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  1. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Again you clearly don't seem to understand what an adaption is. We aren't going to change our whole gameplan and pull out a new playbook. We aren't going to change the system or what we do that we have installed for that game. No one does. You call the same formation and when the defense thinks you are going to run the same play you give it a new twist or you change a run to a pass. That is an adjustment. So on these supposed stretch plays around the end, why do you think we run them? It is because of how the defense lines up and the success we have had before or something we watch on film. Now if the pulling guard doesnt get out in front of the play or the defensive backside help beats their blocker it blows up. So why would you run it again? Because an execution error doesn't mean it was a bad play it meant someone didn't do their job and you talk about it between series, clean it up and run a similar play later. As for Shula it hasn't been 7 seasons as OC it has been 4 this is number 5. During his tenure as an OC we are 40-23-1. Sure you will say it is the defense but that is the way we have always built the team and Shula has the best record of any OC here over a 4 year period. Is he competent? Of course he is. Is he great? No. But either has his talent level. He has always needed a good line to run his scheme. Has he had one? Yeah it was decent in 2013 and 2015. And we went 27-4. What about 2014 and 2016? Crappy line, crappy results. Simple. Why didn't he adjust in the Superbowl? Lots of reasons. First time there, their defensive.line and scheme was a bad matchup for what we do. Wade Phillips is one of the best DCs out there. It happens. But you don't a career on one game. But honestly I am done here. If you can't see what is clear, this won't change it. Leaving for the tailgate. Rooting hard for a victory.
  2. Is our offense predictable or not?

    You can call it whatever you want. You have yet to respond to my question and look at the facts. Not.last year, not a decade ago. Not what you think is happening but right now this season by the numbers. And again I will debunk the old adjustment saw too if you would actually pay attention and look at what I post. Of course we adapt. We do it each series. We don't run the same play even though we might run the same formation. Unlesz of course it works and then why wouldn't we run it again. What you and others see and call failure to adjust is incorrect terminology. We are adjusting but the other team are adjusting to our adjustments. It is a chess match and sometimes we win and sometimes lose. Now if you said we don't adjust fast enough or aren't successful enough when we do adjust, we could have a discussion. But when you say we don't adjust and believe it I put you in the same category as the other casual clueless fans. Anyone with any understanding of the NFL process wouldn't say that and actually believe it. They would clarify themselves after looking at what happens. And please spare me the 2 year old blurb from the Superbowl. You keep pulling it out like gold. It is ancient history and let's say it is true. That has nothing to do with now. Watch the game tomorrow and tell me where we don't adjust. Make sure to be specific and exactly where and when we ran the exact same play at the same down and distance to show we didn't adjust. Otherwise you are describing something but calling it something else. And if it works one time tell me why we wouldn't try it again?
  3. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Nah. They know football and we have great convo. Or they don't know it and know they don't. Problem is here where folks like you think you know and don't. I dont know why you would be so pissed about anything. You talk crap all the time. Can you only dish it out but not take it.
  4. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Anything before the present is history which may or not be relevant to now. I say let's see you are convinced nothing has changed without looking. And no offense but would you even know enough to judge if it had changed or not. And again I was at the Superbowl, I sure as hell remember it in vivid detail. That was a great lesson learned. Honestly who didn't think we were going to roll Denver outside of Colorado. We thought we were unbeatable and found out differently. The fact Gettleman spent a second rounder this offseason and 50 million on Kalil is evidence we needed much better tackles. If I remember Correctly Denver got their butt handed to them 2 years earlier after leading the league with a ridiculously good offense. It happens to lots of folks at some point. You move on except folks like you who keep rehashing it endlessly.
  5. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Not only are you correct but the naysayers repeat the same thing over and over even though it is not relevant, years ago, or made up. Like we don't gameplan our offense. How ignorant. Of course we gameplan and we do it for every team trying to find mismatches to exploit. We determine what their defensive tendencies are based on down and distance and plan accordingly. We have different plays for every situation and Cam has studied film to know what will be open based on what the defense shows. The fact it doesn't always work is a testament to defenses gameplanning for us. One of these days I am going to expose the old we can't make adjustments from 1st to 2nd half crap as well. But I hesitate to put in the effort given it won't do any good. I clearly showed by facts that our playcalling is no more predictable than any team but look who actually read it. Few who have posted actually even discussed the information and that is clear. And the idea they know what is coming is laughable too. On third and 8 for example who doesn't know it is a pass? That doesn't make you predictable unless you know where the ball is going and to who on what route. And I know there is virtually no one who knows the playbook well enough to know what we are running at any one point. So if we take a sack on third and long all of a sudden every knew what we were doing. Exactly how many running plays work on third and long. It really is comical how the group speak has been repeated long enough they actually believe it. On to the Saints. I have a bunch of folks coming in for a tailgate, should be great.
  6. Is our offense predictable or not?

