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  1. Boston taking nothing for granted this year

    I love Boston, the group. I saw them at the Biltmore House two summers ago, they were awesome. Looking forward to loving Boston, the player, on Sundays this fall.
  2. Depends on the hat. If its a Panthers hat he is paying homage, if a bears hat he is stirring up trouble. If hatless he is on the fence.
  3. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    If you don't love Krispy Kreme glazed donuts that are hot to go you are crazy. And I am an expert on crazy.
  4. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    I love the chicken supremes combo but I have to go low carb and gluten free these days. It sucks and I better live a long time depriving myself. Otherwise I am better off going sooner but happier.
  5. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    I think that Bene was able to start by the 12th game of the year especially given who he replaced. But the problem for me is starting a rookie day 1 especially in a defense that requires discipline and knowing where you have to be on every play. I can understand starting rookies who are top 10 picks for teams that are rebuilding and or ones who can't afford veterans due to a salary cap issue. But we are not rebuilding or having cap issues at the moment. And taking reps away from rookies in game situations is hopefully because the veterans are playing at a high level. Rookies will still get plenty of reps with the second and third teams in practice every day until they are ready to start. With all the injuries we have had over the past couple of years it seems prudent to bring in a vet at corner and one at offensive tackle at this point given we have money to spend and inevitably one or two guys who are expected to start will get hurt before the season even starts. I know that is pessimistic but realistic based on what has happened every year. As for an expensive veteran signing, we are finally to the point where guys will actually play for less to play here much like New England has enjoyed for many years.
  6. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    Actually the Seattle one was the only one. And no one is saying Bene wasn't good for a rookie because he was. But he is the best we got and his ranking for 2014 was 11th which may be fine for some teams but we expect to return to the Superbowl not just contend for the division. So if we expect one of these rookies to start or that McClain who was decent considering he was not in football much of the year is going to shine, we might be in for a long season.
  7. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    He started 6 games but 4 of those were the last 4 games of the regular season. Secondly we had a losing record so would you be happy starting rookies and taking a beating like we did in 2014. And If I remember correctly didn't he get burned like toast in our playoff loss to Seattle?
  8. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    ,Our five are going to be KB, Funchess, Ginn, and whichever of the remaining group bring other skills like special teams olay like kickoff and punt return duties. Ginn is getting older and we need to have his replacement. So between Bersin, Hill, Keyarris, Brown and Byrd, who can do more than catch the ball? We always go for players with flexibility and athleticism who can play more than 1 position. Truth is traIning camp will be doubly I important because things are still wide open. Also expect at least 1 guy to end up on IR.
  9. Might be Jobless

    My experience is they have little productive to do on their own so they micromanage everyone because that is easier to do.
  10. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I think this list is very appropriate for May. We haven't even had OTAs. Makes sense that the roster from last year mixed in with some practice squad guys and draft picks would be favorites to make the 53. There is still a good chance for guys to make the roster. For me the most interesting group will be the corners. The success of our defense will be largely impacted by our corners. This division has plenty of talented and big receivers which put extreme pressure on a secondary particularly on rookies with no experience. It is a good thing that our team has several big guys I the mix. I think we bring in a vet corner and put one of the depth backups on the IR list with the ability to return. By that time we will know if we need the vet corner or not.
  11. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    No two teams play the exact same scheme and no team plays the exact same scheme throughout a game let alone a season, so you need to stop. How many coverages and secondary schemes do you think there are? Teams play zone or man coverage. Cover 0, cover1, cover2, cover3 etc. Sure there are many different variations within a scheme and you can play man on the outside, zone up the middle, show zone and go to man and a number of different variations. And defenses change up what they do from one series to another and from one play to another based on down and distance. But to say two teams play the exact same scheme is naive at best given that a scheme is composed on a number of issues which includes the quality of personnel. McDermott had the same scheme in philly that he had here but the results were awful there and great here. Why? better personnel and the influence of all the other coaches. One coach doesnt control what a team does anymore than Rivera can control everything we do on a daily basis. Saying a guy who went to the probowl in 2014 suddenly dropped off in a year because he declined without an injury or other reason is just stupid. Especially given that there is a much easier and plausible reason which is he moved teams and was a bad fit for that team. But lets ignore the obvious and blame the player to fit your agenda. I am done here because it is clear that logic has little sway here and even when proven wrong you and a few others will continue to argue regardless. Especially when he isnt likely coming her for character issues not talent.
  12. Might be Jobless

    Good news is that it is much harder to get fired from state employment than from the private sector.
  13. Might be Jobless

    You said you worked in state government. Good luck with any state organization being open to new different or innovative ideas. I have tried state government a few times but can't take it for too long.
  14. Might be Jobless

    That is the thing. If your organization believes in open communication then you are very lucky. I worked for a fortune 100 company that didnt want you to complain or go against the plan. They didnt want to hear what you have to say and wanted yes folks. I was smart enough not to complain or work for them for more than a couple of years.
  15. Might be Jobless

    yeah it can but when it is the game you are playing in life you have to be smart doing it.