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  1. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    When this thread about their battle with each other was first posted in August the consensus was we were in big trouble. Now it seems that Oher might hold his own for the most part.  I surely hope so. I don't want Hardy to get more press than he gets already.
  2. Wes Horton Suspended 4 Games for PEDs

    Exactly.  It isnt usually star players with tremendous athletic potential like Cam or Luke using PEDS given they are already immensely talented, it is the marginal guys who are fighting for a roster spot and figure they need all the help they can get. 
  3. Wes Horton Suspended 4 Games for PEDs

    Too bad that he felt the need to use PEDs to make the roster.  There is so much money to be made in football that it seems easy to lose sight of what is important to pursue your dream of playing in the NFL.  
  4. Panthers have two opponents this week.

    On the one hand I have witnessed bias toward or against one team too often to say it is random or not present.  On the other hand I dont think things are rigged or show any corruption.  With the other issues the NFL has to face, rigging games would totally undercut the league as a whole.  It would be suicidal for them to tamper with their product which is already the best of all sports.
  5. I agree that CJ is fresh and rested and ready to step back into the rotation. While he might not get as many sacks as he has in the past, his greatness is against the run. He is a big strong DE who gets great leverage and knows how to use it.  Whatever he brings we will need for the stretch run before the playoffs. 
  6. Defense won this game for us

    Was listening to Eugene Robinson and he mentioned that people will credit the defense for the win but the offense kept us in the first half when special teams and the defense made mistakes. If we had gotten behind by 14 points it would have been a whole different game. Just like when their pick 6 got taken away. Sure the defense was great but our offense kept scoring points and forced them to be onedimensional which played into our hands. 
  7. The Panthers for the second half of the season

    That would be true. Cam is just understanding  the offense well enough to do what people say makes a QB elite. He is making players around him better. Ginn might suck elsewhere but here he a weapon for example.  
  8. Oh USAToday...

    I love articles like this. Imagine how pissed he will be when we become the worse 10-0/ever. The more they deride us the more I laugh when we prove them wrong again. Most folks love us or hate us. I love us. Screw the haters as we beat our opposition into the ground. Doing the dab in their face.
  9. The Panthers for the second half of the season

    We didnt have the slow start at least in part due to more continuity and depth. We added pieces but had solid vets at most of the key positions. In the past it always seemed we had new guys on 1year contracts, rookies, and UDFAs who end up starting. It took time to build chemistry and teach folks our highly accountable defense. And we had a crap line and a dearth of WRs not named Benjamin or Smith. This years defense reminds me of 2005. Both teams had tough physical players who imposed their will on the offense.
  10. I hope this is the defense we see this week.
  11. Put this in perspective. The Titans have Dick LeBeau who is a guru of the zone blitz and does it better than anyone else. And he blitzed 19 times and they got 5 sacks. We made the in-game adjustments in the 4th and watched film this week. I promise you they expect Washington to blitz and are ready for it. We have put up 27 or more on most everyone. I don't think Washington puts up 27 on us on Sunday.  I trust the defense. And if they do put up 27 I trust Cam to match it and surpass it if he needs to. This team will fight for 60 and keep pounding. We will do everything we can to score 1 more point than you do. As long as we win who cares by how much
  12. The Kid did an awesome job of remembering his parts. What a great way to make a point. Wish it had been impromptu to see what he would have really said.
  13. Likely less. I person could own 10 PSL s if they were a scalper so that could mean 300 - 500 folks maybe more. Out of 74000 that is hardly significant. so answer the question, are you going to be at the game?
  14. You,still didn't answer the question. Are you going to the game?
  15. Part of the problem in asking PSL folks on this site is that we are not your typical PSL fan.  Most folks here are pretty rabid.