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  1. well said. Old man just f***** this franchise
  2. Marty Hurney Interview

    blah blah he's learned a lot since being released. Learned to be more analytical and make business decisions from DG. Acknowledges his past failures as being too emotional and friendly wiht players and their negotiations. Not interested in future opportunities with other teams. Here for this organization and the people in it.
  3. Now that Hurney is our interim GM, its officially the twilight zone. This is a cruel joke
  4. Peyton Manning Destroys KD at Espys

    haha KD is a b. Don't like anymore
  5. Yeah? What have you done Teeray? What mark have you made? I'll wait
  6. I never said he was the best businessman. Obviously people have turned far less into far more without Daddy's name and money to help their cause but I don't think he's a bad businessman. From what I can tell he takes care of his people like any business owner should. Its really hard to make it that far without learning that lesson. Is there something terrible he's done?
  7. Seems like he has a nice real estate empire. He bought the community at lake norman where my lakehouse is so he has impeccable taste IMO. Jealous your dad didn't leave you something? Oh what you could have been CWG, we'll never know
  8. Well maybe thats the skill set we need. And what are we judging businessman on if its not their acquired wealth and assets? Seems like the ol' show up black with a muslim name and lie into the teleprompter approach failed so we gotta keep trying
  9. Small gov't and deregulation is what he ran on. Get ready for actual CHANGE
  10. Says who? Whats your source? Do you even know how much $400 million was in the 70's? You are looking dumb right now rodeo I've seen he collected $1mil loan from his dad in 71 and the $40mil in 1974. I'm not painting him as a genius business man like some liek to. He's been good at real estate and had lots of failures too. I just think its funny that internet trolls act like they would have done better and can't respect that he has had success in business. If you think he's some horrible evil businessman you probably don't know many successful people.
  11. Lol that who's who list is the b team compared to the lib cesspool. Of the $621.4 million donated to support Republican candidates, 10 percent was raised by super PACs and other independent groups. Of the $1.7 billion donated to support Democratic candidates, 13 percent was raised by super PACs and other independent groups. Now you tell me who is in bed with big business. Even after all this the people voted Trump.
  12. Nope no real job or accountability. Never had a case, just another jobless intellectual waiting his turn at corruption. Now he's getting richer than any president from speeches from corporations and wall street. CHANGE lol Meanwhile DT turned $40 mil inheritance in 1974 to $100 million in 1978. Maybe lib math is different but 10B>100m>40m>1M. I really don't like the guy at all but lets not be in denial. Casinos and flops aside, he has made money and lots of it.
  13. incompetent racist prick maybe. the unamerican globalist weak poo if for your boy who never had a job and was ushered into presidency by lies and big corporate money.
  14. Why? So they could rush in another incompetent unamerican globalist racist prick that happened to have the right skin tone to get votes?