    If it isn't one thing it is something else. People won't be happy until Shula is gone even if who we replace him with is worse. Waits for the old saw about anyone would be better than Shula. You can't win.....
  7. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Stats aren't the answer but they inform you about the questions. So are we predictable? By the numbers we aren't. Do we run most times under center when we are in a power I formation? Yep. The point of that play is to get more of your guys in one spot and push the defense backwards and ram it down their throats. If you look at the site I referenced you can also see if it works or not. So if normally our success rate is 44% and on this play we are at 60% maybe we run it predictable or not because it works. And that defensive guy was talking about 1 game 2 years ago not last year or this year. So why would ancient history in one limited context have anything to do with a totally different situation 2 years later. Oh that's right because people never change and it goes along with what you already think. You just keep proving my point which is you whiners keep going regardless of whether you have a leg to stand on or not.
  8. Bucky Brooks with more impressions

    Didn't he miss all of camp and most all of preseason? I figure he is just now getting up to speed where he knows what he is doing and can contribute.
  9. Bucky Brooks with more impressions

    I could say alot and agree on the Wilks comments. In fact I predicted when he took over that we would play more man coverage and less zone. As for offenses dictating to defenses, traditionally offense is more controlled and cerebral than defense. Most times you don't unleash an offense like you do a defense. Guys like Norwood can be aggressive on a play or two but it takes working together where defense is more helter skelter each guy does his own thing within the scheme. If you played or coached you know what I mean. I may not be explaining it well.
  10. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Talk about being predictable. I told you at the beginning of this thread that there would be huddlers who pay no attention to any.new information and just come to bitch and whine with no facts to support them. Now you can see that even when the facts don't support them they ignore them and keep their same biased unsupported views. I guess it just supports the notion you can't fix stupid. And the problem with stupid folks is they don't know they are stupid
  11. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Classic example of don't confuse me with the facts since I already know the answers. Sorry but to be honest that is an incredibly ignorant way of thinking.
  12. Is our offense predictable or not?

    This was in February of 2016 after we went 15-1 and we're in the Superbowl for these guys the first time. So it is 2 years old. How that relates to now is anyone's guess. This offense is very different from that offense and we learned a lesson that day. There is no indication that anything said 2 seasons ago is remotely germaine to this week or year.
  13. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Why would an offensive coordinator run on the first play of the game regardless of being predictable? Running plays get everyone involved in contact which tends to control the jitters you feel when you first get on the field. You establish your identity which is to run the ball. And hopefully you gain a few yards making it 2nd down and manageable. Sometimes you do thinks for reasons whether they are predictable or not. Other teams come out passing which is a particular OCs bend. But it isn't a knock on Shula if we run up the middle for 2 yards on the first play of the game.
  14. I agree that he has a bright future in the league and on this team. These numbers are just that, numbers not predictors. At this point his success or lack of success is more a function of the gameplanning against him more than an indication of his ability.
  15. Is our offense predictable or not?

    Actually you analysis is pretty off. If a team is getting pressure up the middle we tend to run around the edges. We have checkdowns and dumpoffs on most plays, the problem is delayed blitzes where the protections werent called presnap and the linemen dont rub off their initial blocks and pick up the blitzer and Cam backs up into pressure and takes a sack instead of throwing into the pressure. Remember there is more than one type of playcalling. There is what is called in the huddle and what is called at the line. In our system it is designed to be flexible and is largely adjusted at the line since we run and pass out of the same formations. But again look at the numbers and then comment instead of the same old stuff and ignoring the numbers.