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  1. panthers55 added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    I don't know what Boykin can do more than he already has. He plays special teams, catches everything and makes first downs. He isn't a burner but he excels at route running and getting open. He know where to be and where the seams and holes will be. He is a good sized physical receiver who knows how to use his body unlike Brown who lets the ball and the defender into his body playing too soft.
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  2. panthers55 added a post in a topic Video: The Run Game - What went wrong?   

    The play most likely wasn't poorly designed. When you design it on paper it works like you drew it up every time. The problem is always in the execution. Or the wrong play for the wrong defense. Whatever.
    You only see what happened not what was supposed to happen.  You can be sure that they didn't draw it to happen like it did. That is my pet peeve with people complaining about the play calling all the time. Most of the time they have no clue what was called or whether it was changed at the line during the play or run correctly. Unless you know all that you only think you know what was called and infer from the play that  it was called exactly as it ran. and if anyone screws up like 2 receivers in the same area it was designed that way. I bet that isn't close to the truth.
    Gets off soapbox........
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  3. panthers55 added a post in a topic How accurate is pre season game 3 in determing the season?! Very   

    And it might mean nothing.  That is the point. 
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  4. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers - Patriots: 5 things I am looking for   

    Not sure the O line will be improved this game although I think for the season they will be.  Kalil is out and Remmers is going to play some center tonight for the first time in the NFL.  Williams will get more snaps and he is a rookie with no NFL experience. Not sure how they will do tonight.
    I hope that Boykin gets work with the 1s.  Honestly he and Ginn have looked the best so far.  I hope Funchess gets work if he is healthy.  He needs the work and has looked good in minimal play so well  I will be interested in how many times we blitz or pressure Brady versus sit back in a zone shell and keep everything in front of us as Brady nickels and dimes us down the field.
    Finally if Belicheck is gameplanning he will skew the defense to take something away from the offense which will likely be the run game by loading the box and daring Cam to throw the ball.  So I expect the passing game to look better than the running game honestly..
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  5. panthers55 added a post in a topic How accurate is pre season game 3 in determing the season?! Very   

    You have to look at the overall state of the franchise when Rivera got here to evaluate his success or failure.  He inherited a 2-14 that was historically bad  The cupboard was bare and we had a new quarterback that most folks thought would need at least 2 years to even be a starter and we were saddled with large contracts.  Our coaching staff was new and we had no offseason given the strike. So going from 2-14 to 6-10 was considered a win.  We went 7-9 the second year which actually was a disappointment although an improvement in record.  Hurney and Chud exit, Gettlemen comes in and Shula gets promoted.  We go 12-4 and Rivera is named coach of the year.  Then last year after Smitty leaves we supposedly have the worst offense in the league, Caam has offseason surgery and misses the off-season so he gets no work with his brand new receivers and gets injured in the preseason.  So we start off 2-0 and then win 1 of the next 9 so we are 3-8.  Despite the injuries and car wreck, Cam plays well at the end of the season, we  start 7 rookies in a playoff game, beat Arizona and end up losing to Seattle who finishes 1 yard from winning the Superbowl.
    I cant say that is the formula for firing a guy at all.  Truth is that Gettlemen knew we were in trouble last year and likely was thrilled we won the division and won a home playoff game for the first time since 2003.  Rivera and staff were hired as much for their ability to teach and develop players as they were for just wins and losses.  They have done that very well.  I expect us to have a wining season this year and win the division again.  I also expect that Rivera will be here a while honestly.  
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  6. panthers55 added a post in a topic How accurate is pre season game 3 in determing the season?! Very   

    So let's watch the game and then predict the results of the season based on that and see how close we were at the end of  the season.  If we do that for the next 10 years we might be able to draw accurate predictions. 2 seasons under Shula or even 4 under Rivera is not enough data to say much.
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  7. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    With kalil out and Remmers playing his first snaps as a center, I don't know if we can expect a real power run game. The chemistry is brand new with Remmers playing center and Williams at right tackle. But you can expect Belicheck to take something away so they can make us 1 dimensional. With Benjamin out it would be the running game. Contain the running game including Cam and make him beat you through the air. That is what I would do until he showed he could beat it.
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  8. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    Maybe it is just me but receivers seem to be getting open this year and the line is holding.  However guys like Brown are just dropping passes when they need to be stepping up.  Ginn looks good so far as does Boykin and even Byrd.
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  9. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    I was told by my grandfather not to argue with a fool because people may not be able to distinguish the difference between you.. So I will take his advice and not argue with you.
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  10. panthers55 added a post in a topic Shula: KB's void may be filled by committee, talks up CB   

    I have no problem on my computer which using Chrome or Explorer.  But it is a big issue on my ipad whether I use Safari or Chrome.  I have almost abandoned trying to post on this site from my ipad for that reason.
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  11. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    No you make no sense.  If he gameplanned and took things seriously last year and we got beat so badly, then what is different this year that justifies an article stating that we are taking it seriously or doing something different this year which is the tone of your article.  If it is different than last year then clearly there wasnt a big effort to gameplan last year and the result shouldnt be related to how we finished.  If is isnt different then your article and its conclusions are totally wrong and overblown since we are doing no different than last year.
    You are either backtracking saying we gameplanned last year when we didnt, or we did last year then this year is no different and we arent treating it any different.  You can't have it both ways.
    As for my defense of Shula, there are several threads criticizing him and I havent weighed in on them because it is just a waste of time.  My comments wont change the feeling here which you do everything you can to foment and that just wastes my time.  I come here to discuss but that implies others have an open mind.  Most here like you are not open to anything that tries to shake what you decided a decade ago about him. 
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  12. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    Dont need one when you have a well developed vocabulary. I can dumb it down if that would help......
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  13. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    And I think you just chicken little everything like you did with Oher to get everyone in a panic and create controversy whether justified or not.
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  14. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    So when Indy would sit Peyton every year in the preseason and go 0-4 and then put him in during the record season somehow the momentum carried over even though they did much better in the regular season and rested him to limit the chance of injury.  Likewise if we continue to rest Funchess, Star and Charles Johnson among others this game, somehow the momentum will carry over to the regular season even though we dont have all the starters playing?  Got it.......
    Why not do a comparison of preseason results and regular season results and see if one predicts the other.  I havent done it but I would assume there is a correlation but not one you mentioned.  I would think doing well in the preseason means our 2nd and 3rd stringers may be better than other teams which also means our depth is better.  So in the cases of injuries with improved depth we may fare better in the regular season. Any other conclusion appears to be very tenuous at best. 
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  15. panthers55 added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    So if I follow this storyline, last year we didnt gameplan or take the Patriots seriously in the third game and got blown out so that was a harbinger of the future and what would happen in the regular season when we actually did gameplan and take each one seriously??????
    And  because of that loss last year we are taking them seriously this year and by gameplanning and playing better, it will somehow help us do better when the regular season starts this year??
    That makes absolutely no sense at all unless the goal might be to better be able to predict how we will do early in the regular season based on this game.  While that is still a tenuous conclusion, assuming the result of last years game had anything to do with how we finished last year or that doing better this year will make this year more successful seems to be a huge nonsequitur..
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