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  1. He's making 11 mil this year counting a 4m signing bonus but he does not make 11m/year. His per year annual average is just over 8m based on the 8 year $65 million contract he signed and roughly makes ~1m more per year than Dabo. Clemson could match whatever Alabama offered him.
  2. Lol it was your own article that gave his contract numbers, 8 years 65 million. Please enlighten me to how that is 11mil/year
  3. That’s what he made this year on his extension counting the 4 million signing bonus, with an average of just over 8 mil/year. And as you can see in my post I referenced his 2016 salary . He doesn’t get 11 million each year, dumbass
  4. Are you serious? In 2016 Saban made 6.9 while Dabo made 6.75, then Dabo pulled in 7.5 million in 2017. Clemson can easily pay him the same as Alabama could. 15 to start? There's no way they would offer Dabo twice as much as they're paying Saban.
  5. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Not really, but they could probably force a sale similar to what happened to the Clippers owner a few years ago
  6. Positives to the KB trade

    We had a #1 WR for the rest of this season on his rookie deal, could have at least tried trading him this off season and kept him for a hopeful playoff run. We also don't have Ted Ginn anymore, and unless Curtis Samuel evolves better than the offensive scheme overnight, then we won't have a similar change in offense like in 2015. Hope I'm wrong, but this is not a good looking move.
  7. PFT Refocused: Game grades

    Im sure he may have given up a pressure or two but Floyd was abusing Manhertz and Dickson a lot
  8. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Wouldn't be surprised to see Mario Addison have a big game. With Lane Johnson out they'll probably use a double team on the right side to help with Peppers, giving Addison a chance at winning some 1 on 1 matchups.
  9. In addition to saving the Texans game, Short also helped preserve the Packers game by pressuring Rodgers on their final drive, forcing him to miss a wide open Randall Cobb in the end zone..
  10. Is that Glanton out there? I could've sworn I saw he was waived the other day
  11. Mixon is a horrible announcer, just throwin that out there.
  12. Very weird we are not passing the ball at all, I can only remember the Corey catch and the misconnection with williams
  13. Looks like Norman may have a concussion. Makes you wonder if he should've even been in the game at all tonight. At least we have some good depth at DB with Bene and Tillman in case Norman has to miss week 1
  14. If we tried to put Corey on the practice squad, another team would scoop him up in a heartbeat.