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  1. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    I think the people who do their job well deserve a pat on the back and some love from the fan base.  Seems fair to me.  I'm not asking you to do anything, I'm just giving my opinion.
  2. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    I agree with you that what I said does not tell the whole story.. I probably shouldn't have said that because i could see how people would take me less seriously because of that.. but I still truly believe that the style of offense Shula runs is great for this team and allows us to win more games.. In 2013, Shula's first year as OC, it was like all of sudden we realized that the more conservative we were on offense, the better chance we had of winning..  And there is nothing wrong with that.. Its so much more fun than losing..  To be honest, Tom Brady played a conservative style of offense and relied on great defense when he won his first two championships.. And later, he developed into what you see today.. Maybe this is the beginning of that for us? I have been plenty critical of Shula over the years...but i always think to myself..think of all of the excuses that Cam get's.. bad oline, has to deal with byron bell, a rookie wr being the top target, injuries, all  of which are extremely valid excuses...how do i give Cam a pass and not Shula??  This year, I am willing to say that he has done an AWESOME job.. I love what we having going for us on offense and i think we have shown that when we are clicking, we can be a great offense.
  3. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    I disagree with you.  I think i gave a lot of good reasons for that in my previous posts, but I'll make one point now.   This is Mike Shula's 3rd year as OC.. Was there a point in Rivera's third year where you could have said the same thing about showing enough ineptitude to not trust him?  Arent you glad he's still our coach?  Open up to the idea that, like Rivera, Shula is now doing things the right way.. If you think our game management has left A LOT to be desired..then i think you should consider managing your expectations a little better.  We are off to the best start we've ever had..and our offense is a big reason for that.  For me, that satisfies A LOT of my desires.
  4. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    It's hard for me to understand why people aren't getting this.
  5. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    Cam is an unbelievable talent..no denying that.. The man is built like no other..BUT.. Cam was raw.. It has been a process getting him to this point.. He had to LEARN how to be what he is now..Now that he has learned, I believe Shula deserves a lot of credit for TEACHING him how to do what he is doing now..they BOTH deserve A LOT of credit.. Just look at Cam, pre-Shula, never went to the playoffs..wasn't making clutch throws...didnt take what the defense is giving him like he is now..Now Shula takes over, and yes, we are playing more conservative..but thats because we are winning and not playing from behind as much.. But thats just a coincidence, right? Hue Jackson's offense is averaging 28.6 points a game.  Shula's is averaging 28.5 points per game.. 
  6. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    Thats an interesting perspective... before the season started, I think most people thought our ingredients were awful..especially after KB went down.  I actually still think that most people believe we are winning despite our weak ingredients. You dont think there is ANY evidence to support Shula being better than Chud?  I can think of one piece..  We havent missed playoffs with Shula.  We NEVER went to the playoffs with Chud..  maybe thats not evidence for you..but to me..STATS ARE FOR LOSERS.. if it makes you feel better that your qb throws for 4000+ yards a year, go root for the detroit lions..  Im really enjoying watching Shula's winning style of offense that is tailored to our special and unique QB.  
  7. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    We have a one of the best offenses in the league..you are in denial if you think the person who is in charge of COORDINATING THE OFFENSE isn't doing a great job.   Its ok man..you were wrong..it happens..   sometimes, you gotta give credit where credit is due.  Saying he has simply "improved" is not enough credit.
  8. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    So would you guess that Steve Young and Kurt Warner think Shula isn't doing a great job?  I have a feeling they would say he deserves a TON of credit.  Lets try to not talk in absolutes... they admitted that there were TIMES when they bailed out their OC.. Thats doesnt mean that every time they audibled, it was because their OC didnt know what they were doing.  Nothing about what I have said is a load of rubbish. In response to the part i bolded, THAT IS EVERY OC's JOB.  The ones that do this the best ARE THE BEST OC'S..  
  9. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    Coaches coach and players play.. Give credit to the coaches for teaching the players..and give credit to the players for learning what they are being taught.. Believe it or not.. Shula had to teach Cam how to run the no huddle..
  10. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    So when Cam audibles out of a "bad" play..who do you think teaches Cam when to do that and what plays to audible to?  What do you think they discuss in their meetings during the week?  Does Shula tell Cam, "Once you've read the defense (which i know you are an expert at and i cant help you with that in any way) if you see I called a bad play, just go ahead and audible to any play that you think would work."..?
  11. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    When you say that our offense is successful despite Shula, you most certainly are completely discrediting Shula's hand in the offense. As far as the head scratching plays..no one is perfect and there isn't another fan base or team that believes that every call the OC makes is great.  Its just like they say..when it works, you're a genius, and when it doesn't, you're a moron. Winning really does mask EVERYTHING.. Think about all of the close games we've lost in the past.. It came down to a handful of plays..Those are the plays that we are making this year.  The difference is so small.  Look at our games this year.. they also came down to a handful of plays.  I can think of just a few plays that if we dont make them, our attitudes right now would be COMPLETELY different. As for calling plays where Cam throws the ball 10+ yards in a 3rd and short..you HAVE to be able to do that.. If the entire defense is squatting on a 4 yard pass, its gonna be really hard to get a first down that way.  You HAVE  to be able to take what the defense gives and you HAVE to be UNPREDICTABLE at times.
  12. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    Let me try to explain in a way that will maybe stop some people from believing in this ridiculous logic.. You know how in Madden, you only have a handful of plays that you can audible to out of each formation?  Well its kind of the same in real life.  Shula gives Cam a list of plays that he can audible to out of any given personnel group.  You know all those meetings they have during the week?  Shula and Cam go over which plays to audible to based off of what he is seeing from the defense.   It ALL comes from Shula.   ALL OF IT.  When Cam calls an audible, its because the coaches taught Cam how to read the defense and which plays match up the best against that defense.
  13. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    Probably around the same number of times as all the other great offenses in the NFL.
  14. Cam-Mania has to stop

    That's exactly what I think about anyone who thinks Cam shouldn't be in the MVP discussion.  There is no way they could possibly be watching our games.
  15. Unsung Heroes

    Jerricho Clutchery