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  1. they write the scripts tho INT. DESK SURROUNDED BY CURLING CIGAR SMOKE AND 19TH CENTURY NAVIGATIONAL AESTHETIC FADE IN: Josh Norman leans forward in chair. JOSH (quietly) When Odell and I went at one another last year, people got mad. Imagine that. People who watch this sport every Sunday and say they love it actually pretended to be offended. They don’t see the beauty in it. They don’t see the truth. Josh takes puff of cigar, exhales slowly. CAMERA TRACKING FORWARD, SLOW ZOOM TOWARDS JOSH'S FACE JOSH The guy lining up across from me, he knows the truth. There are a lot of people who watch this game, or who are paid to commentate on it, who might not understand the true reality. They might get offended. (pausing) They might think we're animals. MACRO SHOT OF CIGAR FROM THE SIDE, EMBERS GLOWING AS JOSH INHALES, DETAIL SMOKE EXHALE. SHOT FOLLOWS SMOKE WAFT AS JOSH CONTINUES: JOSH (contemplatively) But Odell and I, we know the truth. Anybody who makes it to this level knows it. The truth is that on the football field... BACK TO JOSH'S FACE, ZOOMED IN FULLY. JOSH (Morgan Freeman smile) ...He’s trying to steal my bologna, and I’m trying to steal his. CUT TO: INT. GETTLEMAN JACKING HIS MEAT.
  2. that really sucks and all but i'm down for changing nothing if it infringes on my anachronistic 18th century right to stop a fire team of obama troops with my 30-06 or shoot milwaulkee's best cans on the upper forty with pawpaw on sundays
  3. Selective use of logic: Guns and Bathrooms.

    OP has committed a fallacy but idk if it's really confirmation bias
  4. Garrett > Funchess?

    rivera should demote olsen and dickson so we can have Simonson and GarFunKel
  5. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    i am most interested in the cornerback battle, both in rookie camp and training camp. more than any other position i think the outcome will affect how we look as a team.
  6. chills, man also this is panthers related because he also said this: i'm going to miss the poo out of josh norman. he was the realest dude and except for a certain monday night football game i hope he has a stellar season. our crop of rookies have some really big shoes to fill out there.
  7. Hotels in Charlotte

    all the aloft properties are supposed to be starwood's edgy premier properties, whereas sheratons are more business oriented, W and westin more cutting edge, le meridiens more luxurious. i stayed at the le meridien in charlotte and it kicks ass... i've stayed at the le meridien in bangkok and it was the most awesome place i've stayed in my life. now that marriott is buying out starwood there'll be a gradual cultural shift towards getting all of the properties to be more like aloft, since marriott prefers the more edgy designs and autonomous authenticity over comfort-branding for baby boomers, which is largely why they're the big fish in the sea of hotel chains
  8. Hotels in Charlotte

    fug starwood properties anyway
  9. Hotels in Charlotte

  10. they did the cover of the novel i released last month... fairly terribly i might add, but it was five bucks
  11. i am looking at a similar concept underway in greensboro. revolution mill is a giant ass turn of the century mill that's being refitted as a huge event center/office space, mostly tailored towards creative and entrepreneurial industries. i'm hoping to be able to rent a tiny ass office there and go to town.
  12. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    you mean rummy
  13. When Hillary talks tough

    she's so bossy imo
  14. Update on the toddler body count

    i imagine there wouldn't be any steaks left... it sounds pretty sick tbh. they lead the cow out on a rope, stake it to the ground in the middle of the range, and then give you the rocket launcher. it would take a demented individual to actually pull the trigger on that imo i have heard the same range lets you unload your ak clip at a chicken, but i don't know if that's true or not
  15. Update on the toddler body count

    in cambo you can pay $150 to fire a rocket launcher at a cow