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  1. I would rather have Terrance Mitchell. They benched him, and started losing. They tackle worse than us.
  2. How about the hands to the face on Norwell on the same play? His helmet was almost gone!
  3. The email I sent to Scott Fowler

    And yes, I meant purposely F up Joe’s last name. Haha
  4. The email I sent to Scott Fowler

    Zero Fs will be given. I thought it hilarious that Cam did not know her name. I am sure she is not the only one he doesn’t know
  5. The email I sent to Scott Fowler

    Scott, While I appreciate your defense of a colleague, your statements about yourself are very embarrassing. A route tree is a numerical system placed on various routes in a playbook for the sake of calling plays. Everyone knows that. A 3 technique is a defensive alignment for an interior defensive lineman where he lines up in an outside shade of the offensive guard. Perhaps this lack of football knowledge from yourself and the other writers that are assigned to cover the panthers is what makes your paper almost unreadable outside of click bait. At least you can go to sleep comfortably knowing you aren’t Joe Pearson. Cam’s comment was demeaning and foolish, but he stumbles over words and phrases all the time. It looked to me like when I watched the press conference that he was trying to be funny. It wasn’t. But how about you answer questions on a daily basis from people who write nothing but negative articles. You can clearly see how short both Cam and Ron are with the press corps covering the team. Cam’s comments were shameful and dumb, but you don’t need to make it worse by espousing your apparent lack of even simple football acumen when it’s your job to know and be able to provide proper coverage of the NFL. Maybe you should learn football, or find a new job. Matt Doyle
  6. They just changed the game to the Cowboys on my tv!!! And it's blacked out on direct tv!!
  7. I liked the field goal drive there. They have had some big calls against them. Points and not being silly there was at a premium. This redskins offense still scares me with jones in.
  8. Earlier I misspoke about the refs. Awful
  9. Glad to see the refs making the right calls. Offense is carrying the game. Special teams needs a touchback please
  10. Aj collapsed his lane trying to be a hero and fell. Dumb
  11. What time will the Panthers pick?

  12. If we lose to the dolphins, the San Fran and ne games mean Jack poo. Sent from my C811 4G using CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  13. I just dont see us winning. Our run d has been suspect the last few weeks. Sent from my C811 4G using CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  14. I am excited for them to add to that sixth rounder from the beason trade Sent from my C811 4G using CarolinaHuddle mobile app