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  1. panthers55 added a post in a topic Falcons pay OL Bill Fralic $150K/yr...for life   

    The number depends on what you value the annuity at.  The contract outside of that was a little over 2 million.  The annuity was valued at 6 million by the Falcons so the total is 8 million. You are right about the average salary being 162 million.  His salary average for his rookie deal was roughly 500 thousand.
    But the point was that for people saying he should have taken a lump sum, the only way he got that kind of money was because he took it as an annuity.  There were teams losing money in 1985, salaries were escalating and there was a huge push by owners to limit salaries and come up with different and unique ways to pay players with deferred money because teams didnt have the upfront money to spend huge significant bonuses and huge contracts.  Fralic got a big contract because he was very serious about sitting out a year and going into professional wrestling.
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  2. panthers55 added a post in a topic Falcons pay OL Bill Fralic $150K/yr...for life   

    This was a pretty smart move to me. It wasn't as if the 150 thousand was all he was going to get. This was a negotiated bonus in addition to 8 million in a rookie contract if I read that right. So he had plenty to invest and do what people are saying he should have done versus taking a yearly payout. He gets to do both. Plus he got to negotiate additional contracts. It is very likely he wouldn't have gotten that kind of money unless he structured it that way.
    Magic Johnson got a 25 year 25 million contract people tout as brilliant for Buss although it was highly controversial given how much it was at the time. It allowed Magic to get huge money which he wouldn't have gotten otherwise and for the teams to stretch out payments until the financial consequences were minimal as salaries rose. These payouts benefit both parties as one side stretches payments while the other gets security for llife while he invests money from other contracts if he sticks and if his career is cut short he gets a set amount which by being annualized is going to be a lot bigger than if it were a lump time payment. Not that the lump sum payment won't grow faster with compounding interest simply that this kind of money was being handed out left and right because it wasn't. The average salary for an o linemen in 1985 was 162 thousand a year. He gets close to that for life and a big signing bonus as well. The Falcons valued the annuity at 6 million. 
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  3. panthers55 added a post in a topic Most and Least injured teams over the past two years   

    This. ^^^^^^^^^^^^.
    like in most situations, quality means much more than quantity.
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