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  1. EightyNine added a post in a topic The Maturation of Ron   

    I meant this was his third season as OC.
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  2. EightyNine added a post in a topic The Maturation of Ron   

    All these years? Ha..This is his third season..I understand that he hasnt produced a top rated offense...but you should also understand that its not easy getting rid of a coordinator who has taken his team to the playoffs every year that he has been in that position.. 
    I have complained about Shula a ton, but I realize that he is not as bad as people make him out to be.  He gets almost no credit for when we play well and gets all the blame when we dont.   Cam has been given all the excuses... OLine is not good enough..Receivers are not good enough...All legitimate excuses..but it doesnt really get brought up when talking about Shula...When we are rolling on offense, we are very hard to stop.  its so easy for fans to say "just find someone else."  Be careful what you wish for..
    Now you're making it sound like Rivera doesn't have your approval until he gets rid of Shula??  Seems harsh to me.. Look at all the circumstances.
    As far as the loyalty thing goes..I've argued against that enough in the past already.  People who say that must not pay attention to our circumstances or other teams around the league.. We play more young guys than almost anyone.
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  3. EightyNine added a post in a topic Kuechly Officially OUT for Third Straight Week. We Need Answers.   

    ^Perfect response
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  4. EightyNine added a post in a topic Training Masks....   

    I havent attempted to figure out the science behind the mask, but to me, i would think it serves a similar purpose as a weighted vest or those weights that you put on the end of a baseball bat while youre taking practice swings.  If you practice under harsher conditions, then the actual game seems a little easier.  Is there no validity to that?
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  5. EightyNine added a post in a topic Open Receiver   

    I cant recall thinking that we were trying to use Ginn like we would KB.
    I pointed this out earlier but if Ginn catches the TD and the Olsen TD isnt taken away, do you think you would still have these issues? Probably not.
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  6. EightyNine added a post in a topic Open Receiver   

    Ginn and Brown are our top 2 WR's.  If they were numbers 3 and 4, we could use them to fill those niche roles where they only run those types of routes.  But if they are gonna start for us, we need to be able to mix up the play calling and ask them to do different things if we want to become an effective offense.  If it were as easy as asking them to only do a couple of things that they do well, i think every offense in the NFL would have no problems moving the ball.  
    I think our run blocking was as concerning as anything.  That makes everything a lot harder.
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  7. EightyNine added a post in a topic Open Receiver   

    If the refs didnt screw Olsen out of a TD and Ginn didnt drop a TD, would this still be an issue?
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  8. EightyNine added a post in a topic Tuesday NFL Cuts   

    Our staff studies these guys every day...  When it comes to football, they know more about each guy than any fan can pretend to know.  That doesnt mean they are always right.  But they have to go by what they see day in and day out.  Just because Boykin has made some catches in the preseason doesnt mean he is our best WR.  What about when he doesnt get the ball?  Is he running the right routes and doing what the coaches want him to do?  Can he be counted on to consistently do the right thing?  Sometimes, the bad outweighs the good.. It's probably why so many people cant understand why our staff likes Cotchery.  He doesnt make the splash plays, but they probably dont have to worry that he's gonna screw Cam's progressions up.
    Who knows if they made the right decision? Maybe they made a mistake.  But you have to assume that Boykin was unable to do what the coaches needed him to do on a consistent basis.
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  9. EightyNine added a post in a topic Is Cam the worst QB on the roster?   

    Here is my theory...and maybe i'm just saying this because this preseason is fresh on my mind.
    Our offense always seems to do better when they have to.. i.e. two minute drills, when we really need to get something going, etc.
    For athletes, playing relaxed can be a good thing..it doesnt appear to be a good thing for us though.. Its like they come out of the gates trying to relax their nerves but they end up relaxing their minds as well, and that razor sharp focus just isnt there..After they get a few wake up calls, they start to do better.   I think we may need to do a better job at finding that balance between being relaxed and also keeping the intensity level up.
    ..or maybe its just the preseason and im overthinking it.
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  10. EightyNine added a post in a topic This is what a Strong Safety should look like.   

    Tell that to Robert Lester.
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  11. EightyNine added a post in a topic This is what a Strong Safety should look like.   

    I'm so glad you said that.. Way too many people have said Rivera doesnt want to play the young guys, when in fact, we play more young guys than most teams.  People just expect the young guys to be ready right away, or they want someone replaced without looking at the circumstances of the other options.
    When Rivera did put in the young guys last season, we weren't out of contention for the playoffs...Im sure a lot of other coaches around the league would not be willing to do that.  We had a TON of rookies out on the field at the same time.
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  12. EightyNine added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    Everyone likes to say that Rivera loves his vets.. I think ultimately, they keep the players that they think will help the team the most..  there is a good reason that those players are often vets..generally, the longer you do something, the better you get.  Its not like being a veteran is good enough in and of itself
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  13. EightyNine added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    I'm sure no one will agree with me but i think the stigma that Rivera has for being unwilling to go with the younger guys is unfair..I think we put more young guys on the field than a lot of other teams.  I think people assume that the young guys should be ready a little sooner than what should be expected..
    Also, i dont think Rivera has the final say on those decisions.
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  14. EightyNine added a post in a topic Current Google Visitors....   

    Why are you calling him injured?  If you're healthy enough to play then you're not injured and you cant use that as an excuse because almost everyone has to play with some kind of pain.
    If you're a Saints fan, then you should keep your mouth shut when it comes to cheap shots cause you will never win that argument, so you just make yourself sound dumb.  Thats like a Patriots fan calling someone out for deflating footballs.
    It wasnt a cheap shot anyways.. Everyone knows that you better keep your head on a swivel when the ball gets intercepted.  Unless you're on the receiving end of those hits, you love when your guys make plays like that.
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