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  1. magnus added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    It's entirely possible that they will again, after preseason's done.  He's on at least the PR unit, so he's gonna stand a good chance at the active roster as a WR.
    yeah.  I'm not against the team being interested in the right waiver pickup or cheap vet.   But there's not some requirement to flood this team with upgrades that aren't coming.  Norwood not being satisfying enough for the screamers doesn't change a lot.  Three or four receivers will play a meaningful role this season.  If they really feel like one can be better than their 3 or 4, they might make a move.  
    And that's a good point about the long term.   This isn't a series of one year deals like last few years' rosters.  There will be guys next year.  There are guys now. 
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  2. magnus added a post in a topic For all of you that wish we were like the Colts...   

    "But I want it all!!!"
     - sports fans on the internet and women in their 30s
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  3. magnus added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    all this hyperbole.  "no one's looking for a #1 here!"   "there are v8s out here and this team is just too stubborn to care!!1" Who are we complaining about that's just sitting there that's starting quality* or even high-level situational depth, that we haven't looked at? 
    *the only relevant term - we can stop using code words for what you're saying you want
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  4. magnus added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    I don't know.  I think too many people buy into a "one player away" thing, are too willing to give up continual success for right now.   You field the best football team you can every year.  
    And the people dying for a big trade for this or that would be the first in line to criticize how bad it was if/when it didn't work.
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  5. magnus added a post in a topic Despite recent trade, Panthers still in need of receiver help   

    But that's not how things work, of course.  They didn't trade for Norwood because they "missed" on Wayne.  They saw an opportunity.  This franchise isn't in business of doing the fans' bidding for name recognition at a position.  
    I see a lot of discussion about drawing doubles, too, and sure, that'd be great.  A player who demands attention, and then can overcome that extra attention, would be fantastic.  But that's not at all realistic right now.  You want players who fill roles, can win one on one matchups.  
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  6. magnus added a post in a topic Trading 1st round picks   

    a minor concern when Gettleman points to Brandon Beane "orchestrating many trades" when speaking to what he's done to deserve a promotion, is where that came from.  
    Doesn't say "Beane's the one that suggested it", necessarily, but in the wrong light, yeah.  Beathard's foolhardiness being Hurney's being Beane's problem would be a f'in bummer.
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  7. magnus added a post in a topic We Absolutely Have To Stop Over Hyping UDFA's   

    Some guys just like breaking their own hearts, I guess. 
    The hype train is dangerous.  I totally agree.  Constant hype - things like vining one of a player's three plays in a game, or suggesting veterans should get cut because they didn't do as much as an undrafted in very limited sample sizes - isn't invalid, but it might be somewhat foolish.  
    I hope Ward does make the PS.  I hope Wegher gets as far as he can, but the pass blocking is an issue.  In the end, we can't just decide to cut veterans for shiny new toys.  Same for Byrd - it'd be great if he could stick around, but I'm not 100% sure that those three are within the top 53.
    Also, really love the FJM av.
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  8. magnus added a post in a topic Which is worse?   

    Both are hard.  Selling out might be harder, because you put resources into something that didn't work.  If Dom Capers believed Jason Peter was a better football player than Randy Moss, then he's blind, but I can understand feeling like Randy Moss is a player that isn't worth the risk. 
    Trading back up for Randy Moss (I swear, do I remember Mike Ditka wanting to trade back up with 1999-2000 picks, for Randy Moss, after trading for Ricky Williams?) and watching him go Rae Carruth, would be more catastrophic.  Or to put it in more realistic terms, I'd have found trading Sean Gilbert's rights for the eventual Peter pick tough, but knowing that it cost them what it did for Gilbert plus the other picks (Peter, Marrow, and Wiley) hurts more.  I would've gladly in retrospect wanted Carolina to give up the 14 pick and be bad on the DL singularly, than give up 14, plus 1999, plus the 2000 pick, and the rotten return on the 1998 2nd for Rashard Anderson, and two thirds in 1998 for the same eventual outcome.
    In comparison, I wish Julius Peppers had been here in 11, 12, 13, 14 but I get it.  That was just terrible timing and an owner doing what he thought was best, even if it took time to recoil from it.
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  9. magnus added a post in a topic Scripted Plays on Offense to Start Games   

    scripted plays are designed to feel out the defense in certain ways - see how they react to motion, see how they react to different formations.  It's partially confirmation of film study tendency, partially setup for something later in the game.  Seeing on play 1 how they react in base for motion to a trips bunch with a draw is a way of attempting to pickup first down yardage, but also to setup a bigger play later.  It's no different than other types of constraint plays that lead to (hopefully) successful variations.  
    And no-huddle doesn't take the OC out of it.  It'd be very short-sighted to think that a no-huddle doesn't take a heavy amount of OC gameplanning. 
    I mean, unless people just wanted to dog the coordinator, which seems to be the point, so don't mind me over here thinking rationally. 
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  10. magnus added a post in a topic Keep Tolbert as a HB?   

