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  1. you just shifted the goalposts by a country mile pd. we aren't necessarily arguing that it's acceptable, but that they're not the same thing. you can parse from there, but framing it as the exact same thing rather than differing degrees is a losing strategy.
  2. if the goal is to be as reductionist as possible, than yes, they are the exact same crime.
  3. by "basically under the same circumstances" do you mean "totally different circumstances?"
  4. Love the picks!

    i just came out of a football coma yesterday so pretty much everything that's happened between the 3rd quarter of the super bowl and roger goodell getting booed as he walked onto the stage is a complete loss
  5. Love the picks!

    you can't plan your roster around injuries. you can do your due diligence in keeping a deep roster... which we have. if remmers goes down williams takes his spot. velasco can play guard and center. remmers can kick to LT if oher goes down and williams can take RT. i think chris scott is still on the team and has taken snaps at RG and RT iirc. i would like to see us bolster the position to keep fresh talent fighting for spots, but we look pretty good there right now. better than, say, defensive back, where prior to today we had some pretty major holes.
  6. Love the picks!

    agree. we aren't gonna shut down singular guys the way josh did but i think as a unit we've gotten better. the secondary won't have to be elite to do it. people complain about offense and forget we're getting kelvin benjamin back. literally my only concern on that side of the ball is tackle... and we've got darryl williams waiting in the folds in case remmers regresses. being stacked as a roster lets us as fans sit back and enjoy unorthodox drafts like this. or it should, anyway.
  7. Love the picks!

    agree, idk why everyone is being babies. we loaded up the front end to keep an elite pass rush which will then make our flagging secondary look better, and then bolstered our flagging secondary with some young fresh blood. the camp battle is going to bring out the best of everybody and will probably be one of the focal points of media coverage. i don't see how anyone can hate it, especially given how well rounded we are as a team to begin with.
  8. gm of the year and talent acquirer extraordinaire dave gettleman grabs overlooked small-school guy and the MRSA bay bucs draft a second-rounder kicker named kroberto and give up draft picks to do it. yes everyone is laffing at us right now
  9. none actually. the bucs literally made me drunk with that move
  10. MVP Posts

  11. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    just remember guys... it's all about the ball. mr. neal recognizes this. he's going to perpetuate last year's success under the same deeply-meaningful football philosophy.
  12. Trading up with the Titans

    i couldn't BELIEVE who they got with number two!
  13. huge reach. this is why you don't let needs define your draft strategy. if he blows up they're further fuged