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  1. Deez in the 2nd round
  2. Totally different players. Peppers runs a 4.3 and has great vision and game strength. Cash couldn't see/shed blocks from ACC lineman and is much slower. IMO Peppers would be a star as a SS in our scheme.
  3. Bunch of blue collar football loving people who own their team. What did you think would happen?
  4. Yes Dante Stallworth was kind of my point. I can't get mad at a guy for on his worst day hurting himself being dumb with a firework probably with his family, probably intoxicated. I'm basing the crazy on videos I've seen of him behind the scenes whilst sober. My point was we are not hiring project managers here. A little crazy makes for one hell of a defensive football player. And what does Gordon have to do with anything? Dude is dumb af to keep doing the same poo over and over. I've been smoking on and off since I was a teen but I surely could stop if my job was in jeopardy. And I don't make millions. Yes it should be legal but its not, he's fuging dumb
  5. Geez bro he was probably drunk af and really hasn't gotten in any trouble other than that. Not like he killed someone while he was driving. When I'm looking at DE's I want, intelligence isn't high on the list. I like a little crazy in my d lineman
  6. That speed will continue to diminish is my point. He used to have break away speed 2-3 years ago. Freeing up some weight could not only make him quicker but also less likely to get injured.
  7. That would be good imo. Maybe even an upgrade
  8. Same. His deal is overpriced but only bc of injury problems IMO. Dude is a beast when healthy and when our offense is actually threatening the other team with a passing attack. I would love to see Stew restructure and get down to 215-220
  9. I sure hope so. The quiet warrior is always fun to watch. See any kung fu movie
  10. Why do you guys expect anything else? Have we ever just made a great draft pick? Ever? Even a good pick? Kemba and...........jesus
  11. Police figured security searched him. Major failure, probably because he looks like a kid too
  12. Good for him
  13. I read he played around 270 for most of the year
  14. Landon Collins balls. And wtf was McCarthy thinking?