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  1. Replay Officials

    They use "Goal Control" in thr soccer Bundesliga and other leagues/tournaments. 100% correct and without a doubt adaptble to football. Should be an easy thing to implement in the NFL.
  2. We were robbed of a TD

    The refs bailed us out all night. No complains here.
  3. WTF not attempt a FG ?

    "Play not to lose." RR
  4. No, I enjoy them and I like the colour rush jerseys. Keep TNF.
  5. You so right......Timmie's kills Dunkin.....we have both.....

    1. osd22


      :-) Yeah, we have it good!

  6. About those corners...

    Didn't you yell for picks to 'help the damn offense' after we picked another CB!? Now you say you liked the picks!? What's going on?
  7. About those corners...

    I agree with everything, except for the coffee. Tim Hortons, and it's not even close!
  8. See earlier posts for my answer. Cheers.
  9. I am disgusted by the money hunting attitude that pro sports comes with these days. That doesn't mean I should quit following it and pointing out what I think. Basically, I just doubt that anyone playing pro football is worth what they are getting or asking for. I find it totally wrong and I find it wrong to compare their situations with the ones of 'ordinary' people like you and me. But hey, I accept your standpoint, that's totally ok. I am all in for fair, reasonable discussions. Being Panthers fans doesn't mean we have to agree on everything. Cheers.
  10. KSpan, that compairsion just doesn`t work. We can not pretend that an NFL contract is the same as a "regular" job`s contract. JNo is well off for the rest of his life, simply by signing his tender. He earns even more money with endorsements. He has the best possible healthcare and docs while playing - for free and he can easily pay for insurance for the rest of his life after football no matter what. There are no student loans to pay back, because he had his college degree for free. Compairing his situation with a regular job is not the right thing. And to answer your questions, yes, I would play CB for the Panthers for 7 Mill. per year, even for 5 Mill, or say 3 or 1. I would still see my few years in the NFL and being with one of the best organisations/owners as a blessing. I would not care if Mr. X or Mr. Y makes this or that. I would be fine with the huge overpayment that I get for playing sports. I am playing sports and make big dollars, not working my butt off day in day out just to pay my bills. I would be fine with that. I would not be an arrogant, money hunting ahole like most of the players are. But I don`t even really blame them, they don`t know better, because their agents and surrounding spoil(ed) them. And I don`t blame anyone supporting their standpoint. I just think todays money hunger eats a lot of basic, human values, and this disgusts me.
  11. That kind of money hunger is disgusting to me.
  12. Wouldn`t you distract Luke from Game preps? ;-)
  13. Awesome move of yours, Igo. The thing is, I live in Canada and can't find a flight Saturday afternoon after the announcement. Friday would be fine though. Then I would put my wife and daughter on a plane Saturday afternoon. They deserve it. We are a die hard Panthers fan family and come down 2-3 times a year for a game at BoA. Our last game was MNF against the Colts. Heavy rain, 4 hrs of standing, no voice after. Worth every penny. Go Panthers!
  14. Pulling for the Bengals until......

    Wut? You are kidding!? Clean? Unless you saw something I didn't see. Ti me he clearly aimed for Browns head.