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  1. panthers55

    The weird Trump cult

    I can't believe people didn't see this all along. Narcissists and megolomaniacs only care about themselves. He is so concerned the Mueller investigation is going to indict him he will do anything including sell out his country in order to cover and save his own hide. Putin must have a ton of dirt on him to scare him to point of committing treason. He is so obsessed with the investigation he is losing touch with reality.
  2. panthers55

    Panthers make personnel changes

    Shouldn't we wait until the season starts before we make all these doom and gloom posts. Actually I think our secondary will be better unless Washington does the same thing Wilks did last year.
  3. So we finally get down to the personal attacks and exaggerations to deflect the reality that you had no names of any credible receiver who would have been an upgrade so you trash everyone else. Then you go on to defend your choice who you didn't even know was suspended until week 15. C'mon now it is okay to admit you were wrong and looked for a free agent still there in October. Or at least let it go and not make it worse with your attempts to justify yourself. You have screwed up before, we all have. It is no big deal...
  4. Yeah I want you to do the research and give me credible names of folks who are obvious upgrades. You are right I forgot that Bryd didn't come back until week 13. So I guess you get a cookie. But that hardly justifies your point. And if you would take a guy just suspended for PEDs over anyone at that point it is clear your football acumen is seriously suspect. What did Benjamin do after he went to Buffalo? Remember the decision to dump Benjamin was made with Rivera's blessing and netted us 2 draft picks. So really there are 2 parts. Was it a good trade? Yeah because we were not going to sign Benjamin to a long term deal this year so we would have lost him anyway. This way we got 2 picks. Should we have picked someone else up? I am sure Hurney and Rivera looked around and didn't see an obvious upgrade. At the time Samuel was back and starting to contribute. We were getting Olsen back in week 12. Receivers who.play in a difference system like the Jets and San Francisco couldn't have come in and started the next game. So who exactly knew our system or a Coryell system, was sitting on the couch and wanted to play for cheap? That is the point. Sure we missed Benjamin but he wasn't the answer and wouldn't be here now. When Belicheck dumps a vet for draft picks when the Patriots aren't going to resign them, he is a genius. When Hurney does the same thing he is castigated. So yeah if you can't find specific guys to support your point then how could Hurney and our scouts? As for getting mad, what are you talking about? I don't get mad debating a point. I do get miffed when people make personal attacks but still try to restrain myself. And saying your football acumen is suspect if you would bring in someone right after a suspension for PEDs isn't an attack so much as an observation. tldr: So if you actually have names of folks who we could used to upgrade then let's see them. Otherwise you can't say Hurney was wrong for not upgrading if there were no one who fit the bill and would have contributed more than we expected Samuel to contribute until Olsen came back week 12.
  5. Again what is your point? The only guy you come up with was someone not available at that time plus he was suspended for 4 games for a PED violation on November 6th. He was released by the Jets December 18th once he was reinstated. So we should have picked him up ? And this is the type of player you see as an upgrade. Why don't you do your research before posting crap like that and attack our team with no basis. Maybe you should get your act together and look in your own mirror before coming after someone else. So again give me specific guys Hurney could have gotten as an upgrade at the end of October. If not you have no point at all.
  6. Again are we talking about getting rid of Benjamin on the trade deadline or at the end of preseason when we could actually find some help. Benjamin was released a week after Kerley was signed to a 4 year contract with the Jets. So no there weren't guys like him waiting around to be picked. And if you are going to.pull a name out of your hat make it someone who was available. And honestly I don't see that Kerley would have been a big pickup worth paying 4 or 5 million and doing a long term contract. Until Samuel and Byrd both got hurt our passing game did improve without Benjamin with the guys we had. So no you are just finding things to bitch about.
  7. panthers55

    Panthers TC Preview...NFL.com

    By the end of this season our Oline is going to ranked top 10.
  8. The decision to can Benjamin was not decided until well into the season and at that point Olsen was hurt but neither Byrd and Samuel were injured at that point. And if I remember correctly, it wasn't our idea to trade Benjamin. While Shepard didn't do much, he was still on the roster due to Gettleman's contract and dead cap space wouldn't allow us to eat that loss and still replace him with someone better. Who exactly was out there who was appreciable better than who was here already and we could afford? And how many of those guys would have been plug and play with no offseason, training camp and half the season gone? At the point a GM looks for depth signings which is before the regular season starts, we didn't know Shepard would suçk or Samuel and Byrd would be hurt when we needed them. Unless he was Nostradamus he couldn't have predicted injuries would occur and that we would need a dozen receivers to make it through the season. Exactly how many receivers can we stash on the roster as backups. No this is hindsight 20-20 logic that isn't relevant at this point.
  9. panthers55

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    There is a reason they have training camp and the preseason. Let's put them all in there and see what emerges. What happened last year or even before that shouldn't dictate what we do now or in the future. Let's see what happens when the bullets start to fly.
  10. panthers55

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    The majority of his yards are likely due to designed plays. And if he is passing more that is good instead of running. But he still takes too many sacks when he could simply throw it away or dump it off. As for not running enough aren't you one of those who wants to keep him running which in my mind will prematurely end his career. And if you thought he threw too much under Shula you are going to hate Norv whose job is to have Cam throw even more and use high percentage easy completions letting everyone else do the work instead of doing it all himself.
  11. panthers55

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    Not even close. We were talking about Cam and what transition he needs to make. If you follow the conversation instead of looking for a slight to your idol you wouldn't be always exaggerating everything and responding as you do. You are the one who needs to quit being so thin skinned about Cam and transparent in your points. It takes away what little if any credibility you may have had.
  12. panthers55

    David Tepper Fires Panthers Legal Counsel

    Thigpen did what he was paid to do and actually bound to do which is protect his client and give him good advice. He was fired possible due to perception but most likely due to the fact that billionaires have a team of lawyers they trust and have worked with. Like anyone else you pick who you know and trust. Same with a team president or CEO. You want your people who know you and are loyal to you.
  13. panthers55

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    Again you take everything out of context. I said he runs too much when he is under pressure and he does. Teams learned to hold our receivers on the line and blitz 5 or 6. Instead of dumping.it off or getting rid of it,,Cam often looked to run and make a play rather than throw the ball to the spot vacated by the blitzer where the receiver should be wide open. Try to keep up.
  14. panthers55

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    Apologist number 1 right on schedule.
  15. panthers55

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    I actually wasn't thinking of you when I said apologist but the next 5 guys who weigh in and we know who they are. My context was that he looks to run first when he is under pressure and being blitzed and yeah I think that is true. I don't think he is as bad as Vick but he is still too ready to run when he could dump the ball off or throw it away. If you watched him you know exactly what I mean.