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  1. January 2017 Transfer Season

    michy batshuayi with a brace and an assist in his first game for dortmund. first goal was a really calm finish with his left. good debut, and showed what he can do given regular football.
  2. January 2017 Transfer Season

    if chelsea is content to let morata's greatest talent (aerial ability) go to waste and bring in giroud to fill that role, the least they can do is let him come back home. what a stupid transfer.
  3. January 2017 Transfer Season

    Never thought Fred would leave tbh. Would be a good depth signing for City tho.
  4. January 2017 Transfer Season

    I would take 25m and Mkhitaryan and run with it. That's decent value for a player who can sign a Free right now.
  5. January 2017 Transfer Season

    Shocking development here....Schlake’s Leon Goretzka will sign a pre-contract with wait for it.................................. Bayern Munich. I know, we’ve never seen Bayern poach the best player of another Bundesliga club for free (or next to nothing). Seriously though....great get for Bayern. He’s a special talent that will pair nicely with Toliso in the future.
  6. January 2017 Transfer Season

    Depends on what they do in the summer. The annual Courtois/De Gea rumors are popping up again, and it definitely sounds like Kepa is viewed as more of a long term project. I would love for RM to just activate Oblak's release clause, because I think he's the best GK in the world. But since that seems unlikely, I wouldn't be shocked to see Madrid splash some cash for Courtois, and ship Navas to maybe Liverpool.
  7. January 2017 Transfer Season

    sounds like madrid will sign kepa arrizabalaga from bilbao to be their keeper of the future.
  8. It's actually really not hard to interact with women in the workplace (or outside of it) on an everyday basis without getting accused of sexual harassment. Most of us accomplish this feat everyday of our lives I would imagine. This includes polite gestures like opening/holding the door/elevator, complimenting a new haircut.... whatever really. Stop being dramatic because you lack the ability (apparently) to function in everyday society.
  9. The whole CD, but currently it's on this track...
  10. I love the Panthers and we haven't lost any of the games I've been able to attend for the last three seasons....
  11. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Are you kidding?
  12. "If you see this face..." When he asked DJ why he was talking to the media instead of watching film "You don't think I'm one of the best? You better check your reference!" “Hey, I know you feel like crap. I mean, you’re not a very handsome guy anyway, so. But, the performer, the quarterback … I never really liked you as a quarterback. But as a person, that’s who I love. I love you as a person.” "I got a new pair of shoes and my momma gave me a kiss today, I'm feeling great!" "Hell they might as well put my momma out there now.....and I'm a beat her like a drum too" I mean seriously....if you think Ice up son is the best....educate yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBdaHiUz1DU
  13. Mid round pick and a player for a 36 year old WR who's retiring at the end of the year?