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  1. it's never been good under him, AND he's 3-4.   People like names they know.  Doesn't matter if they're good or not.
  2. Chip Kelly fired

    yes and no.   Schematically he's fine.  Would, ideally, he run fewer plays?  To a point, but being both hyper aggressive and running the ball well/believing in good line play is great.  But scheme is just a part of it.  He got guys to execute, but he's not good with people.  He felt like he had to go get "his" guys to buy in, in part because he felt like some weren't.   You take that, against a guy like Rivera that can bring together anyone, and scheme isn't as important anymore.   We would probably agree he has no business being a GM.   To a point, his issue isn't some fabricated "he can't run college scheme in the NFL" because Carolina is doing the same in a lot of ways, to similar success to his first year.  I think it's more a Harbaugh thing, wherein he needs to make guys instead of lead already-made guys.      There's no doubt in my mind that Rivera, and plenty of other guys, don't look at themselves as above the team or that scheme is above talent.  I think that's Chip's problem.  You coach players into a team format, you can't go against that grain and hold yourself above it.      
  3. I was a lot more NASCAR than football at that point.  Never huge on DW.  But, once I had my NASCAR license, there was a deal at Hickory where the big man was signing autographs, I was still young so I was kinda into it, and they stuffed him in the ticket box (I also met a younger, still playing John Settle there, which was somewhat interesting for the two years he was actually around), which was up on a hill on the front stretch.   Well you still gotta get out of there, and people crowded him, and he started to fall but my dad caught him.  Race day, DW invited me to his hauler, and I had a couple gatorades with the ol' man before the race that year.  Given the date on my NASCAR license and the time of Neil Bonnett's death, that was 1993.   He was a hell of a guy, and being a famous stranger my dad's age, I didn't have a ton to say.   He was also, in retrospect, about done, another guy content to just ride and make millions, which honestly I can't blame, but it's an odd analogy.   That guy, in 93, had been around 20 years in that sport.   You can't just mail in a top 20 in football, though.  And fan favorite DW, versus rough, fighting, championship DW, had a lot more miles on him.    They have interesting, potentially polarizing personalities that grow on you, both he and Cam.  But fan favorites don't win championships.  Championship winners are polarizing to the people that don't love them.  They're the ones who, when they drive by, idiot redneck drunkards throw up birds at them and throw their chicken wings at.   That's what we see with Cam.  Someone so d'amn good it pisses off other fans they're jealous they don't have him, because they know it's him that will take down their guy every week.  If you don't want to say that's the Earnhardt of that era, Waltrip himself was the baddy of the decade before it.
  4. that's a start, but pull it for DBs and you'd notice that adding up snaps for Norman/Benwikere/Tillman/Jones/Finnegan and you see it lines up about where they quoted for the team a few weeks ago on the game broadcast, about 77% nickel, which doesn't include Shaq.  I do remember seeing some Shaq in space against Seattle.  Not as much against Philly as they were very spread and didn't use Sproles that much.  If the premise is, figure out how much he's playing in nickel, a negligible amount.  I don't know if PFF grades would bear out his time at nickel or in space, separately from his LB time. 
  5. that goober was on NFLN talking about this game as a win for the Cowboys a few weeks ago, when talking about running the table.   He didn't have them winning them all, but definitely this one.  So he's just that sorta guy.
  6. Shaq Thompson!!!   BTW, what happened with him after that?  I seemed to see mostly Klein after that. 
  7. Chud new OC of Colts

    maybe they were worried he'd go to Miami, but I don't think he's a good fit as a college head coach, and alumni hires essentially never work 
  8. Chud new OC of Colts

    what a bad deal.   Pep might be the best coach on that staff.  It's certainly not Pagano, or Manusky, I want to like Clyde Christensen, but I remember him best as a holdover of a staff that watched Frank Reich kinda leapfrog him (he also succeeded Shula in TB to eerily similar results, but the email-forward style "OMG SHULA WASN'T SABAN AT ALABAMA" hot take doesn't really ever mention that).  That's not to say Pep was the next great head coach, but he was good, and the D is a bigger problem there.  If I were putting together a staff for next year, I'd have him handy. I did a quick writeup on Chud, Pep, and the interim hirings this year.  It's all a mess. 
  9. The Answer is on the Roster

    And yet they're really just doing the same things, for the most part.  Power, two tight end football.   I want to say I have read some unstated, but still residual, Lee Ward pining in this post.  
  10. The Return of the Chud

    Steve Wilks is the assistant head coach here, not Skipper.  Skipper does seem to serve as a time guy and helps Rivera with that type stuff.   Chud's great at drawing up stuff for the average down.  But he's a guy who, here at least, was great at making something happening on first or second down, but didn't have any regard for third down or keeping a long drive going.  He didn't have a connection with his units and it's because we had good position coaches it didn't fall apart.    The rift between Grigson and Pagano over the OC was part of their overall power struggle - and in the struggle not enough gets done.  Fine by me because I'm all about beating the Colts to a pulp but it shows why working together as a team matters more than showing someone else who the boss is.   Chud's candidacy at UM is no different than what Shula's was in Alabama (a reason people who gripe about Shula's lack of success, during sanctions, as an unlikely candidiate outside of being a bigtime alum, are short sighted, he was doomed anyway).  If he's smart he won't take it, but after you wash out in one year and players are bad mouthing you to the press in a good situation like Carolina's, I don't know if you're worried about building a resume anyway.   
  11. Charles Godfey available again

    people like to talk.  I kinda like the safeties here now in comparison.   But we're all mortal, I remember figuring he and Martin would team up for a while longer than they did.   Godfrey wasn't as good as what's come since him even if he hadn't gotten hurt. He did at least last longer there than I figured.  
  12. yeah.  I'm not against the team being interested in the right waiver pickup or cheap vet.   But there's not some requirement to flood this team with upgrades that aren't coming.  Norwood not being satisfying enough for the screamers doesn't change a lot.  Three or four receivers will play a meaningful role this season.  If they really feel like one can be better than their 3 or 4, they might make a move.   And that's a good point about the long term.   This isn't a series of one year deals like last few years' rosters.  There will be guys next year.  There are guys now. 
  13. all this hyperbole.  "no one's looking for a #1 here!"   "there are v8s out here and this team is just too stubborn to care!!1" Who are we complaining about that's just sitting there that's starting quality* or even high-level situational depth, that we haven't looked at?    *the only relevant term - we can stop using code words for what you're saying you want
  14. exactly.  I don't know.  I think too many people buy into a "one player away" thing, are too willing to give up continual success for right now.   You field the best football team you can every year.   And the people dying for a big trade for this or that would be the first in line to criticize how bad it was if/when it didn't work.
  15. But that's not how things work, of course.  They didn't trade for Norwood because they "missed" on Wayne.  They saw an opportunity.  This franchise isn't in business of doing the fans' bidding for name recognition at a position.   I see a lot of discussion about drawing doubles, too, and sure, that'd be great.  A player who demands attention, and then can overcome that extra attention, would be fantastic.  But that's not at all realistic right now.  You want players who fill roles, can win one on one matchups.