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  1. Jerseys

    So he bought a Detroit Lions jersey!?
  2. Decides to fold it with a minute to go and 2 timeouts before half. Unbefknglievable.
  3. It is within the rules and therefore not cheating. Yet our coaching staff is too dumb to take advantage of this.
  4. CLT Checkers

    Halifax Mooseheads all day!
  5. I figured it out.

    All of this makes sense. However, they did not intend to trade KB until Beane called a few minutes before the deadline. It was a reaction, not an action. This is what it makes look so bad.
  6. WTF. I am pissed. Unbelievable. A fugging 3rd and 7th. Holy poo. WTF!!!
  7. Most decent amateur soccer players can do this. No big deal, looks more impressive than it actually is.
  8. And 18 mp/h is "windy as hell"? LOL
  9. I find it funny that they still use the term "watching tape" in 2017.
  10. Replay Officials

    They use "Goal Control" in thr soccer Bundesliga and other leagues/tournaments. 100% correct and without a doubt adaptble to football. Should be an easy thing to implement in the NFL.
  11. We were robbed of a TD

    The refs bailed us out all night. No complains here.
  12. WTF not attempt a FG ?

    "Play not to lose." RR