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  1. Why is this thread on the fourth page
  2. Actually, they pointed this out during the airing of this game. 
  3. Todd McShay Mock Draft 2.0

    Brown's get the final pick this year 
  4. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    All I want to do is win this game Sunday. It takes too long between the championship game and the superbowl 
  5. I'm black and her points sucked donkey dic
  6. Von Miller really hates us huh?

    Man I miss Smitty... He should be here making this run to the ship
  7. He deserves this just as much as anyone.#keeppounding
  8. So, what I'm saying is an exaggeration.
  9. That's true but as a fan over the years I got more insight on our opponent on this site than ESPN. The  collaboration between just fans hashing opinions. Stop the tmz poo. That's all I'm complaining about 
  10. We are the favorites and the narrative has finally changed for the most important game in our franchise just because the last superbowl is in the books.  most people on this board give off an impression that they're level headed so I gravitated to it over the years. Win, loss, or draw just don't want it to turn into Facebook comment section 
  11. Maybe threads are being pushed back. I don't give fug about Russell Wilson social media and love life. We play Denver and I haven't watched a broncos game all year besides last week. Just always came here for an honest look at our opponents cuz poo the sites as better write ups and Analysis than ESPN sometimes 
  12. We are in the Super Bowl !!! I'm excited but when have we become a fan base that totally disregard our next opponent. What happen to the good arguments and stat crunching threads? This week this team received more media attention than it has all year. Let's not turn into the sea chickens fans and stick to our roots.