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  1. Last man standing pie!!!!

    Couldn't have happened to a more deserving team. NE for the loss.
  2. It is a run first offense. We don't get most of our yards running the ball like Minnesota but the run sets up everything we do. Plus we are one of the few teams that have run the ball more than we throw it. That is the definition of a run first team. We are averaging 4 yards a carry and Stewart has by far the most carries so most can't be 1 or 2 yards since he isn't breaking off 60 or 70 yard runs. William's numbers were inflated by a couple huge runs a game but not Stewarts.  I do agree that the run game is a primary part of our play action passing game.
  3. The running game for the Panthers is quite good and diverse. Teams game plan each week to stop it and we still get 100 yards every week. Cam is an important part of the running game but not as a primary runner outside of the redzone and in third and short lately. He still calls his number a few times a game and is good in the read option but more as a decoy. Most of his first downs longer runs are on broken plays these days whereas he ran as a primary weapon earlier in the year. But what the running game and Cam being a running threat does is make play action passing effective and requires teams to often use a safety or linebacker as a spy which opens up the middle of the field and helps Olsen in the seam and drag routes over the middle. The problem with comparing teams from the 70s with a team 40 years later is that the game is very different as are the rules.
  4. Griese was hurt most of the season. Earl Morell started 9 of the 14 regular season games. Just saying.....
  5. Olsen on Pace for Another Career Year

    Agree. It is hard to say he isn't getting his due. As you said folks generally put him second behind Gronk and teams often game plan for him. He is often considered the best TE in the NFC.
  6. You obviously don't know Hardy. He is a competitor and has a huge ego. He gave it his all but doesn't have the supporting staff we do
  7. Hardy knows he is on a  1 year contract and needs to tone it down so he can stay in the league. He also knows it won't be in Carolina but has no reason to throw us under the bus. We paid him 11 million dollars to stay on the exempt list
  8. The reason I made fun of people giving simplistic answers to stopping us is because the answer isn't simple. No one scheme or simple philosophy will work all game. Since Cam makes his reads at the line you confuse him by changing looks and schemes right before the snap. You look like you are going to blitz and drop into coverage. You do a lot of delayed blitzes and run blitz frequently. And so on. You have to mix things up and not be predictable using a mixture of zone coverages and man looks. It isn't simple and it won't be doing one thing but switching things up and being unpredictable.  
  9. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    If he thinks our offense is simple that is his first mistake. The only thing simplistic appears to be understanding of our scheme and our players. The problem for example in using man coverage on us is our running game which is described as the most complex in the NFL. And the list goes on. Seems their fans really don't know much besides their own team.
  10. Along the Sidelines - The book

    I like the idea of a pictorial book depending of course on the price. I suspect it will cost quite a bit. I bet an online version you download would be easier and much cheaper. The coffee table ones are great to have and gives you something tangible. They just seem to cost a lot for a good one. And I doubt you would settle for anything that wasn't good. 
  11. Old School Football

    I have always wanted us to have a Jim Johnson blitz happy aggressive defense. Truth is that McDermott and Rivera may have put together an ever better defense. We still blitz but we seem to be more selective and don't give up the big plays that Johnson's defenses often did.  
  12. Watching first take (skip Bayless)

    I think it is funny to watch our critics have to talk in circles to justify their past positions. Adam Schein, Skip Bayless and most of the talking heads are eating crow. On the other hand guys like Gil Brandt are looking pretty smart. There is a reason he is one of the talking heads I actually give credence to.
  13. We are not "legit"

    Respect is earned not given. After going 7-8-1 last year in a crappy division it is understandable that we are not thought of as that great. Add that our receivers and Oline were bad and it is understandable that we have to prove ourselves. I have no problem we are being called the worst 11-0 team in history. Maybe they will call us the worst 19-0 team ever although we will have been the only one to ever go 19-0.
  14. J.Jones.... Karma is a bitch

    Hardy was good as a player for us and was disruptive in the game for them.Romo had a very good game last week so yeah u can't say he shouldn't have been out there at least in the first half. You could argue he should have gotten pulled in the third before the injury but that is hindsight.  Before the game everyone was happy Romo was playing and thought Hardy would be a beast. Funny how things change after the fact. This is just Dallas fans bitching and coming down to earth. Probably not much different from the comments that would be made on the huddle if we were in the same situation.  Sad but true. 
  15. Bandwagon fans are really irrelevant. They are here now and gone as soon as they discover the next best thing. That is why they are bandwagon fans to begin with. Not at all like fans who have been here for the duration so really who cares.