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  1. Holy fugnuckle

    national game, and their fans better not take over...
  2. UEFA Champions League

    karius, and he's pretty garbage. liverpool fans have wanted a new keeper since he debuted in 2016.
  3. UEFA Champions League

    nah... this is a regular thing in la liga, unless there is a serious injury. it drives me bonkers, because they say the time is always factored into stoppage in the second half, but it's still always three minutes. la liga officials are just bad. unfortunately for city, lahoz is one of the worst of the bunch.
  4. UEFA Champions League

    honestly, there was nothing out of the ordinary about lahoz's handling of the match today. that's a weekly thing in la liga. he's just that incompetent.
  5. UEFA Champions League

    it would have been 3-2 at the half had the game been officiated correctly. pressure is completely flipped at that point, as city (with one of europes most devestating attacks this season) is then right back in the match. you can keep saying 5-1 aggregate till you're blue in the face, but that's completely ignoring that city had a clean goal disallowed by a poo referee and his merry bunch of idiots.
  6. UEFA Champions League

    really? you don't think a wrongly disallowed goal, and pep getting sent to the stands for protesting changed the match at all? alright then...
  7. UEFA Champions League

    meh... it was going to be 3-2 at halftime with city having all of the match. city fans definitely have a case to bitch imo. said by someone who gets to witness lahoz & his boys ruin matches on a nearly weekly basis in la liga.
  8. UEFA Champions League

    nah. city isn't barca, so he's not been bribed. lahoz only favors barca.
  9. UEFA Champions League

    welcome to refereeing in la liga. hope you enjoyed your stay.
  10. i don't think he's redundant at all tbh. he's the ideal z in turner's play action offense. he'll take pressure off of funchess, and allow the younger receivers to come around more slowly. also may help us get an extra 1-2 years of big games out of olsen too. i think he's the absolute perfect free agent for this team, and one of the rare times i would feel completely okay with loosening the purse strings, and getting into a bidding war. really does so much for this offense, and cam.
  11. this is a good start at explaining why sammy's numbers don't really do his performance/ability justice... https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2018/2/26/17052092/sammy-watkins-is-the-best-free-agent-receiver-of-2018
  12. January 2017 Transfer Season

    michy batshuayi with a brace and an assist in his first game for dortmund. first goal was a really calm finish with his left. good debut, and showed what he can do given regular football.
  13. January 2017 Transfer Season

    if chelsea is content to let morata's greatest talent (aerial ability) go to waste and bring in giroud to fill that role, the least they can do is let him come back home. what a stupid transfer.
  14. January 2017 Transfer Season

    Never thought Fred would leave tbh. Would be a good depth signing for City tho.