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  1. I mean this division has had both Matt Ryan and Drew Brees in it then entire time he's been coaching the Panthers. What other coach/team has won the division more or even equal to Rivera/The Panthers with 2 top 10 QBs in their division?
  2. 31-10 Falcons. Cam throws 3 picks and we lose 3 more offensive linemen in the game leaving us playing Silatolu at center and Armah at RT. Embrace the even years and starting thinking about next season.
  3. xXxBretWeedxXx

    Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    This isn't true. The Rams game in week 16 was the first game in Russell Wilson's college/pro career where his team didn't have the lead at some point in the game. edit: talking about this quote:The idiots do realize that we had the lead every single game in the 4th before Bevell went into play not to lose mode and the D couldn't hold it right?
  4. xXxBretWeedxXx

    Cam's Clear Case for MVP

    Feb. 6th, at the NFL Honors awards ceremony.
  5. I need to throw my hat into the A Song of Ice and Fire ring. Favorite author and favorite series. They're making an HBO series out of the books currently. I like Wheel of Time also. I like a good long story and this does well for me. It's not in ASoIaF's class though. David Eddings sucks. Reading Eddings makes me think I'm reading fiction written by a 14 year old. Boring, obvious and uninspiring.