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  1. I agree that everyone is going to have to improve if we are going to be playing in February. Shula, Rivera and Gettleman have been at it for months. They have evolved the playbook and acquired the personnel to overcome the offensive issues of receivers not getting separation. We brought in Taylor and brought in speed. We shored up the offensive line with Kalil and Moton. On defense we rectified the lack of veterans in the secondary and beefed up the overall quality of the DE position and the pass rush. I think everyone is all in and both coordinators are on the hot seat. I think Rivera is safe. Going to the Superbowl buys you some security. But I doubt anyone will be satisfied if we don't go all the way. The next stage is getting player buy-in and installing the offense and defense. I hope it is exactly what we have been promised. An offense and defense that are aggressive and dictate to their respective opponents instead of a conservative nickel and dime offense or bend until you break defense. No one was happy with last year yet we lost 6 games by 3 points or less. The perfect storm and we were 18 points from 12-4. I am optimistic and done with the recriminations of last year. This team is going to look a lot like 2015 only this time we will be more explosive on both sides of the ball. I am all in already. Then again I do that every year. I am an obsessed fan and stay steadfast in good and bad times. I refuse to be "a realist" or a cynic until at least October. Surely not in June. I look forward to training camp. Need to get down there myself. This one should be epic.
  2. Shula and Cam ran the same offense in 2016 that they ran in 2015. You can say that was one problem given other teams caught up to what we were doing in 2015 and Denver gave the league a blueprint to beat us. Press the receivers, blitz Cam and when he runs, head shot him and try to knock him out of the game. The difference between 2015 and 2016 was foremost about a defense that couldn't hold us especially in the second half. If games were 2 quarters we would have been 12-4 at worse. Add injuries to the o line meaning we never developed consistency and with Cam hurt the last part of the season and Kuechly out, you don't have to look very far to see the elephant in the room. Shula was surely not the problem. Running a slant can be a set play but it usually is a recognition play between the receiver and quarterback when the defender is playing off the receiver and is using outside leverage. If the linebacker or safety is playing zone inside, there is a window to hit the receiver. Most of the quick hitters are when Cam recognizes the blitz and changes the routes to a hot read or a dumpoff. What teams did that often confused Cam last year was called delayed blitzes after pressing the receivers yo take away the slants and quick hitters because receivers couldn't get separation. Once Cam got shell shocked with all the blitzes and head shots he started struggling to read defenses and recognize what defenses were doing. Hence the increased picks and I'll advised throw.s. with more weapons and a better One line, I think you will see a return to a top 5 offense in points as opposed to a middle of the pack offense last year.
  3. I think the problem is that what folks think are easy adjustments to make in game really aren't. For example if Cam is getting pummeled on 5 step drops going to screen passes isn't going to magically change anything. And going to quick timing passes sounds good if you are running a WCO but are not what a Coryell vertical system is built on. If it is a simple adjustment you can pretty much figure the coach who develops a good pregame plan would also actually have planned certain adjustments if the defense changes up based on the likelihood that they have seen other teams make similar adjustments. This is a copy cat league. The issue is actually more complex and is usually more about constant adjustments from play to play, teams disguising what they do, and players winning individual matchups as they progress through the game. A DE setting up one move for 3 plays by doing something else and then on 3rd down go to that move. Playcalling gets too much credit or blame while execution and physical talent are actually much more important and are often overlooked or minimized.
  4. If you restructure his contract you convert salary to signing bonus and add 3 years so the net effect is that you can keep his cap the same until 2019 at which time his salary and cap sharply escalates. But unless it is guaranteed you don't have to take a hit until then and the cap is likely much higher to compensate. The issue is if you let him hold out, then who else is next if they outwork their contract.
  5. Here is an article talking about how Gettleman and Rivera are purposely trying to recreate 2015. They are all in and honestly I have been saying the same thing since the offseason and draft. I sure hope they are right.....
  6. Here is an article talking about how Gettleman and Rivera are purposely trying to recreate 2015. They are all in and honestly I have been saying the same thing since the offseason and draft. I sure hope they are right.....
  7. Your are right, I will stop. You clearly are going to just go down another bunny trail and will have to get the last word so have at it. No need to discuss anything unless there is the hope of give and take and clearly that is a waste of time and effort here.
  8. Of course I knew how many times before I answered. I do my research and study things before I respond especially with posters like you who like to nitpick everything and try to find anything to argue about to save face when anyone disagrees.. You always do this kind of thing so of course I know the answers to everything I post as well as try to anticipate your argument in return. I do wonder why I try and discuss or respond to some of you who argue ad nauseum and never concede anything even when the answer is obvious to even casual fans.
  9. Your logic like your facts are close but no cigar. He had 10 receptions on 19 targets for 134 yards. Let's assume he goes out on more routes than he is targeted. Since the question was who gives us more flexibility and makes the defense account for them? A second tight end or additional linemen? So if he gets targeted 50% of the time which is likely high, then he goes out for a pass at least 40 times or 10% and the defense has to account for him. Now again why would that give us more options and flexibility and be more valuable than having an extra lineman which allows a safety or linebacker to blitz or play up to the line instead of back in coverage? The answer is self evident to anyone who isn't just trying to save face at any cost.
  10. You clearly missed the point. They may be eligible but how many of our linemen have ever lined up as an eligible receiver and actually went out on a route and caught a pass. Now compare that to how many times Dixon has done it and tell me which one is more likely and which gives you the most flexibility. Just admit you didn't think it through when you made your post and move on. Instead of continuing to argue when you have no leg to stand on.
  11. Yeah really. Can they be an receiver and actually catch the ball?
  12. There is a difference between thinking they know what we are going to do and realizing we only a few choices based on the personnel we have on the field. The more the defense has to cover during a play the more likely they may be to make a mistake or not cover all of our options. You don't telegraph what you are going to do. Football 101.
  13. Because if you line him up as a second tight end defense don't know if he going to block or be a receiver. If you line up an extra OL you are limiting your options and signaling to the defense what you are going to do.
  14. Let's get the offseason lull off with a bang. Bennett is a big supporter of Kaepernick and says he isn't getting a contract because of his stance on protesting the flag and supporting black rights which are unpopular with the majority of fans who are white. I agree to a point. It isn't simply race to me or white fans wouldn't support football at all given that the majority of players are black. I think it is more about not pissing off the people who pay those big salaries and fill stadiums. And those folks are predominantly white as is the population. And it is the flag not black rights. The research on TV viewership shows a 20% drop in viewership particularly when the flag controversy was going on. That represents hundreds millions of dollars in lost revenue. There are other players who supported Kaep like Bennett and he is not getting cut or ostricized. How many black players supported black lives matter wearing T shirts etcetera. Are they still playing? As long as he isn't a fantastic quarterback who is so good people will overlook his stances on the flag, I doubt anyone takes a flier on him. Why risk it when you can find other guys just as good who don't piss folks off or potentially risk hundreds of millions in revenue. Like it or not if you piss off the folks that pay your salary you will be out of a job. And the same things apply if the majority were black or Hispanic and the minority were white. Anyone think Eminem had a harder road because he was white in a hip hop culture which is predominantly black. If people didn't buy his albums would he get air time or have concerts? It isn't primarily race so much as it is money and not pissing off those who pay the bills, plain and simple. It is the economic golden rule. Those who have the gold make the rules. Flame away and let's see how long it takes to get sent to the tinderbox to die..... BTW here is the link
  15. Speaking of helmets, are we using the new concussion reduction helmets in practice. I read we were scheduled to adopt them this year.