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  1. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    Wow we sucking
  2. JaWalrus Russell's open letter to Jerry Jones

    *Unless its the Raiders
  3. My dad spanked the F outta mewith a spatulaandI never forgot it. It was so successful that i rarely needed it and probably got a real spanking less than 10 times in my life.My mom and stepfather tried to spank us with belts for years and it was funny more than anything. Completely pointless... I'm not saying its the answer to everything but there comes a time where certain kids needs to have boundaries set. Not all kids are alike and I'm sure spanking is pointless for some but I was a wild ass kid and needed it. One thing my dad never did was threaten a spanking and then not give it... ever.. If he said I was getting it, even if we were out and it would be an hour before I got it, I got that whippin`. This only happens once or twice before you can tell how to act by the look on your dads face and never need a spanking again.I see way too many people threaten and scream and end up hitting the kids out of rage which completely defeats the purposeand puts the kid in control, and probably adds somemental scars. The art of the spank is key
  4. Time To Let Rich Cho Go?

    Bad drafting since day 1 of this franchise. Bring Gman over
  5. Exactly, I think he knew exactly what was going on which is why his agent was retained as a co-rep. Obviously if we really wanted him here, he would be here. I'm glad our front office can see his value and act accordingly. I would not be on board with signing josh for $12+ millfor 4 years much less $15mil LOL.
  6. Damn get some sacks first CAP
  7. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    WOW! Good for josh! We actually did him a favor
  8. I imagine Andrew Norwell is going to get paid

    I feel like we could grosslyunderpay Norwell and just buy him a plot of land up in canada where he can ice fish and be with other vikings
  9. Could you be more butt hurt DWill? haha
  10. He's not coming back his ego is way too big. I hope he gets all the money he wants, he deserves it
  11. He's def not Gurley but anyone the Don G picks is fine with me.
  12. RIP Will Smith (former saints DE)

    Thsnks for the photo. I didnt know what Will Smith looked like
  13. The Don ain't paying norman north of $12 mil a year. I don't think the value is there... Spend it on D line. Even if he was Revis in his prime Getts wouldn't pay him $16mil. No DB is worth that, sorry