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  1. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    This line gets so old. Normanhas a very narrow window to make his money in an extremely violent sport. He should try to cash in.
  2. Pick an edge rusher

    Dodd will be 24 during is rookie season. He better develop quickly.
  3. 89 Panther 4 Life! Bottom Line

    Yeah, he sure wasn't giving it his all when he played through a leginjury in the Niners divisional round game and caught a TD.
  4. What would it take for Rivera and McDermott to put in Young?

    You can't put all 110 yards and two TDs on McClain. At least 20 yards and one TD was on Norman misplaying that ball in the end zone. Finnegan is the concern, especially with Fitzgerald in the slot.
  5. I'm not questioning the coaches' decisions. I'm questioning the theory that we're a different team with them out there. The difference has been marginal at best.
  6. Is that even arguable? They've been non-existent.
  7. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    The most recent one wasn't illegal...
  8. AFC Wild Card games thread

    Wait, Jordan Todman is backing up Fitzgerald Toussaint? Back in August he was a sure-fire pro bowler.
  9. The Panthers have the most ACL Tears of any team.

    Yeah this can't be right.
  10. End of season Shula crow

    Who's to say Cam didn't call his own number there? It's impossible to know, so I'll lean toward giving Shula the benefit of the doubt.
  11. Chip Kelly fired

    Eagles offense was very good the past two seasons,so I wouldn't give yourself too much credit there. He made Nick Foles look like a pro bowler a couple years back, which looks more miraculous by the day. Chip Kellydid himself in as a GM, not a coach.
  12. Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread

    If you haven't noticed, our running game sucks without Kalil and Norwell.
  13. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    No, it's this thing called"better players."
  14. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    Lol okay
  15. Official Panthers - Bucs Gameday Thread

    We just blitzed a safety. Not playing prevent, just not getting to the QB.