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  1. What happened to tampering before FA starts? Has that gone out of the window? I am confused.
  2. He plays "not to lose". That sucks big time and very likely never wins us a SB.
  3. Hats off to Mr. Scott

    Dare you leave my beautiful Nova Scotia out of this!
  4. GOAT- Brady vs Jordan

    Gretzky, and it isn´t even close.
  5. Atl, but still want us to win of course.
  6. Where would they even want to move that would be an upgrade over Charlotte?
  7. Jerseys

    So he bought a Detroit Lions jersey!?
  8. Decides to fold it with a minute to go and 2 timeouts before half. Unbefknglievable.
  9. It is within the rules and therefore not cheating. Yet our coaching staff is too dumb to take advantage of this.
  10. CLT Checkers

    Halifax Mooseheads all day!