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  1. I don't let facts get in the way but stats like facts need content. Glad you clarified you weren't one of the wusses, I don't usually see you that way but to say we we're lucky to win that game was surprising so I lumped you in with others unfairly. For that I apologize. As for Rivera he is my favorite coach only because he coaches my favorite team. If he didn't I wouldn't care, much like John Fox or Dom Capers. He is certainly not who I wish were coaching us but I am a fan not general manager.
  2. That is true but to made statements that because he shares time with other players means for example that Rivera can't evaluate talent is a huge leap in logic and believability. It is the making mountains out of molehills that is the problem and taking a small issue and blowing it out of proportion that is the problem. Like the other day when Cam was talking about overcoming coaching to explain why he threw late over the middle and off his back foot which any coach will tell you are mistakes, and the Shula haters took that as evidence that Cam didn't like Shula as his coordinator which is ridiculous. It is using anything you see or hear out of context to further your preconceived notions which is rampant on this board from the top down.
  3. I don't need to watch a replay I was at the game And saw everything. Weren't you one of the wusses warning everyone that we were going to lose and how great they were. Grow a pair. We kicked their ass and only some weak zone when they went hurry up gave them the yards they got. Once they got in the redzone we clamped down on them. Just like we are going beat the Packers. Now go ahead and tell me how great Rodgers is and how great they are going to be.
  4. BS. First of all you don't count stats by cherry picking the ones you like and ignore others. Secondly we had that game in hand all day and two screwups one in defense and one on offense let them try and steal the game. They were lucky to be in the game at the end. The score was closer than the game was.
  5. That assumes that the reports are true which I doubt. It is week 14 and the issue just arises after all this time. Makes no.logical sense.
  6. Then add the huddle goes berserk and all the Shula and Rivera haters come out of the woodwork to bring up their ongoing complaints and jump on the bandwagon without no confirmation at all because it furthers their agenda.
  7. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    I think Amini or Larson will be fine. Both have done a fairly good job when they played. Obviously Larsen has been a starter and Amini the backup but the offense should be fine if they get practice at the position rather than being thrown in as an emergency measure.
  8. I hope Rodgers plays and plays well. It won't matter. I told you we would beat Minnesota and we will beat Green Bay. The last time we played in BOA we were up 30-14 at the end of the third quarter and only a couple of garbage time TDs made it close (37-29)They are not a good team and we will expose them this week.
  9. Aaron Rodgers may not play after all

    If the bone is only 80% healed it would be stupid to.play him. It doesn't take that much force to break a healthy one let alone one not totally healed. This isn't like a sprain or something you can tape up and play on. Plus to stand a chance they need to beat the Panthers, Vikings and Lions in subsequent weeks. That isn't going to happen.
  10. Who made the decision?

    Hard to say given Wilks has been the coordinator all year and we have gone prevent lots of times at end of games this season. I might be making it up but it seems we played more man at the end of the game instead of zone after getting exploited in zone all day in their hurry up offense. I think we were more aggressive yesterday especially in man coverage. I for one applaud the new aggressiveness and think it is long overdue.
  11. I would agree that this secondary isn't as good as 2015 when we have Norman and Peanut at corner. But I think this defense is actually becoming more aggressive and ball hawking and improving as the year proceeds minus the 2 Saints games where I don't know what we were doing...... Again this years schedule is much harder than 2015 and as I said we are giving up 1 more point per game......
  12. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    First of all over shifting the line was what broke Stewart free on the long run. The goal is to put more blockers than they can pick up and seal the backside to avoid tackling from behind. As for the 3 receivers on one side and the single guy on the other, that creates mismatches in the run and pass game. The fact is that CMC has to work harder because defenses are gameplanning him. Look at Olsen yesterday, he didn't do anything but he was often covered and doubled. It isn't a poor scheme but simply taking what the defense is giving you. They gameplanned to take Olsen and CMC out of the game which freed up Byrd and Funchess and allowed Cam to have some success running with less than 8 in the box.
  13. Actually in total yards surrendered which is Jeremy's stat we are giving up 20 fewer yards this year than 2015 against an arguably tougher schedule. My stat is points surrendered and in 2015 we surrendered 19.2 versus 2017 it is 20.2. But again this years team has faced more teams with winning records and has been solid after struggling early particularly in the secondary where Josh made a big difference in 2015. The difference between 2015 and 2017 is actually the offense more than the defense.
  14. And if McCaffrey caught that pass from Cam they don't get an interception to tie the score. If is the center of life. Truth is we had that game in hand until we made mistakes. As for the secondary when we played in man we were much more effective than zone. They went to the hurry up and we went zone which they exploited. We started going man more often and did a better job. And Munnerlyn was much better than Shaq in pass coverage. I wouldn't play Shaq at all this week. It is too easy to exploit him in the passing game.
  15. BS. We played them at home in 2015 and beat them by 8 but the game and score don't tell the story. Truth we were crushing them until Rodgers made a few plays late to get back in the game. It was 27-7 at half time and 30-14 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Just coming back from rehab against our pass rush? He better hope he makes it through the game.