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  1. Hypothetically, what would happen if we trade that pick? He announces the 4th round pick instead or just chills out and enjoys the rest of the draft?
  2. Hoping this isn't true, would hate to see both Jack and Jaylon Smith hurt this bad right before the draft. Wouldn't put it past a team to be doing some quality smokescreening hoping they can get him to drop out of the top 10.
  3. I still know a couple people...what happened with josh

    I'm kinda curious about Roman reaching out to Josh about taking a lesser deal to come back here. Didn't we void his contract? Why would he be trying to convince Josh to return if he's not even going to be on the team anymore?
  4. Wide Receiver Debate

    I think we're looking for a good slot receiver. Ginn, KB, and Funchess are better suited for the outside, not the clean and quick route running needed by a good slot receiver. Brown's not bad, but he's not exactly great either, which makes me think that we'd be looking for an upgrade, or at least competition for that role. I think we're looking for someone like Tyler Boyd, Pharaoh Cooper, Sterling Shepard, or potentially Braxton Miller in the 2nd round.
  5. Possibly the best laugh of the offseason

    Should the NFL begin randomly drug testing their GMs the same as they do the players?
  6. Draft Prospect: Clemson Safety Jayron Kearse

    His mentality reminds me of a young Josh Norman in that he will try to gamble and gets burnt pretty bad. Has the talent and size of George Iloka, but might take him a year or two of very good coaching to reach his potential. I think he might be a good fit under Wilks if we can get him in rounds 2 or 3 and give him time to develop while providing depth at safety.
  7. Panthers ink Boykin

    Isn't he supposed to be a decent returner too?
  8. He just signed a contract extension back in September, don't think we'd even consider it unless the Browns somehow blew us out of the water with an offer.
  9. If he's brought on for the right price, Chris Long might be a nice addition. Just not sure he'd want to come here after what happened the last time we played the Rams at home.
  10. ADD A TE?

    I'm in favor of trying to bring in Dwayne Allen. He's got a ton of talent and if he can prove he's healthy now, he could be a steal in FA.
  11. Trades for players buried in Depth Chart

    Devin Smith was a rookie this past year, no way do I see the Jets trading him as much as we'd all like for it to happen.
  12. If you're not following the Panthers on snapchat...

    Does Stephanie really run it? I thought it might've just been members of the Panthers media team in charge of it.
  13. KK Short Is The Carolina Panthers Defensive MVP

    In addition to saving the Texans game, Short also helped preserve the Packers game by pressuring Rodgers on their final drive, forcing him to miss a wide open Randall Cobb in the end zone..
  14. Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread

    Is that Glanton out there? I could've sworn I saw he was waived the other day