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  1. Im not arguing that he is a good GM or team builder. Just a dominant basketball player. We know first hand that on court talents dont correlate to team building talents with MJ
  2. Its a team sport. This tells you how efficient he is and what that team is without him. In 125 minutes with James on the court against the Warriors, the Cavaliers have a net rating of -8.6. Obviously, that’s not great. It’s certainly not an unsurprising number given the blowout nature of the first two games of the series, either. What’s truly insane, however, is Cleveland's net rating in the 19 minutes James has been on the bench. Seriously, are you sitting down for this? With James off the floor, the Cavs’ net rating craters to -45.4.
  3. its not that simple. If his guys are hitting jumpers it opens up the zone but he wasnt getting help other than kyrie driving for 2 pointers. Warriors D is really good if you didn't notice. KDs defense was a huge x factor. Hes a better rim protector than most centers. Sure Lebron blew by him several times but he cant post up and play low negating the wide open shooters. Bottom line is his squad choked.
  4. Lebron couldn't post up KD like he did Klay and Green last year. Its just too bad his shooters didn't step up early on and make it a series.
  5. Not really. Rings don't mean poo to me especially now in this modern NBA. Lebron will go down as a top 5 great and is the top talent to come out since Kobe and MJ before him. I'm a black mamba kind of guy but come on.. Who else brought no name punks like mozgov and delonte west to the finals by himself? Sure wasn't MJ or Kobe. Those Bulls and Lakers teams were STACKED
  6. I love borders and had one years ago tgat was the best dog ever. Its very likely it means no harm and is trying to herd like tgey were bred to do. Obviously its a dumbshit owner that doesnt understand a dog like that has to work and its probably been driven crazy. You cant just pin them up. If he doesnt run when you chase him off punt him one time. He will run after that. BC's are wussies pretending theyre wolves. If it was a larger dumb breed id say get a bat or a shovel
  7. Lebron has solidified a top 3 all time spot in my opinion. That Cavs team he dragged to the finals in 07' had no business being there. Look at CLE scoring in the finals with/without lebron on the floor this year. He should have been the MVP not KD. He is without a doubt the best current player and could go down as best all time after the smoke clears and people realize what he did with what he had. Lets see Durant or Steph drag a team to the Finals without any other supporting cast. Delonte West was the 2nd best player on that team LOL That said he was really bad in one of the finals, maybe 2012 and has never been that clutch. Kobe and MJ will always win that one
  8. Agreed. They have ruined it now. Durant joined his enemy, I've lost all interest
  9. Mixing coke and liquor is a classic. 5 stars
  10. They need to Let 2k compete with EA. Madden is just awful
  11. Frontera guacamole mix + 2 avocados + hint of salt. You're welcome
  12. Im 30 now. The only time im ordering a cocktail is in the carribean. Give it to me straight.
  13. MJ Steve Smith Reggie Bush Shaq Bonds Mario Lamiuex Young Mike Tyson McGregor
  14. ketchup sandwiches? Sorry to hear man. I grew up on beenie weenies and pb&j until age 10. Still think its a great combination. Perks of having a single dad in the early 90's.