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  1. People with PSLs will sell the season tickets if they plan to when their invoice is due. Should be in March sometime if I remember correctly. The question you should ask is how much will they cost and will ticket prices go up after such a good year.
  2. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    And you know that how? I love people with absolutely no football experience questioning a guy who won coach of the year two of the last three years. So when the player in question admits he had issues, he is just towing the line. no. Just let it go. You  have no credible argument here.  Norman didn't start tbecause the team had to teach him that you either conform to the system or you don't play no matter how much talent you have. The same with Ealy this year. Guys Come out of college with huge egos, they have to be humbled and taught they aren't bigger than the team.
  3. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    And your opinion doesn't trump what Norman himself admitted about why he didn't start. It isn't being fresher it is making sure they know their responsibilities in our defense in every situation. Experience is as important or more so than being younger.  Rivera has a history of building top notch defenses everywhere he has gone. But let's ignore all that because you don't agree.  
  4. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    Not even close. He didn't play as a starter because he was not willing to stay within the system and play his responsibility instead of free lancing all the time. Plus he shot his mouth off and was very undisciplined.  Once he got the message and did what he was supposed to do he started and shined. This has been discussed ad nauseum. Where have you been???
  5. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    JNo could sign a 4 year deal for roughly 45 million with 25 guaranteed. That would be a fair deal and would guarantee he played his best years here and stI'll provide some cap help in year 1.  This would not break the bank at all and not stop us from signing other players. If he doesn't take it some other very good vet corner will give up a decent deal for a possible super bowl ring. 
  6. First of all this has been discussed many times before so my comment about not being hard to understand is not an indictment of your intelligence but confusion about why you persist to say Rivera is loyal to veterans or won't make the hard calls when there is an easy to understand reason which you continue to argue against. As to your reasoning he played rookies last year because he had to, that isn't true either. He could have gotten vets like they did this year with McClain and Finnegan instead of going with rookies but they felt that the rookies were ready to play. You want to know why Ealy didn't start this year? He came in overweight, showed inconsistent effort and was intentionally not the starter during the yesr to teach him a lesson like they did to Norman in the past. They have a long range plan and are willing to sacrifice short term gains for long term success. They made him earn being the starter. Watch next year, Ealy will be a beast and start right away.
  7. The reason we don't play rookies until later in the year or often until their sophomore year is simple. This offense and defense is complicated to master and requires players to know where to be on every play or we give up a big play. Veterans simply understand the ins and outs of football better and make a quicker adjustment. Vets who have played in the system make fewer mistakes generally.  Rookies play when they show they have better skill and understand the system better. That is why so many rookies played at the end of the season last year. It wasn't just due to injury but they weren't ready until then. Not complicated to understand.
  8. I don't usually see things in racial terms regarding Cam's perception among fans and the media, but this article was well written and pretty damning. Makes me pause and reconsider my previous thoughts.
  9. Didn't he start 7 rookies last year in a playoff game?? Didn't he start Newton as a rookie along with Keuchly and a slew of other guys. That criticism is simply one more wrong perception by casual fans who have no clue what they are talking about.
  10. You could say he didn't prepare Cam enough and you could be right. But the players have to execute. Coaches sit in the booth or on the sidelines and Shula gave the total reigns to Cam.  Cam was confused all night and  should have called more max protects instead of putting 4 and five receivers out in a pattern.
  11. When the plays work it is Cam ignoring Shula and audibelizing. When it doesn't it is Shula calling stupid plays and Cam has no say in the matter. Same old huddle ignorance after any loss.
  12. Snakebit, bad decisions and betrayal

    Sure you do when he is 6" 5" and 250 and strong as an ox. He had the ball tucked and Miller ripped it out. It wasnt as if he got blindsided.
  13. Cam was let down by his offense

    We surely don't want to absolve Shula because the play calling was suspect still Cam looked lost out there and didn't know how to change the plays to account for the blitz. Our offense is him reading the defense and changing the plays, something he didn't do well. You just have to chalk it up to pressure which got to him. He isn't the first quarterback to play poorly in his first super bowl. Hopefully he will learn and grow and get back there again with different results.
  14. Cam was let down by his offense

    Those fumbles were the difference in the game. Noodle arm Manning played even worse but because he didn't fumble and hand us the ball they won. Maybe they were luckier recovering fumbles I don't know. Since I was at the game I didn't have benefit of replays.
  15. Why would you have to be banned i n order to stop posting. Sound like an addiction to me.