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  1. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    I was told by my grandfather not to argue with a fool because people may not be able to distinguish the difference between you.. So I will take his advice and not argue with you.
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  2. panthers55 added a post in a topic Shula: KB's void may be filled by committee, talks up CB   

    I have no problem on my computer which using Chrome or Explorer.  But it is a big issue on my ipad whether I use Safari or Chrome.  I have almost abandoned trying to post on this site from my ipad for that reason.
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  3. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    No you make no sense.  If he gameplanned and took things seriously last year and we got beat so badly, then what is different this year that justifies an article stating that we are taking it seriously or doing something different this year which is the tone of your article.  If it is different than last year then clearly there wasnt a big effort to gameplan last year and the result shouldnt be related to how we finished.  If is isnt different then your article and its conclusions are totally wrong and overblown since we are doing no different than last year.
    You are either backtracking saying we gameplanned last year when we didnt, or we did last year then this year is no different and we arent treating it any different.  You can't have it both ways.
    As for my defense of Shula, there are several threads criticizing him and I havent weighed in on them because it is just a waste of time.  My comments wont change the feeling here which you do everything you can to foment and that just wastes my time.  I come here to discuss but that implies others have an open mind.  Most here like you are not open to anything that tries to shake what you decided a decade ago about him. 
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  4. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    Dont need one when you have a well developed vocabulary. I can dumb it down if that would help......
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  5. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    And I think you just chicken little everything like you did with Oher to get everyone in a panic and create controversy whether justified or not.
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  6. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    So when Indy would sit Peyton every year in the preseason and go 0-4 and then put him in during the record season somehow the momentum carried over even though they did much better in the regular season and rested him to limit the chance of injury.  Likewise if we continue to rest Funchess, Star and Charles Johnson among others this game, somehow the momentum will carry over to the regular season even though we dont have all the starters playing?  Got it.......
    Why not do a comparison of preseason results and regular season results and see if one predicts the other.  I havent done it but I would assume there is a correlation but not one you mentioned.  I would think doing well in the preseason means our 2nd and 3rd stringers may be better than other teams which also means our depth is better.  So in the cases of injuries with improved depth we may fare better in the regular season. Any other conclusion appears to be very tenuous at best. 
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  7. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    So if I follow this storyline, last year we didnt gameplan or take the Patriots seriously in the third game and got blown out so that was a harbinger of the future and what would happen in the regular season when we actually did gameplan and take each one seriously??????
    And  because of that loss last year we are taking them seriously this year and by gameplanning and playing better, it will somehow help us do better when the regular season starts this year??
    That makes absolutely no sense at all unless the goal might be to better be able to predict how we will do early in the regular season based on this game.  While that is still a tenuous conclusion, assuming the result of last years game had anything to do with how we finished last year or that doing better this year will make this year more successful seems to be a huge nonsequitur..
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  8. panthers55 added a post in a topic Cam, Stew, OL, and Olsen   

    Cam is only as good as the pieces around him. Outside of Olsen the rest of the offense is not proven. Let's wait until the bullets start flying to determine what we have on offense. Right now we don't look above average in any aspect of the game at least by the starters. 
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  9. panthers55 added a post in a topic Shula: KB's void may be filled by committee, talks up CB   

    I don't know what it is but some times I try and reply to a post on my IPad and it gets totally screwed up with the quoted post and won't give me space underneath it to reply. I have tried to fix the above post but give up.  
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  10. panthers55 added a post in a topic Moving away from the read-option   

    Rivera was saying that they were not going to revert to the read option as the solution to KB being gone. That is a far cry from saying we aren't going to use it just like we have under Shula for the past 2 years. Cam is a weapon because he can pass and run as well which makes him a double threat. If we wanted a pure pocket passer we would name Anderson the starter, who is arguably a better pocket passer than Cam. But Anderson isn't the athlete that Cam is and he doesn't force defenses to play contain as well as try and rush the passer. What Anderson does do is read defenses better and know where he needs to throw the ball. Cam is still learning to read defenses and make the right throw without thinking about it or holding onto the ball.  But to not use the read option or to limit Cam to only being a pocket passer would be taking away the things that make him unique. And limiting his value to the team.
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  11. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    Atlanta got better on paper, nothing more. Games are played on the field not on paper. The issue with the Falcons were they were soft and had little heart. That is why they brought in Quinn. But until we see it on the field, it is only on paper. The team that has proven they are tough and resilient is the Panthers. When they come up here and kick our butts like we kicked theirs in Atlanta last year then I might give them respect. Until then fug the Falcons and everyone that even looks like them.
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  12. panthers55 added a post in a topic Shula: KB's void may be filled by committee, talks up CB   

    I think that everyone is intrigued by Brown's speed and sees him as a good slot receiver. Boykin and Bird don't bring anything unique from a skill point of view. On the other hand Boykin in particular has been making plays and looking like he could really contribute. Byrd is another really fast guy who could make the roster if he can show he can make the clutch catches. With the likelihood that we keep no more than 6 receivers, we won't have slots for guys who can't make plays every week. In the past we had little depth and had several developmental guys on the roster. We seem to be upgrading the talent to the point that even the depth players can come in without a huge drop off with the exception of a couple of all pros where anyone else on the roster would likely be a drop off. 
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  13. panthers55 added a post in a topic 2015 Panther Preview - Can They Troll us Again?   

    Funny how the whole division is so trashed sue to 1 or 2 down years.  A few years ago it was considered one of the toughest divisions in the league.  This year will likely be improved and in a few more could be one of the toughest again.
    While everyone is debating whether Rivera is worth keeping or not, I will weigh in.  I know people trash the Panthers and our coaching for the poor starts but lets see what happens when we dont have wholesale fruitbasket turnover and are in cap hell this year.  Even with the injuries I am sure we will be better this year and will have better than a 2-2 record st the end of week 4. In my mind, Rivera and the coaching staff have done a great job with what they were given to work with.  MOst pundits think we will be in the bottom half of the division based on our talent.  Lets see what happens.  I think we will be better than expected once again.
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  14. panthers55 added a post in a topic Philly Brown   

    He does need to pick up his game. Based on the 2 preseason games he seems to be behind Ginn and Boykin. Of course Funchess hasn't had enough work to evaluate him at this point.
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