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  1. Playstation vue

    Thanks everyone for the reply’s! You guys have really helped me make the decision to give PS Vue a try. I live about an hour and a half from Charlotte so I hope that I will still get the local channels which I believe I will. I have just upgraded to 100mbps internet and will be running the PS Vue through fire sticks on the TVs so hopefully I won’t have any probs streaming on WiFi with that speed.
  2. Playstation vue

    Thanks for the reply. I know PS Vue has local channels but heard that they black out some of the panthers games for some reason. I will try and send him a pm to see if he has had any problems.
  3. Playstation vue

    I don’t post much but I have been looking on this site daily for many years and thought maybe you fine people could help me make a decision. I have heard a lot of good things about Playstation Vue and direct tv now but have also heard that some of the panthers games are blacked out. I have cable service but my family and I don’t really watch enough tv to justify paying the hefty price. Do any of you guys have PS Vue or direct tv now? If you do then did you get to watch all the panther games? Thanks in advance.