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  1. C47

    World Cup General Discussion

    revising this after lopetegui's sacking today. spain makes it to the semis, but gets bounced by germany. brazil gets their revenge they've been waiting on for four years.
  2. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    lopetegui has been sacked by the spanish fa a day before the tournament started. spanish fa is pissed that the appointment was going to leak before lopetegui could talk to them, so they willingly sent their side into a tailspin heading into russia. just means lopetegui can get started early on transfers.
  3. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    spain national team manager julen lopetegui has agreed to take over real madrid, after the conclusion of the world cup. you can bury those isco and asensio transfer stories now, brittish rag mags.... lopetegui loves both of them. fortunately for the mirror, and the sun, they can recycle the de gea transfer stories. lopetegui also loves him.
  4. C47

    World Cup General Discussion

    In what world is Spain vs Portugal a "meh" matchup?
  5. C47

    World Cup General Discussion

    Assuming Salah can play... - Uruguay & Egypt (Russia is absolute garbage. Fans will turn against them when they draw with Saudi Arabia) - Spain & Portugal (I want really badly to put Morocco here, and probably would, had they not left Bouffal home. I think Ronny carries Portugal through the group stage.) - France & Peru (Paulo Guerrero having his suspension lifted is such a boost, both emotionally, and on the pitch. I don't trust Denmark to be able to muster an attack outside of Eriksen. Will be easyish to stifle them.) - Argentina & Croatia (Iceland and Nigeria are two potential teams that could have done things in other groups, but Argentina and Croatia have too much class.) - Brazil & Serbia (Costa Rica will piss Brazil off for like 75 minutes, but eventually Neymar and Willian break through. Serbia's midfield is just too much for the bottom two of the group.) - Germany & Mexico (South Korea will have some exciting moments with Son up top, but they're not complete enough to challenge.) - Belgium & England (England is average compared to other big footballing nations, but they have a favorable group. Should coast into a quarterfinals I would imagine.) - Colombia & Senegal (James has some more tournament magic, and Mane & Koulibaly propel Senegal into the knockout rounds.) Spain wins the whole damn thing. Just too complete, and have a great manager. Don't trust Brazil ultimately in a World Cup overseas, and the wonderful French talent will be fuged by Deschamps moronic ways. The likely Semis between Spain and Germany will be absolutely wonderful.
  6. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    Yea, Guti as in the former RM Guti. He's managing the U-19's right now, but looks like he could get the senior job. Worked out alright with Zidane going from Castilla, so we'll see I guess. Mbappe was technically on loan last year, but PSG has an obligation to buy, because they didn't get relegated (lol that was seriously the clause). They can't pay for him without really pushing FFP even further though, so they're looking to sell before they actually have to officially buy him. I would love for Madrid to just come in and offer 200 million for him. PSG would get out of FFP hell, and Madrid would get one of the brightest future stars in the sport. I love Oblak, have for a long time. My non-mainstream opinion is that De Gea and him are basically 1A & 1B. Been phenomenal for the better part of three seasons now.
  7. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    i thought i read dortmund was in for him too, but might have been the booze at the pool this afternoon...
  8. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    appreciate the kind words... on the mbappe note, i would love to see them abandon the stupid neymar pursuit, and just blow psg away with an offer for mbappe. that kid is going to win at least one balon d'or in his footballing career, and is the perfect fit for madrid. he'll ultimately play there one day, because his people, and the french media have basically said as much. just would love for it to be now. honestly would love to see madrid play more of a 4-1-4-1. they did it down the stretch in la liga, and it suited them pretty well. something like this, i think would work really well for the future. i'm leaving bale in there, because i believe madrid would be mad to sell him. i hope that guti, or whoever comes in will commit to using him more. i also wouldn't mind a replacement for casemiro, because he's a concern playing the ball out.
  9. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    asensio started 22 matches in 2017/18 for club and country.... three of them came from a central forward position. 17 came from lm, lw, or lam. 2 came from cam. another 22 substitute appearances, but i'm going to guess based on memory, that the trend continues.... https://www.whoscored.com/Players/137467/Show/Marco-Asensio but yea, we're the retards... not the dude who can't acknowledge he's not educated on this very specific player/subject.
  10. C47

    Slow day but rumor is.....

    portnoy? maybe if you like 12 year old toilet humor, sure.
  11. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    madrid looks set to beat psg, and barcelona to the signing of rodrygo goes. goes is a 17 year old winger from santos, who draws comparisons to neymar due to his dribbling skill, and flair. i've seen a number of santos games this year, and the kid looks like the real deal. quite the prospect, and when he finally makes it to spain, the sky is the limit. fee expected to be around 50 million euros.
  12. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    asensio picks and chooses his spot, but he can definitely accelerate...
  13. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    lol... he's played like three games at the 9. when he plays centrally through the channel, it's as more of a 10, than a 9. he also doesn't play rw much, because madrid prefers their fullbacks and wingers to be viable crossing options. asensio is very one footed (it's definitely his biggest weakness right now), and is ineffective crossing on his right. bale can actually cross with his right, which is why madrid leaves him at rw when everyone is fit.
  14. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    Not really. He's not Gareth Bale or Mo Salah out there, but he's not slow. I would say he's probably more of an Eden Hazard type in the pace department. Certainly viable at LW.
  15. C47

    2018 Summer Transfer Window

    nah... he's probably the heir apparent to ronaldo on the lw, with someone like mbappe, neymar, hazard, etc being the future at rw. madrid likes him on the left for some reason, even though hes best on his left foot. he's played a bit of false 9, and cam, but he's certainly gained most of his minutes at lw/lm. spain has used him up top to varying degrees of success, but madrid/zidane definitely prefer him on the wing.