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  1. i wonder if saha knows bewonee is 14
  2. so uh what's up with all these bombings in austin?

    literal terrorism
  3. lol stirs tries so hard to keep up the independent schtick but keeps dropping his drawers in front of everyone
  4. Fox News North Korea Spin Obama vs Trump

    he grumbled, impotently, from his rocking chair in the corner as his daughter patiently wiped the dribble of saliva from the corner of his mouth with a moist towelette
  5. then why are you trying to police it?
  6. Initial Property Continues to Vex Libertarians

    lol yank that ripcord
  7. Can a true atheist be moral?

    this got answered three hundred years ago
  8. Point Man movie trailer

    Now that I've yammered about it constantly for the past two years here's some actual content! If this interests you check out the IMDb page. We've got our world premiere at the Cambodia International Film Festival in a few days. Exciting stuff. Two years ago this thing was just a script and a summer project.
  9. Point Man movie trailer

    Thank you sumbitches To launch this thing into the next level (distribution that'll put it on Netflix, Hulu, theaters, etc.) we need as much exposure as possible. If you're interested in helping with that process, watching the trailer on Facebook would go a long way, and sharing it would go even farther. We've topped 60,000 views in a week, which is tremendous, but I'm hoping to break seven figures and catch the eyes of distributors. https://www.facebook.com/PointManMovie/videos/823255231219123/?hc_ref=ARSsoX_mSqBx6JugtJ0e5EMYNwlPRVWErOYen1awbUsQOwo72zqbuRo0-xx3aEhAl8M&pnref=story
  10. Cam & Kia pregnant again

    can it play left guard?
  11. i worry a little about ebron trying to catch some of cam's frozen ropes, but if one of our coaches can get his poo straightened out he would be fuging deadly going up the seam.
  12. Michael Crabtree Released

    yeah we're not winning any bids
  13. hurney has a hard on for the permanent position
  14. awesome. now go get a pair of safeties.
  15. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    so who plays the X if this happens? gotta be smith right? hard to see funchess taking away snaps from crabtree. does funch move to the slot with crabtree as the Z? not a bad problem to have
  16. Trump catching on

    you make threads like you post memes and you post memes like old people fug
  17. J-Stew to the Giants

    shula did a good job with that zone blocking scheme that made stew effective late in his career. this is not a bad move tbh, especially since it's not shula calling the plays. i hope he has fifteen great games.
  18. Breeland a Panther

    you couldn't call five o' clock at four thirty
  19. can we vote on an exemption list? i can't be held responsible for what i do when i see sanjay post that TE play