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  1. came to suggest a repeat of the 2008 green bay game. hopefully minus the fumble
  2. i expect trubisky will have an awful day but they'll stay in it through the fourth quarter very unnecessarily. panthers 24-20
  3. Jeremy Igo on WCNC Facebook at 8 pm

    i'm on igo strike til i get to hug james bradberry
  4. I mean sure for long term benefit but he wouldn't have any more yards than stew right now
  5. Discuss.....

    sounds like they need a tight end
  6. how many have we dropped? like six?
  7. if he averages a pedestrian 30 yards a game he'll be GOAT in five years
  8. this feels like the type of game we'd inexplicably drop
  9. terrible post, cmc has been pure gold receiving out of the backfield and this team is substantially better because of him
  10. incredibly irritating
  11. NFL vs Trump, who wins?

    yup. people don't realize protests only work when they're disruptive enough to bring the other side of the table.
  12. NFL vs Trump, who wins?

    this really is what it all boils down to WERE THE BESTEST!!!!!!!! disagree and well you can just go live in a cave with the taliban and see how you like it
  13. sweet. i'll be at whatever game the ceremony's at.
  14. can't be critical of yourself if you think you might convince someone you're right
  15. why the fug are we not passing to set up the run at this point
  16. Wilks on Luke's condition

    luckily he's got a long week to rest up, but they need to be overly cautious with him anyway. one more bad one and his career is probably over.
  17. ok that's an overreaction but based christ if i had a nickel for every time we ran jonathan stewart up the gut for -3 on first down i'd have enough nickels to buy sanjay rajput nine tight ends
  18. Including a path to Eagle Scout. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/boy-scouts-will-admit-girls-allow-them-earn-eagle-scout-n809836 Anyone pissed about this?
  19. Hang Shula at dawn

    ps jefferson reserve owns