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  1. WTH's going on on Bald Head Island?

    autopsy report faked then?
  2. How the Left wins it for the Right

    they were the liberals
  3. How the Left wins it for the Right

    won the heart of our society? most of our society haaaaated his ass. he was a race-baiter and race-divider in the rhetoric of the day
  4. I feel like we just discussed this topic relatively recently but maybe not. Either way here's a thoughtful article about it. There's a pretty broad gap between the facts surrounding the decision to drop and popular opinion about its necessity that says something substantial about the American psyche. I say it's because of Vietnam.
  5. i always liked berman, i'll be sad to see him go
  6. Might be Jobless

    very nice, congrats

    how so?
  8. Good lord....

    seattle has fallen back to earth. packers maybe, but teams figured out that isolation route poo they like to run and they're not putting up the kind of numbers they used to.

    superior to hillary? sure. superior to trump? hell yes. but his superiority to hillary is less than hillary's superiority to trump and given that trump is an asshair from winning the whole thing in a general a throwaway vote is a luxury i can't take.

    because hillary represents status quo foreign policy and corruption and progress on domestic issues while donald trump represents regression on all fronts. he is the candidate of the i say bomb 'em all! constituency. i don't believe for a second that trump is less of a hawk. fortress liberalism is maddening and hillary is light years behind the type of candidate i feel represents me, but she's also light years ahead of donald trump, which says a lot about donald trump. the good news is in ten years we'll have another decade of voting constituency that overwhelming supports ideals of the sort sanders espouses and the passage of another decade of society's old guard who vehemently opposes anything resembling progress on domestic fronts and supports endless war on nations they've never heard of and people they've never met. if we ran these same candidates ten years from now bernie would win in a landslide.
  11. Kelvin Benjamin's OTA Debut

    but is he fat?

    you should try thinking inductively one day

    *intrinsically bad i'm not sure enough to say because i'm currently sifting through arguments as the political landscape develops

    i'm not sure enough to say. libertarian candidates terrify me because while i love that many of them are military isolationists and will listen to the peoples' will to stop bombing brown people it's a deeply childish position to take that the gubbermint is bad and we should end the fed, let everything self regulate, etc. ps