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  1. If you say so.... hes also old as hell. Doubt he wants a new project in ny
  2. This. Pretty sure it was forced and jr trying to force extensions to old players was what finally did it. I bet he quit
  3. I think this one is winnable. Gotta shut down their run and screen game tgough.
  4. Maybe he was against the anthem protest to begin with an owners overruled him. That’s the only reason i would see him asking for a raise
  5. What a fuggin narc. Doubt this affects his playing time but damn cops are poo.
  6. Martellus Bennet just got released

    Bennetts are pussy ass liars
  7. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    I think he was a psychopath from tge get go and maybe CTE exacerbated it. Having several friends and even an uncle with serious mental illness I still feel bad for the guy. Everyone has different genetic snd environmental factors and i cant judge them. Still think ALL murderers should get death penalty but i feel pitt for them if they are sick and not in a normal state of mind.
  8. The level of stupid on this coaching staff I’ve never seen before if someone doesn’t get fired after this they never well
  9. Stew Should be blocking for the rest of the game bitch doesn’t even need to get the ball