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  1. Man, thats rough. Well I have been good about not putting any weight on it, though it did get rattled sitting down a little bit ago. Think I'm alright though haha
  2. I feel ya bro. Just had my surgery yesterday after fully tearing mine. They are saying I can't play sports again for 12 months. Not a huge deal as I am 26 and done with high school/college sports but its still been a big part of my life. Anyway, any advice for me? And how long was your recovery time?
  3. I really appreciate you posting this. I fully ruptured mine 2 weeks ago playing ball the YMCA. I had my surgery yesterday. I can't imagine dong that kind of running with it being fully ruptured. All I know is that is one tough woman. Makes me feel like a loser lol. Here's to my next 9 months of recovery and therapy!
  4. Panthers Release Boykin

    $80,000 for security before the draft isn't a bad deal. In fact its fantastic considering $80,000 doesn't really do any big signings but did protect us if we didn't get the CBs we wanted. So nice try attempting to flame him. Ultimately you failed here.
  5. bucs took a kicker and traded up to do it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

    This is sarcasm right? Because our offense was pretty damn dominate last season... I'll give you the benefit here and assume this was a sarcastic statement.
  6. Hornets Win PIE up 3-2 Now

    Last week 75% of this place was screaming for Clifford and Cho to get canned XD
  7. Spot on. See what I truly find funny in all of this is that everybody understood a few years ago that drafting so well and having loads of talent would eventually mean we would be forced to let some of that talent go. We all understood that and agreed that having so much talent you can't even afford to keep it all was a good problem to have. Then the first casualty happens and people are ready to crucify the GM of the year who made us a best record Superbowl appearing roster. Never fails how quickly fans forget and how short sighted they can sometimes be.
  8. History serves as reminder

    A lot of fans on this site are crying by Gmans decision to let Norman take a hike. I loved JNo so it really does sting and I understand. However, these fans are likely the same ones that cried about his decisions in years past and will cry again after the upcoming draft. So let me humble you. You know who you are. And I'll admit, I have been humbled in the past and have changed my perspective accordingly. First draft. Literally 98% of this place wanted us to draft Star so when he fell in our lap we all laughed and danced with joy in our hearts. Then round two came and we took another DT named Short. Half this place had a total meltdown. Remember? "How do you take another DT when we have these glaring needs at WR??? What is he thinking? He's outsmarting himself." I think it worked out okay... Cutting Steve Smith. Sad day for any and every Panther fan. Understandably so. Yet we had some fans literally declaring they were done with this franchise and would never forgive Gman for this. "How do you cut the greatest Panther of all time? We cut our best ever player at our weakest postition" blah blah blah. Sure Smith went on to play great in Baltimore but our team has done pretty damn well without him. Drafting Kelvin Benjamin. I would say that draft this board was about an even split between wanting Oline or WR help with a few exceptions wanting defensive help, specifically in the secondary. But Kelvin was not very popular. Sure, some were excited about his measurables and potential. But most hated the idea of drafting a 24 year old WR with questionable hands and a subpar 40 time. They all disappeared after his incredible rookie year. Probably the same people that declared our season was over when he went down in training camp. We then proceeded to claim the best record in football and go to the Super Bowl... Kony Ealy was also in high question that year. Some were pretty furious that we past on Oline prospects to bring in another DE. "We can't even use him, we already have Hardy and Johnson. CRRRYYYYY" Except we ended up losing Hardys crazy ass and Ealy was ready to step right in and contribute. Good thing Gman doesn't give a damn what anybody here thinks huh? Ted Ginn. "He's supposed to solve our WR problem???" Been one hell of a deep threat for Cam. Ask Cam if he wants Ginn... Oher "We are gonna trust this washed up POS who can barely make a roster at this point?" Did a fine job last season. Shaq Thompson. "I don't get drafting ANOTHER LB. What is it with this team and LBs?" Graded as one of the most efficient rookies last season and projects to be our future replacement to a true Panther great, Thomis Davis. Roman Harper. "Keep that New Orleans Saints trash out of here!" He came in and played for us like we were the only team he's ever had. Josh Norman. "We can't win a Super Bowl without him! We can't cover any WR in the league now. Good teams will expose our weakness. Cry cry cry." I got news for you. We are a good team. We expose opponents weaknesses. Our GM has built something so good we can actually afford to think of the future and let a probowl caliber DB walk and still feel confident that the NFC South is ours and the Super Bowl is well in reach. If I have learned anything since GMan took over and proved me wrong time and time again it's that our scouts and GM know a hell of a lot more about this team than I could ever possibly know myself. I used to watch every single combine and critique and grade performances as though it made a difference. You know what I learned? I'm not nearly as smart as the guys doing it for a living. Especially when we have one of the very best on our team. I haven't watched any combine the last two seasons because I know that Gman is gonna take who he wants anyway. He's probably gonna be right about that player and it's way more fun welcoming him to the Panther family than being pissed off about passing on the guy I thought I wanted more. For the level headed fans out there, please post more examples I'm forgetting as I know there are numerous but I just don't have the time to brainstorm it right now. For you other guys that still cry, give up on the team, call our GM stupid, doubt Ron Rivera etc. GTFO. Seattle, Dallas and New Orleans would be awesome fan bases for you guys to cheer for. They are full of overpaying, knee jerk reacting, bandwagon hoping circus clowns and you guys would fit right in. Spare us your hate speak for the draft. We've heard enough already. Oh. And Keep Pounding.
  9. DeMarcus Cousins

    Honestly, I used to feel the same as you. But I have actually watched numerous kings games this year (they are an incredibly fun team to watch) and I gotta tell you, he would be worth the risk without question. He is unstoppable and I will argue with ANYONE he is the best Center in the league. He can honestly bring the ball down the court with a LeBron James does often and he is able to knock down 3s pretty consistently on top of being almost unstoppable down low. The dude is a machine. Yes, he would be a headache but man, on the right team he would set the league on fire. His skill set is just unbelievable.
  10. Off topic: Join the Huddle NCAA Bracket Challenge!

    I'm in. Good luck fellas.
  11. Worlds Most Interesting Man Retires

    Stop stealing my gig. It's all I've got on this damn site.
  12. Worlds Most Interesting Man Retires

    Nah, that's just a rumor that's been going around. I'm still here man.
  13. Brock Osweiler to Texans

    All these guys laughing at denver... A month after they beat us in the superbowl. Welcome to the Carolina huddle. I highly doubt Denver or their fans are worried about possibly having to rebuild after winning it all. They did the right thing by not overpaying a guy they know isn't worth that money. I swear some people here have no damn sense at all. I hope we win it all next year obviously. I'm just worried when we do, some of you guys will be hellbent on making us look like another garbage ass Seahawks fanbase. Just look at how we are talking about the team that took the trophy from us. ps. Blaming the refs for the asskicking we took is what a 5-year-old would do. I hope our players are focused on fixing the problems and mistakes we made rather than blaming the refs so we get it right next time. Rant over.
  14. So far, we've won the Batum for Vonleh and Henderson trade.

    Lo I'm not one that thinks Simmons will be a star, but with his size and skill set, he can be an amazing piece in the right place. Can you imagine he and Batum out there? Both are capable of doing almost anything. Score, pass, rebound and can play great defense. Man that would be fun to watch.