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  1. again, i think it's a lot more nuanced than "is racist" or "isn't racist." we all have hidden prejudices we are unconscious of. youtube bike thief experiment. they are often not malicious, just engrained in everyday assumptions and lived out. jerry doesn't hate black people. he loves many of the men on his team and is close to him. simultaneously, he holds prejudicial views on black culture, as evidenced by his attempts to stifle cam from dressing black. his attempts to stifle players from peacefully protesting police brutality are proxies for prejudice because they carry water for powerful lobbies that attempt to disrupt the march for racial egalitarianism in this country. maybe JR will be exonerated, but knowing what i know of him i won't be surprised if he did/said something racially discriminatory. that's the sum of it.
  2. do you know what an analogical relationship is and that it's different from a comparison?
  3. sorry you feel that way. i respect you as a poster so i will explain my point. (1) my disdain for richardson preexists this incident. my preexisting problem with richardson informs my response to whatever ugly allegations are going to drop tomorrow - it's not that i'm condemning him prematurely, it's that i'm not surprised at allegations based on what i already know. which is that: (2) richardson has a well documented history of doing racist poo. no, not klansman poo. there are different kinds of racism. some are flagrant, some are passive. some are conscious, some are subconscious, engrained and unintentional. jerry isn't wearing a klan good but he's associating things black people like to do with thuggery. explain to me why you would tell cam not to put his hair in cornrows unless you associated cornrows with something bad. this is totally different from tattoos; you cannot conflate them. it's a racial microaggression. people get super annoyed at words like that, but i say fug them. imagine living in a society that picks at all the poo you do and associates it with criminality or uncouth appearance. hiring frank luntz? why does cam need someone to help him frame racial issues? cam isn't stupid. do they think we're stupid? frank luntz is a GOP operative. jerry put him there to muzzle cam (and by extension the team) when they wanted to speak out about social injustice. this is insulting and infuriating. trying to keep the players from protesting? fug that. explicitly racist? nope. comfortably immersed in his lack of adversity due to his skin color and therefore ambivalent about causes that don't affect him (and obstructing attempts of players to stand for them?) absolutely. (3) i'm not screaming RACIST!!! or SEXIST!!! i'm pointing out that allegations of misconduct are unsurprising given the above-documented actions that reflect richardson's beliefs. i'm not surprised someone would go after him for discrimination. (4) immediately and preemptively leaping to his defense because he's a savvy businessman () is one of the most ridiculous things i've ever seen, and my response was framed by that disgust. why should a victim's word be preemptively dismissed because he's a good businessman? how is this thread any better than jumping to the opposite conclusion that he's a monster? sorry you were offended by my post - not sorry for speaking out against prejudices engrained in the organization at the structural level. i'll happily take poo for calling it out. tomorrow a lot is going to change.
  4. he proved his racism when he told cam he needed to be respectable and not get black people things like cornrows and earrings, and hired a conservative white political consultant to "teach" cam how to speak about race fug richardson
  5. maybe what mr. richardson did was worse than what mr. jones did
  6. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    someone call 911 people are speculating on a message board
  7. these are all things effective businessmen do to build their brands. doing these things and being a horrible human being are not mutually exclusive.
  8. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    this is all bersin's fault
  9. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    there have been rooney rule charades before and none of them involved a massive discrimination lawsuit. this is much bigger
  10. well you're about to hear a lot about jerry richardson so
  11. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    jerry needs someone to help him articulate his thoughts on discrimination. someone get frank luntz in here STAT
  12. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    player related? internal org?
  13. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    she threw that colostomy bag at herself for a payout it's getting to where you cant even make eye contact with females these days killary
  14. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    i, for one, am excited to read the measured, conscientious takes on a burgeoning social ill that posters here will no doubt provide
  15. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    it was shula fire shula
  16. if everyone would follow mike pence's lead no one would uncontrollably wrestle women to the floor and jizz in their belly buttons
  17. your helmet is showing
  18. they were with the administration at the time of the alleged crimes retard
  19. don't you have glue to eat?