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  1. panthers55 added a post in a topic Ron Rivera - WFNZ audio - "Is Shula better?"   

    It might be a change from what Chud did which was to script everything and give Cam little say to what Shula does which is let Cam run the offense.
    The process as they like to say  takes time and we have refined the offense and added some weapons which is beginning to pay off. As the quarterback  goes so goes the offense. What else would you expect from an ex-quarterback.
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  2. panthers55 added a post in a topic Ron Rivera - WFNZ audio - "Is Shula better?"   

    Ron just confirmed for folks what I have been saying. The offense is going well because we stayed with Shula's system so Cam could master it and Shula and Cam could adapt it to Cams strengths. As Cam gets better the offense  clicks better and Shula can let him control what we do like elite quarterbacks like Brees and Rodgers. They run the offense on the field that the OC designed and taught the quarterback. They look good when the quarterback looks good. They are linked to each other.
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  3. panthers55 added a post in a topic What games will you/have you seen live this year?   

    Like always going to all the home games as a PSL owner.  Might see the Atlanta game in Atlanta.  My brother lives there and likely can get tickets. 
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  4. panthers55 added a post in a topic Media is setting Seattle up for beatdown   

    that is my concern. He seems to pull crap out of his butt all the time. I hope our secondary makes him pay this time. I dont worry about the noise though. Cant be loder than the Falcon stadium where they illgally pumped in noise.
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  5. panthers55 added a post in a topic Media is setting Seattle up for beatdown   

    Before everyone says we suck after the bye week a 100 more times answer me this. Have we ever been 4-0 under Rivera before? 
    Exactly. This is uncharted territory and we have already gotten off to a fast start which is uncharacteristic of Rivera teams. Well this team is going to win after the bye aswell and spank that seachicken ass.l
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  6. panthers55 added a post in a topic Have We Really Beaten Anyone?   

    Instead of telling t
    he media to screw themselves which does nothing,  stop clicking on these articles giving them exposure. That is the only way to impact them
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  7. panthers55 added a post in a topic THE UNDERRATED PANTHERS   

    First of all the run games includes everyone. It includes wide receiver reverses it counts quarterback runs and traditional tailback and fullback runs as well. Several of Cams big runs were on designed runs, if you include them then you include the broken plays as well. We run the read option folks. Cam is not a QB on those plays as he never throws the ball. He runs it so he is runner pure and simple.
    Taking him out as a runner when that is a big part of his game is like deducting passing yards thrown on screens or dumpoffs to running backs because they aren't traditional receivers.
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  8. panthers55 added a post in a topic Have We Really Beaten Anyone?   

    All I know is that in years past we would have lost to one or more of these teams. We often played up or down to our competition. This year we are winning the games we should. So far this is awesome and we are enjoying the best start of the Rivera era.
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  9. panthers55 added a post in a topic Ted Ginn Jr. Appreciation Thread   

    Not surprising at all. I was on his bandwagon all off season and told folks he was going to have a good year and be a great addition. Until Benjamin went down I wasn't counting on being a number 1 but I said he could be a number 2.
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  10. panthers55 added a post in a topic I'm trying to understand this cap situation, so Charles Johnson   

    This conversation is very premature. Let's see what happens the rest of the year. I do see us asking for a pay cut next year like we did with Gross. Not sure he would go for it. I would love to see some others break out this year which enhances our options.
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  11. panthers55 added a post in a topic The Maturation of Ron   

    Exactly.  If you are glad you have him then say so and stop qualifying with left handed remarks or criticisms like he isnt a great football mind.  Because he is which is why he won coach of the year in 2013.
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  12. panthers55 added a post in a topic About that Jameis touchdown pass...   

    The holding calls and facemask penalties that were not called far outweigh the ones that were called.  And yes I know that holding penalties could be called all the time but when they impact the play and allow quarterbacks to escape obvious sack opportunities it feels like BS. One of the main reasons we have so few sacks this year  is a number of times our front four got pressure but were pulled down from behind or tackled
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  13. panthers55 added a post in a topic The Maturation of Ron   

    Stopped reading at you cant say that Rivera is a great football mind.  If you can't see that Rivera is a very good coach who understand what it takes as a player and a coach then anything after that is wasted. He is considered one of the best defensive minds in the game.  And if you know defense inside and out you obviously have to know offenses as well or you wouldnt know how to limit opponent's opportunities,
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  14. panthers55 added a post in a topic The Maturation of Ron   

    So if we arent good at gameplanning and making adjustments then why is the offense always better in the second half and why doesn our defense get better as the game progresses.
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  15. panthers55 added a post in a topic The Maturation of Ron   

    He kept Shula for exactly the reasons named.  He knew Cam would need consistency and instead of trying to learn different systems, become proficient in one system.  Cam's improvement from year to year is a direct result of playing in the same system and learning to master it.  Or you can have guys like Alex Smith who go from system to system and struggle.
    His loyalty to his coaches and players is why guys like Jared Allen wanted to be here and why this franchise is considered a good place to land.  Shula is learning and developing as well. Rivera holding onto him is a recognization that the issue isnt playcalling so much as getting Cam to be a master of this offense and surrounding Cam with enough playmakerrs to run Shula's system. Funny that Cam is getting recognition for carrying the team despite a lack of talent yet Shula doesnt get the same recognition for developing plays that mazimize what Cam does best and developing the guys he is given into being the best they can be.  Otherwise why is Ginn doing so well in our system yet sucks elsewhere. Maybe Shula is doing a fairly good job at taking marginal players like Bersin and Ginn and making the most of them.  Instead of criticizing Ron and Shula we should be praising them for doing a lot with so little.
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