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  1. A New First

    With 9 wins the Panthers have finally broken the streak of only having a winning season when following a season with exactly 7 regular season wins.
  2. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    This isn't true. The Rams game in week 16 was the first game in Russell Wilson's college/pro career where his team didn't have the lead at some point in the game. edit: talking about this quote:The idiots do realize that we had the lead every single game in the 4th before Bevell went into play not to lose mode and the D couldn't hold it right?
  3. Cam's Clear Case for MVP

    Feb. 6th, at the NFL Honors awards ceremony.
  4. I need to throw my hat into the A Song of Ice and Fire ring. Favorite author and favorite series. They're making an HBO series out of the books currently. I like Wheel of Time also. I like a good long story and this does well for me. It's not in ASoIaF's class though. David Eddings sucks. Reading Eddings makes me think I'm reading fiction written by a 14 year old. Boring, obvious and uninspiring.