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  1. that goober was on NFLN talking about this game as a win for the Cowboys a few weeks ago, when talking about running the table.   He didn't have them winning them all, but definitely this one.  So he's just that sorta guy.
  2. Shaq Thompson!!!   BTW, what happened with him after that?  I seemed to see mostly Klein after that. 
  3. Well, no, not really. I've always enjoyed your posts though. They made sense. lol Noticed you have a blog ... I'll check it out from time to time now. :o)

  4. oh - I just bounce back and forth. Do I know you?

  5. Where the hell have you been?

  6. so that was worth 10000 points to you? Nice work with being petty. Just like your boy. I haven't done a thing to either of you.

  7. that was pay back I owed a friend, must take it up with him.

  8. so. I have -10000 rep because you repped me for saying Gross isn't good. What kind of crap is that?