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  1. panthers55

    Pads off. Funch.

    Funchess is just who I thought he would be. Intelligent, articulate and physically gifted. He was just raw and needed time to develop. I think this year will be his best as teams can't double him all the time because we have other weapons and will be going deep a lot. Norv likes the deep ball and Funchess will be left to go wild underneath and on the outside. Smith, Samuel, Byrd, CMC will all stretch safeties and linebackers and even threaten corners with their speed and elusiveness. Should make it easier for Funchess to get favorable matchups if he plays aggressively off the line. Disrupt the defender instead of the other way around. Like Smitty did off the line.
  2. panthers55

    Breeland visiting other teams

    Poe was not only a needed pickup but it took away a big defensive player from a division rival. Breeland was not that great and his injury which supposedly took skin grafts is likely not healed yet. Besides Cockrell is our veteran replacement for him not Jackson. And Cockrell was cheaper and a better fit in our system.
  3. I suffer from the same malady. Seems no matter what the pundits say I am always surprised and disappointed when we don't win.
  4. I think we are going to break the curse this year. With Norv and Washington taking over and Hurney finally giving the offense the weapons they needed. I don't see a slow start as we didn't have a ton of roster churning and wont be starting a bunch of rookies. This team may be the best we have ever had on paper in May.
  5. panthers55

    LaCanfora talks about the sale...

    Part of the issue is if over half the PSLs were bought in 1994 and 1995 then if folks bought them and they were 30 at the time, they would be in their 50s now. So how many folks in their 50s and 60s want to outlay $10,000 for a PSL and pay 100 bucks on up a game. If like I did, they have gifted them to a family member ( my son in my case) they might not have the money or desire to pay big bucks as my son, for example, has a growing family and other priorities.
  6. panthers55

    LaCanfora talks about the sale...

    And if you think the majority of PSL owners would go along with that you are crazy. I can tell you I surely won't with my 3 PSLs. Especially if they do like the Jets/Giants and charge double what we paid initially for PSLs and increase ticket prices by 50% to pay for a new stadium that will cost a billion or more to build.
  7. panthers55

    LaCanfora talks about the sale...

    The difference between Gettleman being a douche and an owner is that players and agents don't interact with an owner much so douche or not it won't impact the locker room or negotiations where as a GM it certainly will. Unless Tepper is going to be like Jerry Jones on which case we are screwed.
  8. panthers55

    Hurneys big last chance

    The NFL stands for Not For Long. No one is safe when a new owner comes in unless they perform and that includes front office, coaches and players. There could be this thread about anyone including Cam or Kuechly as well. Cam's dead cap space after this year is simply 8.5 million in 2019 and 2 million in 2020. Not enough to make them untouchable either.
  9. Our secondary will be much improved over last year based on personnel and a more player friendly scheme.
  10. Considering our record developing wide receivers, I think he has done well and improved each year. He will go as Cam goes.
  11. Wrong like usual. What he did was look at the spots we needed to replace due to player losses and not overpaying for guys like Norwell. Then he went.out and plugged most of the holes with guys as good or better than we had except for Norwell. Then he showed patience not jumping ahead in the draft and wasting draft picks while getting us, by early estimates, a good crop of players that fill additional needs. Then he went in free agency and filled in with guys like Anderson which again is an upgrade over Stewart. You are the one with the agenda twisting everything to fit your negative agenda. Truth is you have to have a number of points of evaluation like now see who else we need to bring in to fill a hole or replace due to injury. You think you are not transparent but clearly you are. Even if we won the Super Bowl you would be sure to give the players and Rivera the credit and say we did it in spite of Hurney. So really you are the mindless one who fails to see things objectively outside of your already made up agenda.
  12. Like usual you miss the point. So far he has done a great job for what he was supposed to do- formative evaluation. At the end of the year we will see how the team does- Summative evaluation. Nothing is premature, it is spot on for where we are in the evaluative process. Again you are only accounting for one part of the process which is not how good evaluations are done.
  13. He has done an awesome job at filling holes and getting the players the coaches wanted from the options he had in free agency and the draft. Much better in my.opinion than Gettleman ever did. At this point that is his job and what he is supposed to do. Hurney doesn't control the play of the players or how we do on the field, the coaches and players do. The ultimate decision about the success of the season will occur after the season and is impacted by factors out of his control like injuries, players learning a new offensive system, etc. But given his job duties in the spring and what he is supposed to do he has a done a great job. Evaluation is not just summative but formative as well. Summative is after the season while formative measured ongoing success that ultimately impact the summative results. At this point Hurney has done a great job. How it ultimately plays out is still to be determined. But you need both kinds of evaluation.
  14. Won't matter if they show up or not, all the seats will have been paid for by PSL owners.
  15. panthers55

    About that league investigation...

    I don't know how the NFL would penalize the team for Richardson violating the personal conduct clause. Deflategate was about intentionally deflating balls to gain a competitive advantage. Bountygate was coaches putting bountys on players. They are team sanctioned practices so team penalties are appropriate. But when the behavior is by the owner and it doesn't involve football on the field issues, then the penalty should be to the offending individual based on the personal conduct policy and relevant precedents. The culpability is being aware of it and not whistle blowing for fear of retaliation.