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  1. Its funny crappy laptops are kind of a theme with the owners of my company. Ol Tepp probably has a bunch o porn on that thing
  2. its sad we even have to think about that with a billion dollar organization.
  3. It cant get much worse than JR. Optimism is running high
  4. Like what? What relationship does US benefit from? I just see people wanting money for free
  5. 10 bucks says you dont make 10 bucks per hour. Haha
  6. Typical fascist garbage
  7. Hes really not. All of “those” relationships you refer to want free defense
  8. Lets talk about Iran which is on its way to revolution after it was just discovered obama naturalized thoysands of iranian govt entities who are in us workjng against our interests.
  9. Note obamas red line in syria which f**** world stability and weakened our allies in Europe.
  10. Mvp2014


    Lol you guys are absolutely nuts
  11. Foreign policy: spanked syria for gassing cicilians decimated isis( tge jv team) on his way to unifying korea reaffirmed relationship with israel stood up to china( whose economy is crashing due to tough tariff talk) and canada who abuse us trade wise. homefeont: all time low unemployment market soaring business growing glad to see the sjw circle jerk is still thriving here though maga punks. Get a job
  12. perfect story to explain why Jerry was inept. Let the little 5'9 psychotic run the franchise
  13. I was expecting that but the drop off in pass defense and open field tackling is more worrisome imo. He didnt look like Luke out in space much of the time
  14. Seems like way more and he doesnt play the same since concussions. Last years Luke was a shadow of early Luke