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  1. Many times mental illness can be triggered by a traumatic event, lack of supports, a drug interaction, or other reason. From what I have read it is pretty difficult to say what might have caused the suicidal behavior until more comes out. It could be mental illness or a drug overdose, breakup of a relationship, loss of a significant family member, etc. Hard to say really.
  2. Bidding reaches 2.5 Billion, Rubin out.

    Goodnight would be the best case scenario for the Panthers. He is innovative, forward thinking, employee focused and heavily involved in the community. Not to forget he is very successful. A winner with a conscience. How rare these days....
  3. He is projected anywhere from the 2nd to 4th round. I doubt Hurney would draft him in the first round. After that though he would be in play at the bottom of the second round and surely in the third. Particularly with his injury history he would not be a first rounder.
  4. How do we know we haven't reached out to his agent already? I suspect we are doing due diligence on most of the remaining safeties.
  5. Reid is like Kaepernick to me. Had some good years but are only relevant anymore because of the knee issue. When the 49ers don't think you can play anymore that tells me plenty. There are other guys I like better including Vaccarro and Boston. I might even take a chance on Branch even though he might not be ready until training camp or even later. He would be cheap and before he got hurt was very good.
  6. Especially when you play in our division and don't even move corners around to get favorable matchups. Instead we keep the corners on their respective sides and let offenses dictate to us by moving receivers around. We had a very predictable defense last year.
  7. It was a poor scheme by Wilks which gambled too much and put our secondary in single coverage too often. Bradberry's poor season was a function of a scheme which didn't fit his skills and talent. Whether he plays better will be up to Washington and how he uses him.
  8. Time will tell. No need to argue as all will be revealed soon enough.
  9. Marcedes Lewis Cut

    Since Seattle already signed Dickson, I don't know they would want Lewis as well.
  10. Don’t overthink this Hurney

    We are not desperate at corner. If you want a stop gap, Seymour will be that. There are good corners in the draft and other options as necessary. I am glad Hurney is more patient and rational than many of you on here.
  11. Honestly we are not far off from a playoff team. A few good draft picks to shore up some holes, a RB in the draft and a safety free agent along with a high draft pick corner and we are close. You folks spouting that the sky is falling slay me. We are 2 weeks into free agency. Give me a break.
  12. Marcedes Lewis Cut

    The fact they picked up his 3 million option and then cut him makes no sense. I have to believe he thought he was safe after that and got totally blind sided. His comments suggest he was shocked and pissed.
  13. Marcedes Lewis Cut

    Didn't hear they offered him anything. I.read they cut him with no warning. Don't know that he had a chance to stay at any price...
  14. NFL.com Ranks Carolina

    Why do we care what we are ranked in March?