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  1. Oldie but goodie

    ahh so you get to decide who has the right to be offended. got it
  2. anywhere but between the buttered buns!
  3. Oldie but goodie

    the gadsen flag was made by very offended people just p.s.
  4. what kind of fuging mixed up weirdo would rather lop off his dick and give up the opportunity to chase down the likes of this
  5. i don't know where i stand on the whole CFA boycott, but my opinion is probably worthless because i fuging love CFA and i eat there a lot
  6. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    brown and garrett get roster spots imo, unless garrett just sucks butt in camp. not really a big win or loss for the WR6 spot no matter how it shakes out, though bersin seems to be the best candidate by a good bit based on performance.
  7. the best part is it's the DOJ and has absolutely nothing to do with obama lol
  8. btw tim moore's reasoning for non compliance and risking school funding for the state is literally "the obama administration doesn't get to tell us when we can and can't do something" it's more important to tell the feds to get screwed for enforcing the civil rights act than to keep schools funded... and then package it as "obama holding our kids' futures hostage"
  9. house speaker tim moore says state will not be in compliance by the deadline imposed by the fed. everyone is calling it bullying by the fed of the poor lil ol states. it's amazing how similar the rhetoric of this is to the dirty feds swooping in and ignoring states rights in '64, ugh federal overreach always leads to injustices being willed onto the people, right?
  10. It's almost time again! So stoked...

    i rarely eat donuts but when i do it's dunkin
  11. Who smokes cigars? Post em

    AF short stories are awesome. any of the hemingway line really