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  1. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Are you kidding?
  2. jets on the clock in the 5th.

  3. LOL my flame retardant suit isn't think enough to survive posting all that poo...

  4. Thanks for checking out my mock draft! Feel free to leave any suggestions, or positions you feel I missed in the thread. I'll probably be doing a mock with trades in the near future....

  5. Thanks for the bump. It's amazing how people are swayed in a matter of minutes...

  6. Though we have definitely had our disagreements since I've been here, it's certainly good to talk to a true fan. Even when we don't agree, you are always knowledgeable and present your opinion in a respectful manor. It's good to have someone to talk college football with who actually understands and isn't absurdly biased. We're all a bit biased in favor of our teams ;)

  7. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  8. hey vote me for mod

  9. Time to grab your helmet and hit someone! It is GAMEDAY!! 98642182.jpg

  10. When will you be online tonight or tomorrow afternoon to play our game? I'll be home around 8:30 or so and tomorrow I'm going to fanfest so probably get home around 5:30-6:00....

  11. ththBeauty.jpg Happy Gameday!!
  12. Your a good sport man lol. All in good fun

  13. Good, deal I'm a Dodgers fan so not a Angels fan either but my hatred for the Yankees is much greater then my hatred for the Halos

  14. oh no...Rays fan, i hate the Yankees....do like the Angels though,until they play TB..lol