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  1. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Because of one game? lol you're writing Samuel off when we haven't even seen what he can do yet. And yes, Byrd was on IR at the time we traded KB, that was done to get Samuel on the field more.
  2. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Byrd has had one good game and got hurt in every game he appeared in. Samuel was a 2nd round rookie who spent the entire offseason and early parts of the season injured. When he finally got healthy, the coaches traded KB because of how he was looking in practice and wanted to get him more looks. He was showing improvement each game and I think he has a ton of upside. Samuel is not expendable, Byrd might be and definitely is if we can bring in better receivers.
  3. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Still not opposed to taking one in the 1st if there's a good one available or even in the 2nd. Funchess, Crabtree, Smith, Samuel, Draft Pick, and maybe Byrd if we keep a 6th WR, although I think he's expendable if we can get a better option.
  4. Jordy Nelson Getting Released

    He tore his ACL recently and missed a season the same year Kelvin did
  5. why would we do that?
  6. Eddie Cain approves of this
  7. Fair points, but Gettis was a 6th round pick, won't really fault him for that not working out.
  8. He's making 11 mil this year counting a 4m signing bonus but he does not make 11m/year. His per year annual average is just over 8m based on the 8 year $65 million contract he signed and roughly makes ~1m more per year than Dabo. Clemson could match whatever Alabama offered him.
  9. Lol it was your own article that gave his contract numbers, 8 years 65 million. Please enlighten me to how that is 11mil/year
  10. That’s what he made this year on his extension counting the 4 million signing bonus, with an average of just over 8 mil/year. And as you can see in my post I referenced his 2016 salary . He doesn’t get 11 million each year, dumbass
  11. Are you serious? In 2016 Saban made 6.9 while Dabo made 6.75, then Dabo pulled in 7.5 million in 2017. Clemson can easily pay him the same as Alabama could. 15 to start? There's no way they would offer Dabo twice as much as they're paying Saban.
  12. In addition to saving the Texans game, Short also helped preserve the Packers game by pressuring Rodgers on their final drive, forcing him to miss a wide open Randall Cobb in the end zone..
  13. Is that Glanton out there? I could've sworn I saw he was waived the other day