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  1. I am so happy we have corners and nickels who can.play man coverage. While McDermott is a zone advocate we were forced to play it last year because our secondary was so bad with rookies and jags.
  2. If you played football or linebacker specifically you would also know that while these drills favor the offensive player given you have no help and there is no pressure on the quarterback to throw it right away, you also only have one assignment which is defend the pass. You know who it is going to be thrown to, you don't have to worry about a run and you can focus on the break and maybe even start backpedaling early. The fact he was beaten so badly is a testament to how shifty CMC is given the defender could easily figure out what was coming
  3. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    Then how do you explain that his cap number is going down from 8.2 million this year to 6.75 million next year. While giving Davis more in salary. Hurney Magic.....
  4. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    You just said that Pittsburgh signed a 39 year old linebacker in Harrison. So of course teams would sign a 34 year linebacker who is playing at a very high level. Especially with only 1 million guaranteed. I figure Norwell is next. He just signed with Rosenhaus. Not a coincidence. Hurney is going to lock him up so that when we win the Superbowl prices will really go up.
  5. Zero1 Helmet

    I read somewhere that we were one of the teams that was trying out the new helmet. I guess this might be what they were talking about since the article is from 2016.
  6. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    Here is an optimistic thought. Hurney is finalizing all these contracts because he knows that costs will go up when we win a SB this year. So he is locking them in now. Watch Norwell fall next.
  7. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    Let's look at that. Timmins gets a 2 year contract for 12 million with 11 million guranteed. Davis signs a 1 year extension for 6.75 million which just guarantees 2 million of his salary he is already receiving this year and 1 million next year. So Timmins contract averages 5.5 million guaranteed money and 6 million average salary per year. Davis's extension is only one year at 6.75 million with 1 million guaranteed. How is that overpaid? Sounds like Davis's deal is par for the course as a linebacker in the league and our risk is a measly 1 million. It takes his cap from 8.2 this year to 6.75 next year. Which is a win for us if he continues on his current pace and little risk if we don't keep him next year. This is a great contract for both parties. His cap number goes down but Davis get 6.75 next year in salary instead of 4.4 this year. We only have to guarantee a minimal amount and pay him if he performs at a high level in 2017.
  8. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    Apples and oranges. Harrison is 39 not 34 like Davis and is a linebacker in name only. He compares well to Peppers who also signed a relatively modest contract and Peppers is a Hall of famer who is playing at a higher level than Harrison.
  9. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    BC doesn't have a clue. His cap hit is less than this year and only 1 million is guranteed in 2018. We can keep or cut him with little consequence. This was a win-win for both sides.
  10. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    The defense dropped off when Kuechly went out and Davis had to cover more ground with Klein in the middle. Davis played every snap for the last 11 games and with the defense unable to get off the field did suffer some from fatigue at times. What you mistakenly call drop off.
  11. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    You have no idea what you are talking about. I watch all the games and actually know what I am looking at. The problem was that with such poor nickel and corner play, the linebackers had to play zone and keep everything in front of them concerning the underneath. With no Kuechly to help and Klein in the middle. Davis was actually one of our best past defenders. Any drop off can be attributed to fatigue playing every snap of every game from game 6 on.
  12. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    We can sign Norwell and Star with little problem. Year 1 and year 2 on most contracts are cap friendly so really the cost would be reasonable. It won't be until year 3 before we would have issues and as long as the guaranteed money is reasonable we will be fine.
  13. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    You are wrong on so.many levels in your posts in this thread.. First of all Davis has not dropped off at all. He played every snap for the defense for the last 11 games in 2016. If he has lost a step it hasn't been obvious. And the issue isn't about Shaq but whether Kuechly can play without injury this year. The extension was for 1 year and it is for a reasonable amount. He was already counting 8.2 million this year so next year's extension won't be for more and only 1 million of next year is guaranteed so we could cut him after this year if he drops off with little consequence.
  14. But if you look at the offense up until the bye before all the injuries decimated us (through week 6), we were averaging almost 28 points a game. That isn't a big drop off from 2015 and yet the defense was awful. Suggests that maybe the offense can be effective with or without a great defense creating turnovers.
  15. I love it. If the offense sucks it is all Shula"s fault. If it is great it is all Cam fault. Great huddle logic... .