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  1. Yes, even though it was painful. It's hilarious to see how effed up and two faced the media is. Stephen A Smith/Colin Cowherd came to the forefront today as the biggest assfaces in the sports media.
  2. TOo soon bro. The bus engine hasn't even cooled off yet. 
  3. Gut feeling we're going to blow their ass out today. You can pie me afterwards.
  4. Kevin "Devin" Funchess

    Kevin + CAP + Benji = Many more wins to come.
  5. The whole documentary is pretty damn interesting if you watch it. Pretty much everything was said without the dude even knowing he was being recorded. Most of this recanting is probably to CYA. I honestly don't have an issue with Manning using PED's to recover from 4 neck surgeries at his age. To me that seems more of a medical issue than trying to gain a competitive edge. That said, the guy said pretty much half of the Greenbay Packers are on the juice and he supplys them. Whether it's all true or partly true, still a good watch.  
  6. Panthers sign CB Robert McClain

  7. Cut or Demote Ginn next year! Please!

    I'm glad he's on the team to stretch the field and I hope he's here for a while. That said, we have to get a reliable speedster to stretch the field who can actually catch. Maybe we can draft one I dunno. Could you imagine Cam's stats if he had a guy like AJ Green or Julio Jones???? Good god, dude would throw for 400yds per game b/c he has an awesome deep ball.
  8. Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

    The saints are playing soo friggin dirty today. ugh.
  9. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    180k woooo...   
  10. Dude had a great setup here and he blew it. It's all on him. He's not the first guy who has ruined his own situation over some punani. 
  11. Norman: I would not bat the ball away

    I don't take anything he say's seriously. He's like that eccentric kid in high school who is always saying crazy chit to see peoples reaction.
  12. DEAR NFL

    I was trying to put my emotions into words, but I have to say.. I coulnd't have said it any better lmao...
  13. Keep Pounding Pie!!!!

    Refs/cheeseheads/announcers.... GTFO of our stadium!!!!
  14. Julius Peppers is a Bitch

    I hate getting these announcers. They're going to be svucking rodgers **** all game despite the outcome.
  15. Panthers 7-0 PIE