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  1. I think Josh and his "agent" thought Gettleman would get desperate and cave at some point after a lengthy hold out....oooops.
  2. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    I Don't think he was ever getting a long term deal here. He is just not a Gettleman guy. Too flashy, a bit of a loose cannon. Great player , but in the end I don't believe that Gettleman trusted him to stay out of trouble and keep his play at the level it was last yearonce he got paid. Easy choice really,
  3. When Did You Realize They Weren't Winning?

    sack fumble touchdown . down 10-0. it was over. i knew it was over. didnt want to believe it.
  4. Conan...that poo not funny

    First time watching Conan huh? That was all standard awards show banter. Nothing to get in a wad about .
  5. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    How can you HATE the QB of a team you are supposed to be a fan of ? Cam Newton IS the Carolina Panthers. He is the face ofthefranchise .That is the exact opposite of being a fan. Go be a Cowboys fan if you Hate cam so much. Idiots.
  6. New Peyton Manning jingles.....

    Panthers defense makes me cry
  7. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    they really think that Hardy will have any meaningful insight? The last time he was in a meeting room with the panthers defense was September of last year..this is a guy who didn't know champagne was alcohol.
  8. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    Their skins vs. panthers discussion has degraded into how most of them live in north or south carolina but "only for work" lol
  9. What Colts Fans Are Saying

    They may be nice people but they don't seem too bright to be honest .
  10. Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin

    Maybe they will move Lucas back to wr. He's a big dude like kb.
  11. Yeah and by all accounts Wilson wantsabout 65% of that cap space all for him lol
  12. The hawks never planned for this , they didn't think Wilson was going to be anything more than a game manager , if they were lucky. They didn't plan to have to pay him like a franchise QB. This whole situation is like inherenting a house you can't afford the tax payments on. Either sell off your assets to pay for it or sell the house .
  13. Douchebag of the Day Award

    That's the first thing people say when they get called out for being a moron. Plausible deniability . you can't prove he wasn't joking . although everyone knows he wasn't. Textbook D-bag behavior.
  14. SB Nation does not have a clue

    so we are evaluating drafts after one season now?
  15. This is all assuming there is an offer on the table.