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  1. panthers55

    Do you beleive in “ Keep Pounding”

    As a fellow diver, kudos to you for helping cleanup the seas and reefs. I wish we wouldn't keep dumping refuse in the ocean as if out of sight out of mind ever works with anything.
  2. panthers55

    Do you beleive in “ Keep Pounding”

    When I went to the Superbowl in San Fran, I was wearing my 51 jersey. Was waiting in a line and this very nice woman came up to me and said, " you know he was my husband". I said are you Mrs. Mills? She said she was and she had visited her son in the locker room. We talked about what her husband had meant to the team and the fact some of us still remembered him and his legacy. She was pleased someone was wearing her husband's jersey. I was glad to let her know her husband wasn't forgotten. So hell yeah I believe in keep pounding and all it represents.
  3. As far as a draft pick, Jackson will be a good one. I only expect him to get better. But he has a lot of learning to do and will make lots of mistakes this year. So we will have to take the good with the bad. But he was actually a weak spot at times and help extend Dallas drives.
  4. Jackson did play decent for a rookie in his first game but he did not look great at all. His PI and defensive holding penalties we're obvious and avoidable. He was in good position but then tugged on the jersey or grabbed the receiver unnecessarily. He was in position to make the play already. He was too aggressive and it was too easy to call it. What he will learn is to be more subtle and know where the officials usually are standing. He will learn how to impede but not foul obviously. For his first game he was ok but great?? Hardly. And let's see how he plays against real receivers before we crown home as the best player on the field.
  5. panthers55

    Cam completed 65% and we won

    First game for the offense in wet conditions with a patchwork line which means we have to revert back to the basics. Overall we did okay. This kind of effort and point production won't cut it going forward but it is way too early to say much except we won primarily on the strength of time of possession for the offense and a great defensive effort.
  6. Shaq is my surprise player. Up to this year he looked like a guy still lost out there always a step late or slow to recognize what was going on. This year is night and day. He is doing a fantastic job and looking like a starter. Some people come to the party early while others come late. Shaq appears to be a late one but he is making up for lost time.
  7. panthers55

    Will we even miss Thomas Davis

    What you are others who keep repeating this don't seem to get is that rookies, jags and other players who are forced into duty due to injury need time to develop. Shaq for example wasn't that good as late as last year. He got burned in coverage numerous times and wasn't where he needed to be much of the time. The difference between this year and earlier in the career is almost day and night. He is a beast this year and rightfully deserves to start. Up to this year he wasn't. Reminds me of Thomas Davis when he came into the league or Josh Norman. They needed time to develop. The only guy I will give you is Amini. I don't know why he plays. Still blame his position coach not Rivera who is in charge of developing him and deciding who places in what position. As head coach you aren't making those decisions on a weekly basis
  8. People, People. Think a minute.Rivera is talking to the media about his team and the players. Stuff the team and players read. What else do you expect him to say but positive things. That is why he is a player's coach and usually liked by the players. He doesn't tear down in public. But look at that face and tell me you think he doesn't blast people in private. The guy who determines whether Silatolu plays is first the medical staff, the player, the position coach and the OC. Rivera can have input to whatever he wants but he doesn't have time to micromanage anything. With Norv in there Rivera can focus on the defense and his first year coordinator. Press conferences are predictable and rarely informative.
  9. Fell asleep in the third quarter but woke up with 5 minutes left in the game with the score 12-10. It was great to see the Eagles score a TD and 2 point conversion and then stop the Falcons at the goal line. Another demoralizing loss for the Falcons. I love it.
  10. Seems to me that Heinicke had the inside track all along given Norv knew him from their days with the Vikings. He knew Norv's system and was ready from day 1. I don't think we really looked at anyone else. Norv got who he wanted as our backup.
  11. I don't know why we keep trotting out rookies to start at cornerback with Jackson but we might. Looks like we could do the same at safety with Gaulden. I love their potential but hate the mistakes along the way. I hope we can work them into their roles and start veterans first. I like Bradberry and Searcy as starters with Jackson rotating in taking speed guys man to man in the slot. I also think Munnerlyn is an asset as a nickel guy and strong tackler. I have liked what I have seen from Adams and think Gaulden will make a good strong safety who will only get better as he gets stronger and understands the defense fully. I am all in this year. I know many of the players are as well. Now if only the injury bug lays off for awhile we might get a few more guys back .
  12. I thought that after gameplanning and being up for the Patriots, we came out flat tonight. I didn't see any gameplanning or blitz pickup that was effective. Given we play them in the regular season there was no adjustments or attempts to adjust. Allen was not good although his completion numbers belie the pick six or lack of touch on the ball. He threw dumpoffs and underneath routes which the defense gave him but may make the practice squad. I thought Heinicke won the back up job although he started slow. Barner is the better and versatile back although CAP made a case for a roster spot. What I really saw if how many guys are not going to.make the team for good reason.
  13. panthers55

    Upgrades by Tepper

    You do see the hypocrisy is saying that you can say anything you want but he can't respond in kind. You can take your own advice and ignore him. Not taking sides just pointing out that each of you can say what they want. Sure being rude is uncalled for but criticizing him for doing the same thing you are doing is really hypocritical
  14. panthers55

    Khalil Mack anyone?

    Two firsts is a starting place and final compensation could be more. He will also be expecting to get a monster contract as well. We have done a good job of developing guys like Addison and have young guys like Cox and Hall waiting for their chance. He is way too expensive at this point and is at a position of strength for us not weakness.
  15. panthers55

    Thoughts on division schedules

    Didn't know that ..... Thabks