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  1. USA U17 World Cup

    guys i want to see called up for the next set of friendlies.... weston mckennie, matt miazga, johnathan gonzalez, ethan horvath, tyler adams, and erik palmer brown those are the minimum imo. could sell me on a few others too.
  2. USA U17 World Cup

    The U17 and U20 teams are particularly fun to watch, and could have a lot of long term potential with some of their players. Hoping some of the U20 players get call ups for the newly announced friendly vs Portgual, and maybe even a couple select U17's (Sargent & Carlton would be nice to see). If we don't see Weston McKennie (assuming he's fit) & Matt Miazga against Portugal, we should riot
  3. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    Unless RM sell him for well below his market value, I don't think he will. The board still loves him, and every time Bale speaks about transfer rumors he expresses his desire to stay for "many years", and states that he "doesn't even read the papers, so he doesn't see the rumors". If he was going to leave, it would have been this summer to make way for Mbappe. Now that that's off the table, my guess is Madrid will go after a versatile attacker like Timo Werner next summer, and Bale will stay.
  4. No. I downloaded the 10 hr EA Access, played it for about two hours, realized it was still complete fuging broken trash, and uninstalled it.
  5. New to Soccer

    Probably FIFA. That's how most people get introduced to Dortmund due to their kits/team speed in the game. I won't lie.... I originally started watching Dortmund years ago, because I loved using them in FIFA. RM I started supporting seriously after Zidane (favorite player of all time) moved there in 2001.
  6. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    Yesterday Mbappe was all set for PSG, with the deal being "all but done". Today, the news organization owned by the Qatar Sports Investment (owners of PSG) denies an offer was even made... https://twitter.com/beINSPORTS_news/status/895617830275522561
  7. Because he's trying to get into the Hall starting in five years and if he gets in, it will be a razor thin margin.
  8. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    If he turns into the next Henry they're playing the long game better than any other club. Don't be jelly, Arsen.
  9. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    Inflation is real. Coutinho may go for over 80m pounds, Naby Keita while amazing, seems to be untouchable (even for 80m pounds), Dembele 100 plus, etc etc. Multiple clubs think Mbappe is a generational talent along the lines of Henry. He's going to cost a lot.
  10. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    Marca reporting that Madrid and Monaco have agreed to a 180m Euro deal (160 plus 20 in variables) for Kylian Mbappe Lottin. Mbappe would sign a six year contract, that would pay him 7m Euros annually. FWIW, Monaco have denied that an agreement has been made to a French paper, but not that they are discussing the transfer w Madrid. Either way, I would be pretty surprised at this point if Mbappe wasn't at the very least property of Madrid come August 31. Still think there's a very small chance he gets loaned back to Monaco for a year, but my guess is he plays in the first team for Madrid.
  11. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    It's a 10m Euro loan fee, and depending on which paper you believe (BILD or Marca/AS), it's either a 35m buy option, or a 60m buy option.
  12. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    It's going to get to the point where Mbappe is the only one left standing, and I don't think he's content to have poo stats because teams just key on him for 90 minutes. We'll see, but if Monaco loses too many other attackers, I think Mbappe forces his way out.
  13. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    Some reports that Chelsea is preparing a 80m Euro bid for Morata, and Bayern is going to come in for 70m for James. If those two sales get done, we'll either see a full shift to the 4-4-2 diamond, or Mbappe will come in.
  14. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    All you have to do is search twitter for "sky sources" to see what people think of sky sources. Thing with transfers, is everyone puts out bullshit for clicks. So now we're full circle.... Doubtful that anyone in the media actually knows definitively what the offer was for.
  15. Summer 2017 Transfer Season

    Oh wait, here's another one. It's funny, because Terry himself said he couldn't face Chelsea so the PL was never an option. Lozano signed with PSV a week later... No they didn't. Griezmann told them it wasn't happening if Atletico was banned. Not a chance in fuging hell they would unsettle Keylor before CL Final, but lolololol Joined Everton a month later and then was immediately loaned out to Anderlect. Yep, I'm done now.