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  1. why people get so offended when players celebrate a touchdown or a victory with a picture of all things? haha God people just love to be salty I guess. I feel like If I saw another team do the same things the panthers do this past season and we somehow sucked instead, would I hate them? fug no, not unless they were a division rival team . And it still wouldn't be anywhere near the irrational vilification that most other nfl fans put towards panthers . Its just like cam said they work too damn hard to have to bottle their emotions up and not celebrate victories and success. He had hell of a reason to too, was a franchise best season and record breaking MVP/OPOTY season with a bunch of Panther players in pro bowl votes.
  2. 2015 Panthers Highlight (Must Watch)

    hell yeah Short is the one player on our team that is sorely missing some highlights. Dude tore it up last season. Almost unheard of for a DT in recent years to be so disruptive and have anywhere near that many sacks. If Butler is good too its going to be very fun watching our dline next year hehe
  3. And its beyond idiocy when these smacktalkers teams didn't even make the playoffs or lost in first round of the playoffs and did way worse the than the panthers last season. If the panthers were so bad then how did your team do hmm?
  4. This is not a phenomenon I understand very well but I've been noticing all throughout this past season and this offseason. Almost any time I see panthers news on a non panther sight and go to the comments section there is always so much hate and disrespect of the panthers and/or Cam, and/or panther fans. What in the world did we or cam do to piss people off so bad ? They literally refuse to recognize anything the Panthers did last season and you I see comments like this all the time : " Am i the only one who thinks the panthers go 7-9 again this season and prove how much last year was a fluke? I mean a 2 year old would have dived for the ball. " And this is on a post about NFL saying the panthers are #2 NFC team to do well in the playoffs this coming season. People are so fixated on the Super Bowl events they can't wrap their heads around the amazing season the panthers had last season, they don't recognize that there are many panther fans that have been fans of the team for quite a long time, and they are just very quick to discount or diss the team for whatever reason. Is this just normal fan of other teams smack talk or is it something way worse than that?
  5. Let's play pick two running backs

    yup Jstew will be 30 by the time 2017 nfl draft hits the Panthers are going to start looking for someone reliable to groom to replace his starting position. If he has a simuliar or even better performance than this past season I don't think the Panthers will be desperate to replace him just yet though. Itll be huge if he also is healthy for most of the season again . I honestly just want some clarity at our #2 and maybe #3 RB positions. I feel like I saw good and bad flashes from CAP but I don't feel like there was a large enough sample size . Since the panthers liked to run Tolbert a good bit too I hope we can see much more of CAP , Fozzy, and give Wegher an actual chance to see what he can do in a real game.
  6. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    I still don't understand this pick either. Should have been Dodd or Ogbah. I'll be pretty upset if we are still are lacking on edge pressure this coming season. How in gods name is anyone convinced that CJ will do any different from last year? Dont give me that playoff excuse , if hes just going to be a ghost again in the regular season.
  7. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    This whole draft has been strange for me. Some much more interesting signings were made with UFDAs then actual draft picks I really hope at least KGarrett and Cash make the team and get good playing time .
  8. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    Yeah that pick still makes 0 sense to me, I think DT was the one position we were the most solid at besides QB and LB. Dodd or Ogbah would have made a hell of a lot more sense to me. I'll be kinda pissed if we end up struggling to pressure the qb and/or Butler doesn't even get to see the field very much.
  9. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    I don't know if its a good draft in terms of how good the players will be. But damn was it a boring Panther draft for me, at least until the UDFA signings.

    yup . Ask most people before the draft they probably would have told you neither of those two would have lasted beyond round 5.

    This is funny the UDFA signings are way more exciting than the actual draft picks the panthers made
  12. Sign Anquan Boldin

    If we sign all 3 of them I will buy you free pizza Would love it if we got them . But you know they wont be bringing Hardy back after the shitstorm that blew over in his last year with us .
  13. Your final predictions (#30)

    So who actually got this pick right? LOLOL GETTLEMAN THE TROLL