    Tolbert will definitely play a dual role, and if healthy, he'll probably still be an upback on punt team and KR among other roles.  Know that someone will really, really have to impress to knock away Brockel, a good blocker and a core special teamer, too.  
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  11. magnus added a post in a topic Top Panthers PFF Performers- Preseason Week 1   

    it's easy to throw out analytics when they don't agree with them.  That's why they're necessary - the same things that emotionally tell you Player X was really great, are the same reasons you can't rely on them to make business decisions.
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  12. magnus added a post in a topic Top Panthers PFF Performers- Preseason Week 1   

    This has real value. 
    It might not grade "your" player well, but on average, it's a set of skilled eyes grading things like blocking in a way no one here can.  It doesn't mean, in 20 plays, for instance that a career is over.  Game 1 of preseason isn't the end-all, be-all determinant (I saw a "cut Ealy" in the other thread and an all but "it's OK that Lee Ward had a -1" - turns out falling off your man in the hole isn't universally accepted) of a player's career.   Right now, positive is a nice thing to have, but a few negatives aren't catastrophic.
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  13. magnus added a post in a topic Lee Ward / Artis Payne Combo   

    Brockel is a good blocker, covers TE and FB, and plays about 5 games' worth of snaps on special teams.  
    I'm not against Ward by any means, but what I see in this vine?  A good pop, which drives the player back, Ward then falls off his block and the defender is in what would've been the hole.
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  14. magnus added a post in a topic Why did Bill Polian leave us so quickly?   

    Which, the amazing thing about that was, both were possible.  It's not like the team had tough choices to make to keep a team together, everyone was new.  It's not like they had to let people walk because of the cap.  They could spend without dead cap.  
    He could've done what he did and simply also drafted well.  Building through the draft doesn't have to mean suffering through players that shouldn't otherwise be on the field.  You want Sam Mills?  You put a kid next to him.  
    They didn't have to choose.  I think, though, that Polian and JR were both on that same mindset early on.  Don't worry about later.  Hell I don't know if there was such a thing as "salary cap hell" yet.
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  15. magnus added a post in a topic Why did Bill Polian leave us so quickly?   

    I'd heard that Mike McCormack and JR didn't get along with Polian, who was a hot head.   McCormack hastened his own departure, and sure maybe Polian wanted that President job.  I don't know, though - a President oversees a lot but doesn't handle the guts. 
    JR, again just from what I recollect, didn't like the way things went down with Kevin Greene and Polian.  I didn't love Greene forcing a hand, but he was getting paid peanuts and they'd just given Michael Barrow a ton.  Polian wouldn't budge.  When Polian left, Greene returned. 
    The thing about that, though, is JR himself seemed to want to have some say.  A strong, belligerent GM doesn't seem like a guy who'll let you have some say.  Believe that or don't, the next three GMs didn't have a lot of power.  Capers was a really poor choice to have more power, and while that was a bad decision, JR didn't scrap the concept when he went to Plan B of Seifert (wherein A was Holmgren).
    I could go into the idea of using an unknown GM/young coach combo in Hurney/Fox and why, but you hopefully get it.   And this isn't a smear bit on Richardson.  Just the concept that it wasn't just Polian or Richardson.  
    Polian was apparently difficult to deal with, absolutely.  You could attack his early cronyism (bringing on three offensive Bills to a team in which those Bills guys didn't fit), he drafted a bit above average here.  When he got to Indy he was dying to take pieces with him, took Tyrone Poole and there was that rumored debauchery where he wanted Kerry Collins enough to flirt with the pick that was Peyton Manning.   Or so I read - and the one place I posted the link, shows a dead link now.  So call that one folklore, it would've taken a lot of resources to have realistically made that trade anyway.
    I wish I knew the answer to the McNair/Collins debate.  I don't know if they would've ever said.   If I had to guess, they had concerns about Carter, found a good sucker in Cincy to trade down, and figured they'd roll the dice.  Would be interesting to know 
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