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  1. Other teams early cuts

    Beason and Schwartz, two former Panthers.
  2. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    All the best to him! 
  3. Philly kicked Talibs ass all game long until he got concussed. That long bomb catch over the middle was awesome. I feel good about him being back next year as the No. 2/3 receiver. Ginn at 4, we are set at receiver.
  4. Stop blaming the refs, we played like poo

    On the TD Miller hits Cam in the Face and Mask before punching the ball out. No  Hands to the Face call of course. 
  5. Huddle Super Bowl predictions

    31-17 Panthers
  6. Straight out of context

    "My lady", LOL
  7. Ted Ginn TD Spanish call...

    So he counted all the TDs we're gonna score that night. 
  8. Yep

  9. So this happened

    Props to you dude! 
  10. Von Miller really hates us huh?

    One thing that I will always link him to is suing the NFL before he got drafted. He then gets drafted and hugs Godell. WTF. 
  11. Anyone else going to watch the SB alone?

    Absolutely. No chance I will let others ruin that. 
  12. True, it became a bit quiet in the past few weeks, but that is on us (and perhaps the fact that there is less to discuss about when our team is winning). The threads in there are (98%) no BS. I rather have a few good threads than all the crap threads here where posters whine about the Media hating us, Connor Orr, Russel Wilson, starting a ban petition for him and Peytons forehead.
  13. Try All-Pro. Honestly, there are days where the main board is unreadable. A few on here ruin the whole show with their BS.
  14. Rawr Rawr Rawr. He's back!

    Brenton Bersin is a rapper now!?