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  1. even though i am spectacularly loaded down with work and deadlines and other responsibilities i couldn't stop myself from spending copious amounts of time browsing the cowboys-panthers gameday thread over on the dallas boards. there's a special little joy in going page by page and anticipating reactions to big plays and seeing spontaneous rushes of curse words and unadulterated rage. here's a sampling         this is the most beautiful thing that could've possibly happened. my grandchildren's grandchildren will hear about this one day.
  2. my facebook is filled with people who have never mentioned the panthers in their lives suddenly posting about how the panthers are about to kick y'alls ass. it's pretty annoying to imagine them enjoying the same victories after jumping on so late, but whatever. as long as they stick around we've grown the fanbase and that can only be a good thing.
  3. Allow me to make a contribution

    blatant photoshop
  4. You're Welcome

    did you get a picture of his texts?
  5. Norman on Dez Bryant

    tell his parents to disown him or you're getting a divorce
  6. i've been saying it since like week three but nobody listens
  7. You're Welcome

    mother knows best dear
  8. Kurt Coleman

    dude is playing at an insanely high level right now, both against the pass and against the run. outstanding pickup by gettles.
  9. absolutely fantastic.
  10. the romo-led cowboys were probably the hardest team left on our schedule. falcons and giants have the best chance of pulling off the upset at this point, both at home. not even worried though. as long as rivera and co. take them seriously i can laugh at their squads on message boards.
  11. yeah that guy was a real c*nt
  12. best? gotta be. most boring? also gotta be. that game was a snoozer by the time keek picked it off for the second time.
  13. Dallas Tears are Delicious

    oh now that's some desert for tonight
  14. Resting players vs 16-0

    play for undefeated. this team craves excellence.