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  1. Conan...that poo not funny

    First time watching Conan huh? That was all standard awards show banter. Nothing to get in a wad about .
  2. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    How can you HATE the QB of a team you are supposed to be a fan of ? Cam Newton IS the Carolina Panthers. He is the face of the franchise .That is the exact opposite of being a fan. Go be a Cowboys fan if you Hate cam so much. Idiots.
  3. New Peyton Manning jingles.....

    Panthers defense makes me cry
  4. Did anyone else cringe a little

  5. Pregame Field Stuff....

    lol wouldn't that be so perfect? 
  6. Bob Ross Gets It

    They have it on Hulu . love that guy!
  7. Palmer is not capable of putting a team on his back like Rogers or Brees. He needs an excellent support system like he has this year to be successful. This is why he is having a "breakout" year his 12th season in the league . give him average weapons and he is an average qb . 
  8. What's up with practicing in ballrooms?

    yeah this really makes no sense at all...I'm sure they can do better than a ball room 
  9. It's only wednesday

    But what of the shoe market ? 
  10. I suppose the lambeau leap is safer ? Don't believe anything you see on Facebook.
  11. Huddle Contest: Tickets and Pregame Field Passes

    Love . not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about the Panthers. Those tickets will be mine . oh yes .
  12. List of QB's Seattle Has Played...

    lol wow that's a bad list .did Bridgewater even attempt a forward pass today ? I don't think I have seen so many checkdowns since pickles. listening to the media i thought he was supposed to be pretty good.
  13. Any scenario where we rest starters next week?

  14. No pass rush problem

    Have been thinking this since cj came back . Start Kony and let him get going .
  15. Does Greg Really Listen To Hard Rock?

    Yeah everyone from Jersey over the age of 28 listens to skrillex and Michael Bolton . in that order.