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  1. I have no clue what we ultimately do but I agree he checks off a number of boxes. He would be our version of Wes Welker who can run the ball as well. He instantly fill a bunch of needs. I still like Howard at 8 but if he isn't there McCaffrey would instantly improve the offense.
  2. Seems likely Gettleman saw the report and put it to bed quickly. Like I said in that other thread, it was a no brainier to pick up the 8 million dollar 5th year option. If he returns to his rookie form it would take a long term deal or franchise tags which would cost likely 16 mil and 14 mil next year. The last 3 games he turned it on. This year he will be fully confident. I expect a career year. Getting him for half price for another year is an easy decision to make.
  3. With the franchise tags likely to be close to 16 and 14 million in 2018, if he has a great season this year, locking him up for a fifth year for only 8 million or half that is really a no brainer. He really came on the last 3 games of the year.
  4. I think Mixon has to hold himself to a higher standard when you are in the public eye and a high profile guy who aspires to be an NFL player. Sure people makes mistakes but with all the other players out there who are smart enough to avoid major trouble altogether, why risk it on a guy with questionable judgement. The only thing he gets credit for is at least he is trying to make up for it. I know America loves a redemption story. But there is also the adage of knowing a person for who they show themselves to be the first time.
  5. First off the story is true. Secondly you sound like as big a douche as Mixon, and your explanation sounds like the same logic Hardy used to justify his actions. Thank goodness we won't be drafting him so this debate is really moot. Just glad fans like you have no say in what we do.
  6. True story. I have an identical twin brother and we both were going to ECU. I am sitting in class and a girl comes up and starts yelling at me for not talking to her and tries to smack me. I move away and calmly explain that I have never met her in my life and whatever her beef is to take it up with my brother. Of course she thought I was lying only to find out the truth later. I didn't assault her or even yell although I had every right. friend is called integrity and moral character. Also told my brother to have better judgment in woman and let his acquaintances know about me if they see me on campus.
  7. Exactly. It is called taking the high road and treating people as you want to be treated instead of how you are being treated. Didn't your parents teach you anything,?
  8. You could just treat her with respect and avoid the whole issue. But let's act like a scumbag and have to make up for it for years. I don't know why a big time football player needs to accost woman anyway unless they are entitled. Seems lots of woman would welcome their advances without assaulting folks who don't.
  9. so.lets say you insult a woman and she slaps you for insulting her. You think you have a right to punch her in the face breaking bones. Or do you think there are a bunch of woman who just assault big football players for no reason. Get real here you can get off for a bunch of technicalities or because of who you are or know. It doesn't mean you aren't guilty.
  10. You don't know that. It isn't just Shula. We just hired his position coach from Stanford as our wide receiver coach. I figure he knows how to use McCaffrey.
  11. There is a video of Nixon punching a woman in the face, what other proof do you need? And if scouts believe him more than Cook and they have their own investigators to investigate these draft picks, there is no reason to bring in either of these guys. If you don't know by 18 not to assault women who don't want to have sex against their will you don't deserve the NFL or much else. Scumbag entitled Aholes.
  12. You clearly miss the point. McCaffrey isn't a running back, he is a receiver, returner running back who does all thing very well. Running a screen or dumpoff is just as effective in the 4th quarter as it is the rest of the time. Hopefully our evolution thinking is more out of the box than yours right now.
  13. If this were about being a running back alone you might be right but McCaffrey is good enough to be drafted in the first round as a slot receiver and returner let alone a running back. You think that NE considered Wes Welker a situational player and he didn't run the ball like McCaffrey can. I hope our evolution is in the passing game not becoming a more old school running attack which is all Fournette could do and which we never have the line to do.
  14. Nah, Fournette wouldn't be the starter. Dave learned quite a bit about starting rookies last year with cornerback. Plus Fournette is not a good blocker and would need time to.learn our complex running scheme. Honestly I doubt we draft him even if available. I think the emphasis of the evolution is on the passing game not running game and Fournette is one dimensional. He is a great runner but that is all he is
  15. As a running back Fournette is much better than McCaffrey. But McCaffrey is an accomplished receiver and punt/KO returner and Fournette is not. Overall value goes to McCaffrey and it isn't close. McCaffrey would start at returner and slot receiver and Fournette will be Stewart's back up all year. Not what you want with a top 10 pick.