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  1. panthers55 added a post in a topic Gregg Williams says he didn't mean it   

    Lets be honest here.  Exactly what did you expect from Williams.  Passing the buck and lying and simply two of the many things he does and has done for years.  All cloaked in the veil of being misunderstood while he preaches doing everything you can to win at all costs including intentionally injuring players.  His ends justify the means with few boundaries.  Makes him a scary guy in a violent sport that needs regulation to counterbalance those guys who lack a moral compass and forget that intentionally ending the career of a football player crosses a line and sends you down a slippery slope. 
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  2. panthers55 added a post in a topic Trophy Nation: How handing out trophies, regardless of success, may cause failure.   

    My youngest son is 15 and plays sports at a high level and gets trophies only for winning now. As a child he got all the participatory trophies. A year or two ago he took all of those trophies and packed them away saying they didn't count and weren't worth keeping. 
    He got themessage and is anything besides a wuss and wasn't hurt by the experience. I would think kids who they are referring to never play anything at a high level and likely needed trophies to build their self esteem as a child. Truth is if they continue in sports beyond 10, they figure it out and aren't hurt by awards won as a small child for participation.
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  3. panthers55 added a post in a topic KB will be full go in TC   

    Seems to me as a guy, any surgery about the groin would be major even if the procedure was supposedly a minor one. Maybe it's just me.........
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  4. panthers55 added a post in a topic Norman contract talks described as "quiet...real quiet   

    If Norman is smart he will want to play here as much as we want him here. This is the kind of defense which will make him look good and plays to his strengths. How many corners have we had who looked better once they left us for elsewhere
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  5. panthers55 added a post in a topic OUCH. This stat hurts!   

    The better stat is were they a winning team when we played them? Doesn't matter how they finish if we played them in week 3 and they were 2-0 when we played them.
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  6. panthers55 added a post in a topic That moment when you know the season is here   

    Got mines too. Starting to get excited. This year feels special
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  7. panthers55 added a post in a topic What has Atlanta and New Orleans accomplished?   

    Flying under the radar.  Yeah I said it first.........
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  8. panthers55 added a post in a topic Has there been any news regarding Shaq?   

    It will take Shaq time to learn this defense. It is a high responsibilitY defense which works only when everyone is where they are supposed to be doing what they need to do. One breakdown and we give up a big gain.  He may need some time before he makes any kind of impact
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  9. panthers55 added a post in a topic Seriously...What's the deal?   

    The only way it matters what the media thinks is if the opposing players discount us. And I promise you after sweeping Tampa and giving Atlanta and New Orleans butt kickings at the end of the year, they are surly not discounting us. They know we are still the team to beat in the division.
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  10. panthers55 added a post in a topic The Panthers, & Cameron Artis-Payne: Explaining the Fit   

    I don't see a lot of Stewart in him but he sure does look like DeAngelo. I don't see him being big between the tackles but he does have a nice burst around the edges. He will be a good complement to Stewart and Tolbert who will get playing time commensurate with his ability to pass protect which is critical in our offense with many intermediate and deep routes.
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  11. panthers55 added a post in a topic Reggie Wayne a good fit for the Panthers?   

    Read this and tell me he is an upgrade over Cotchery.
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  12. panthers55 added a post in a topic Reggie Wayne a good fit for the Panthers?   

    Wayne is not an upgrade over Brown or Cotchery given he has played almost exclusively in a WCO.  We need to be building for the future not being a resting place for guys on their last leg.  He is not the missing piece for a long stretch run.  Cotchery is familiar with our system and is a good mentor for our young guys.  We have who we need for now and the future.
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  13. panthers55 added a post in a topic LB Justin Houston signs 101 millon 6 year deal   

    Sounds like all the ridiculous posts about how much Newton was going to paid and how it was going to hurt us.  Yet we signed him and actually saved cap room in 2015.  The same will be true of Luke. Gettleman has this under control and wont be overpaying.  Luke will get a paid a bunch and he will deserve every penny but it wont hurt us signing who we want and keeping guys like KK and Star.
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  14. panthers55 added a post in a topic "Amazon Prime Day" will have better deals then Black Friday - July 15th   

    That makes sense if the goal is to sell merchandise at heavily discounted rates. But if it to sell Amazon Prime memberships then you have folks sign up not knowing what is going to be on sale hoping to find something.  Otherwise you would look at the catalogue and if nothing jumped out you wouldn't sign up for prime. Because you don't know many folks will sign up just to see what goes on sale.
    BTW if you are a student you can sign up for six months of prime free and buy the yearly membership for half price.  You need an email that ends in edu.  And no I am not postng a link just giving folks the heads up.
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  15. panthers55 added a post in a topic NFC South - Greatest Parity By Far   

    The results are similar to the NFC East where 15 games separate the top 3 teams. Note that the NFC-south and the NFC- East are the only divisions where three of the four teams are above 500. In most every case there  ere two top teams and the rest are under 500 sometimes way under. In New England's case there are 3 sucky teams.
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