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  1. The jealousy is strong with our rich little troll face friend.  What kind of loser makes all that money and goes out and loses 20 lbs for his next team and plays twice as hard.  No one liked you here anyway dwill
  2. Where are we watching the game in SF?

    You are the realness.  I want to go now
  3. First i looked for boobs.  Then i read the article and looked for jaxobs creedbombing the camera. -Disappointed in NC
  4. JR taking the entire organization to the SB

    I think any team would have picked Cam or traded down.  Greatest smokescreen of all time 
  5. Insight into the Norman sack...

    I'm glad it worked out for us.  Sure didn't work for Julius Peppers Vs AZ
  6. The Kawann Short Contract....

    In Getts I trust.  Short will def get resigned, hopefully Star too
  7. Ron vs Arians on "prevent mode"

    Defense just played poorly.  I thought Lockett pushed off on Coleman and that other Td in front of Norman was just a lottery throw.  The game shouldn't have even been close, but I do think its hard to keep focus and intensity up after 31-0.  I'm sure the lockerroom was getting out of control and drinking champagne at the half
  8. Kroenke points to Cam as a model for the L.A. Rams

    Dude looks like a future superstar already.  What are you watching?  
  9. Thinking of making a move.

    Yeah it blows hard, especially Mecklenburg County.  My taxes for my Vette were $600 this year, registered up in Iredell county at my lakehouse for $200.   Char-Meck is great unless you own something...
  10. Horton back again

    I think this is why.. Not only did he play well vs SEA this year.  We need his run stopping ability for Marshawn and all the WR screens
  11. I was wrong about Oher

  12. Thank you Charles Tillman

    PROPS TO PEANUT MCCRINGLEBERRY..  Very cool dude.  Just met him recently and he wasn't really wanting to talk football.  Loves him some Key and Peele though
  13. Trump 234 Sanders 10

    Yeah cuz you guys sure have been churning out winners huh
  14. Its nice to see Kobe's dad made it to the game in that first picture