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  1. The Panthers addressed this and made organizational changes (see handling of Tolbert). Everyone has moved on. 
  2. The 1 seed...

    How do you figure?  The Panthers haven't lost to a NFC team yet. 
  3. Nfl.com Panther's should fear Bucs

    With a Saints loss today, they will be 4-4 since playing the Panthers.  With one of the worst defenses of all time, they are hardly the biggest threat on the schedule.  It doesn't mean they can't beat the Panthers at their place but if you are picking a team, it wouldn't be them.
  4. I always thought Lane Kiffin was an @hole

    How is that disrespectful?  It seems his son is a fan of Cam.  But good job making fun of the kid and Kiffin over a funny tweet.  
  5. Nfl.com Panther's should fear Bucs

    How is that surprising.  He was asked which team the Panthers could have the most problems with on their remaining schedule.  No one on the schedule is playing better than the Bucs.  So it isn't that surprising. But good job by the original poster to make it out to be some big disrespect to the Panthers when in fact it wasn't.  It should make some great responses here.
  6. Wrong.  He did go to concerts.  It just wasn't news and posted on Twitter by several thousand people.  
  7. Is Kalil 100%?

    You realize on the road, Kalil doesn't get the snap call from Cam.  It comes from the right guard.
  8. We are not "legit"

    You realize that for the last several days the Panthers were favored to win by Las Vegas' gambling lines?  You realize most in the media picked the Panthers to win?  Gambling lines have nothing to do with respect btw.  It just means a bunch of Cowboy lovers were over the moon because Romo was back and ended up getting screwed by making dumb bets.
  9. We are not "legit"

    I don't know of a team getting more respect right now than the Panthers other than maybe the Patriots.  This idea that the Panthers are getting "disrespected" at this point in the season is becoming tired and just plain inaccurate.
  10. The media

    If you are waiting for every single media member to pick the Panthers to win each week, it will never happen. And speaking of respect, so many people here have been using the gambling line for this week as a sign of disrespect when that line has nothing to do with the media.  And btw, the Panthers were FAVORED by Vegas to win against the Cowboys.  
  11. Rodney Harrison

    Seriously?  Are you guys that gullible?  Harrison early in this year didn't believe the Panthers were that great (in fact very few did including many people on this board).  So each week lately it has been a running joke that Harrison "hates" the Panthers.  Clearly it isn't true as he has had glowing things to say about the Panthers the last few weeks.
  12. The media

    What is incorrect?  You may want to check http://nflpickwatch.com/.
  13. The media

    Most media members picked the Panthers to win.  At this point, the Panthers (and the fans) are just trying to find disrespect any where they can.  The problem is after this week, it is going to get harder and harder to find.
  14. Not sure what to think about this...re:Davis, Hardy

    Davis absolutely didn't say that.
  15. Tillman Most Likely Out

    The Cowboys run much more 3 receiver sets than the Redskins so Jones will be on the field much more this week. It's hard to say how good he really is but he will be tested much more Thursday.