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  1. Greensboro area Super Bowl Watch Party

    stumbles is a patriots bar but one of the better venues in town. definitely worth a shot.
  2. Greensboro area Super Bowl Watch Party

    yeah you can go but it's an awful group (no disrespect to RR) and shooters is greensboro's colostomy bag
  3. Greensboro area Super Bowl Watch Party

    your opinion is worthless, please do us all a favor and stop sharing it. god bless!
  4. Greensboro area Super Bowl Watch Party

    greensboro riot is a massive disappointment, btw. needs a whole new command structure. shooters is the second worst possible venue besides uptown charlie's, which was their first location. it's probably completely reserved at this point, but some of my best gameday experiences have been at cooper's ale house on market st. kickback jacks is a good one. try any of the properties marty kotis is putting up. i would totally watch it at the green burro too if that place is still going. i think the bar tvs at mccouls are decent but i wouldn't necessarily go there just to watch a game. buckhead is probably going to get mobbed for it, same with the speakeasy. darryl's will get blown up if you're into restaurants but there won't be big projectors or anything probably. oh yeah and corner bar and the blind tiger too. and hops, though they were a much better venue back when they were spring garden pizza... too packed out now. the crowd at fat dog's is super localized so they'll probably take over the space before you can get there. edit: oh yeah and old towne draught house would be an awesome spot, but get there early because it'll get crushed by the university crowd. i'd join y'all but i'll be in the mother city.  
  5. Greensboro area Super Bowl Watch Party

    yeah pour house is still a steelers bar. OP, try longshanks. they have a phenomenal group that watches it there every week and rivals the winston-salem riot meet-ups at the ale house.
  6. Greensboro area Super Bowl Watch Party

    in what like 1967 on a tuesday?
  7. Greensboro area Super Bowl Watch Party

    huh? have you never been downtown?
  8. Gun show loopholes

    there are no problems. everything is fine. change nothing.
  9. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    KT was ahead of his time. i'm willing to bet if he was here now saying the same stuff he'd be fine, because so many more people are saying the same thing now. this board has changed a lot over the past half decade.
  10. From April 29, 2011 to Super Bowl 50

    you need to frame that poo if we win. i'm doing the same with my lucky roaring riot cat fight t-shirt.
  11. GREAT place. i'll loft some fireball in your honor from the mother city
  12. Cam Newton disappointed me

    get your march 2011 hot takes here, folks!
  13. can't wait til he comes back to retire with us.