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  1. And Berry's also been hurt a good portion of his career. Short is a 3 down pass rusher that makes a difference on every single play. A safety just can't have the same impact every play especially if he's hurt
  2. i havent played madden in a while but that juke with Stewart was really nice. They've come a long way since madden 9
  3. Not me bruh. I have dogs bigger than that boar
  4. Not a bad segment. +respect for Saturday, he's a good analyst.
  5. He had to shoot that? A real hunter goes after that with a knife
  6. Lol he has all the qualities they like
  7. Please show me anything showcasing how Silatolu was a beast in the NFL. That dude got mauled and bullrushed harder than any Panther in recent memory. He was so bad in pass protection it was comical at times
  8. Please don't drink the bong water
  9. Add in a punishing fullback for LF to run behind and we are rollin'
  10. Compression fracture? I'm sure you're fine to do what you do but JJ is a NFL D-lineman pushing the limit everyday against younger guys in their prime. How often do you lift? What do you lift?
  11. comparisons to bell and remmers? Really?
  12. Very similar to my dad. He was doing a standing military press when he was 15 years old and felt something give but it didn't hurt until later. He was in his 20's before he realized the full damage that had been done. I don't think he realized how bad earlier because he was really light weight and wirey.