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  1. ABOUT fuging TIME. GTFO
  2. Yeah, bro, who the fug are you, and what is your "skill set for talent evaluation" in the NFL? Do you realize this guy was the only threat on the team, and still tore it up? Give me a fuging break homie. You're grasping at straws, be scared. There is a 50% chance he blows. 50% chance hes the best guy on the roster. Go back to fugtown, troll.
  3. He def. looked like a Rapist in the Det. War Room with that greasy hair and 4 dollar suit.
  4. I love to sit on this message board and read the perspective of all you fat fuging keyboard GMs. Get back to work. Nobody is trying to sabotage the Carolina Panthers. The best dudes will play. They are paid to win games. They want to win games.
  5. I like Hood more. See ya cap, see ya fozzy
  6. Where is this wfzn interview online? I want to hear everything that was said about the draft. Panthers fan in Oregon needs answers.
  7. In Pre-draft interviews, Mayock was talking about Hern when we he compared him to Nelson from ND. He's got the measurables. Could be just like Norwell in a few years. Solid UDFA guy.
  8. This dude is gonna be a beast for us at Safety. His press conference was awesome.
  9. Hall weighs 278, this guy is 238. Give me a fuging break. No clue what the fug Hurney is doing, and I supported him. FML
  10. Why are the calls to each prospect not loading on the panthers.com website?
  11. Wasted pick. 178 lbs?!?! Are you kidding me. Garbage
  12. I like a Saftey at 2 or OL, if we go saftey, I like a OL/DE and RB combo in 3rd. I want Royce Freeman
  13. Actionman0z

    Trade up for a Safety in round 2?

    If we give up our second 3rd rounder, and our current second at 55, how far can we move up? There are currently 3 2nd round safeties available... Reid Harrison and Bates in no particular order. I would prefer the centerfielder type with Reid or Bates. I also like Elliot from Texas, and the kid from Penn St. I really want a DE and RB in 3rd with a S in the second.
  14. I like the idea of Rudolph and Jackson slipping down the board so that 24 looks more valuable for a QB. I would easily trade our first for a extra 2nd and 3rd. Gives us 5-6 picks in top 100, and if Hurnball likes what he sees in 2-3, get more picks. Drop from no mans land @ 24 where the pick doesnt match production/ASSumed value, and get another pick. Lord in Heaven please dont let the goddamn Saints draft Lamar Jackson.