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  1. Wesley Walls talks about Greg Olsen

    I carry around a mini helmet signed by walls in the back of my expedition.  Why?  I have no clue
  2. He's never come across as bright but what makes him dumber than the other nba athletes?  curious
  3. CAN HE PLAY WR?  
  4. Kantor signs max deal with Portland

    there is only one ball to go around, they never would have won 2 titles.  
  5. Biz is a free agent

    whaaaa?  Kobe is a HOF defender on and off the ball.  See his 12 selections to All-NBA defensive team. You obviously don't watch basketball.   Biz sucked because he turned the game into 5v4 being so inept on offense.  Not only that but he was out of control on defense IMO.  Not the elite defender people say he is
  6. yes its the worst.  random ads just pop up even if dont touch the screen. 
  7. Being a lifelong Duke fan, I was floored when Winslow fell to us and we picked Frank.  Not as disappointed today.  I'm excited to see our shooting next year.   
  8. LOL Hate to say it but THIS is why I follow the Hornets so loosely.  I'm ready to give Gettleman the keys to both teams
  9. Top 5 since Jordan?

    The Big Fundamental Lebron Shaq Kobe Dirk These are my list to start a franchise with. Obviously if it were prime years it would be Shaq or Kobe
  10. Future Splash Brothers in Charlotte - Curry, Hairston ?

    ;( I would literally nut
  11. All I know is Im ready for Getts to start picking for the Hornets
  12. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    Exactly. Anyone who actually watched the game would know it was called like a wisconsin home game the entire first half.
  13. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

  14. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin