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  1. catnip added a post in a topic Gameball, who gets it?!!   

    Norman;s contract goes up each game he plays.
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  2. catnip added a post in a topic Ryan Delaire   

    Much better than Horton .  Gett raised the competition level on the team. As a side note, Ronde Barber is such a homer. Why do we get him all the time.  He missed several calls by the refs giving Tampa everything.
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  3. catnip added a post in a topic Completely impressed with Delaire   

    He did more in 1 game than Horton all season.  This should be a wake up call for Ealy . Getty will play those who produce !
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  4. catnip added a post in a topic Panthers working out former Clemson, Bucs DE Da'Quan Bowers   

    Gettleman is kicking the tires and doing due diligence.  Cole and Edwards are at the end of their careers and anyone can get injured .  We need to be ready to plug in the next man at every position .  You never know who is next.
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