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  1. PFF Presents Carolina's Draft Board

    Kevin Dodd is their 73rd rated player and 83rd on Carolina's board?
  2. Rank your Top5 sports team you root for

    1. Carolina Panthers (I was raised a Bills fan but I thought it would be cool to root for a team from inception. I chose the Panthers in 95 because my 2 favorite Bills players went to the team [Frank Reich & Don Beebe], the Panthers had my favorite color and I was already a Hornets fan) 2. Syracuse University Basketball/Lacrosse/Football in that order (I didn't go to college but I grew up in Syracuse and this was pretty much the pro team) 3. Charlotte Hornets (My father didn't have a pro basketball team so I just kinda picked who I wanted when I was little, I chose the Hornets because of the color scheme and Bogues was awesome to me) 4. NY Yankees (Baseball kinda sucks these days but I was raised a Yankees fan) 5. Carolina Hurricanes (I was actually a Whalers fan growing up, it was probably one of the only fans who wasn't bummed with the move since it lined up nicely with my other rooting interests)
  3. B/R NFL 1000

    The excerpt about Cam is in the first post, he talks about his balance and it definitely incorporates footwork if this is the case.
  4. B/R NFL 1000

    In what world are Cam's mechanics a 10 out of 10? No one throws from their back foot as much as Cam does because anyone else doesn't have the arm strength to keep a starting position while doing so. Tom Brady's arm strength is an 18 out of 20? This list definitely was set up as a ranking of how he saw quarterbacks and toggled their percentages to make it line up.
  5. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    Unfortunately every winning season we've had came the year after getting exactly 7 wins in the regular season. We had 15 this year so it's probably another losing season.
  6. You can't keep Thomas Davis down

    I still remember how everyone was upset when he was drafted because he was too big to play safety and no one wanted a swing position player in the first round.
  7. You can't keep Thomas Davis down

    Why don't I have a Davis jersey yet? Gotta fix that.
  8. This Is Sportscenter: Cam Newton...

    2012 commercial, its cool though because I don't remember seeing it.
  9. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    The Denver Broncos should be at least. The only 2 times an African-American QB has won the Super Bowl was against them, and they got crushed both times.
  10. 50 Facts about Super Bowl 50

    It seems most of the trends are bad for the Panthers in this game.
  11. Rivera Named PFWA Coach of the Year

  12. Sound FX from the Seattle game

    That kick wasn't a chip shot, especially for Norwood. It was 47 yards outdoors and his season long was 48 yards. That kick for Norwood was like a 54 yard kick for Gano. Makeable but far from a gimmie.
  13. DVOA. DVOA. Wherefore art thou DVOA?

    I think this shows exactly why we were as badly rated in DVOA as we have been. We've gotten a few large leads this season and our coaching staff loves to play conservative football in those situations. This game was the epitome of that philosophy. I hate watching those large leads fall away but so far this season I can't complain with the results.
  14. Unofficial - Enemy Fan Forums - Arizona Cardinals

    The dude didn't say it, laughing at his statement because of it is average Seahawk fan level of post contribution.
  15. Unofficial - Enemy Fan Forums - Arizona Cardinals

    Except he didn't say "double Olsen", he said contain Olsen. Those aren't necessarily the same things.