really threw me off. I'd recommend avoiding craigslist altogether.
  3. Count me IN!!!!

    Roads should be fine by Sunday. I'd just leave early and take your time, and if the roads aren't bad, more tailgating time!
  4. They were two singles, side-by-side. I just did it again this afternoon to upgrade to better seats. I used two different browser windows when I found a ticket. I'd put the first single in my cart, then wait a minute or two in a different browser for the next single to appear right beside it. It's like they only release the next individual seat until the first is in the cart.
  5. I was able to secure 2 tickets side by side on Ticketmaster for face value. They were the only 2 tickets available from the venue at the time. It seems like they may be starting to release some of the tickets slowly to the public. If you still need tickets, keep an eye out on Ticketmaster. Go Panthers!
  6. Still looking for 2 tickets together if anyone is selling. PM me if you are!
  7. NFC Championship Game Trailer (HYPE!)

    THAT.WAS.AWESOME Gave me chills... Now I just need to secure some tickets to go to the biggest game in BofA history.
  8. Wish I could help you bud! I know one of those 4 has my name on it too.
  9. Mobile entry to BOA

    Last time I was there, I saw signs near the entrances saying that only printed tickets would be allowed. They may have changed since earlier in the season though. All of the policies on talk about reprinting tickets, so I'd recommend being safe than sorry at the gate.
  10. UPDATE: I bought tickets off ticketmaster, so I'm in the building and no longer need tickets. I'm looking for two tickets to the NFC Championship Game. Willing to pay cash OR barter for my professional DJ services. If you've been to a pool party at Catalyst (uptown Charlotte)over the last two summers, I was the DJ. I live in Winston, so I don't get to Charlotte for many of my gigs. PM me if your have anything and what you're asking for the tickets. We can discuss DJ services too if you're interested. Thanks, Adrian