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  1. Would love to attend but will be in Santa Clara instead. Might stop by the roaring Riot party there though.
  2. Moooooooose speaks on The Evolution of Cam Newton

    I love the interview with Moose.It totally supports what I have been saying which that Cam was widely criticized when he came into this league.  He was not considered worth the number 1 pick by many. It has to be gratifying to watch everyone change their tune and have to eat crow. Cam is going to crown this season with a win in the Super Bowl and do in the NFL what he did in college. Win it al and take a decent offense and make them great. Will his team to victory with his athleticism and leadership. People who argue that Cam was the consensus pick in the draft need to hear Moose tell it like it was. The way I remember it  too, and not some revisionist history. 
  3. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    I was agreeing with you. I was just clarifying.
  4. Never underestimate the stupidity of the general public.......
  5. That is funny because you are the one talking about using sports logic now you discount it. So that means you just discounted everything you have been spouting for days. Seems even you don't believe what you have been saying. That is the first thing you have said I agree with.
  6. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    I agree with you on several points but don't see identifying yourself with your own race as being racist. Sure we tend to identify with  people who look like us or who we feel an affinity for but that is not prejudice but simply preference. Racism involves thinking one race is superior to another not simply that you prefer people that you feel are more similar to you. If you are a woman and would buy a racing jacket of Danica Patrick instead of Dale Jr. does that make you anti-men or just pro women.
  7. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    Why assume everything is racially based.  For example maybe the best selling jersey on the team is Luke because most fans here already had a Newton Jersey.  I bought a Kuechly this year when he signed his long term contract but I already had a Newton.  So am I racist?   I also bought an Olsen, Benjamin, and Davis this year......    So what does that say?????
  8. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    But the other elephant in the room is assuming that racism doesn't cut both ways.  Just sayin...... 
  9. You said lots of things but your logic is skewed and faulty.  Many of your conclusions are nonsequitors.  But I am sure they seem logical in your own mind.  But in the light of day on your opposing team's website who know a lot more than you do abut the Panthers it doesn't hold water.  But carry on, I am sure you are winning every argument in your mind and that appears to be the most important thing to you,  You are a legend in your own mind........LOL
  10. I have 3 people going to the game so I really need 3 together or at least 2 together and one close by.  None of the group wants to sit all by themselves.  Might try to get 2 and 2.  As for price, I am looking to get into the game and am fine with upper level.  Dont think my group has the funds to be able to afford that much at this point.  But I appreciate the offer.
  11. Let's not compare past history from the present. Manning is a future hall of famer and was a great quarterback but he is a shell of his former self who should have retired already. He was the MVP in 2013 but had a poor year and was injured for part of it. Cam will be the MVP this year and is vastly superior on an offense that is vastly superior to Denver. That is not hyperbole, look up the stats. Matchups are not defense to defense but offense to defense. Our number 1 offense will do fairly well against your number 1;defense but your middling offense will not fare as well against our top 5 defense. What is sad for Denver is that we don't need all pros in the secondary against your offense. Denver one the other hand will have their hands very full slowing down our offense which few if any teams have accomplished. Seattle and Arizona didn't implode, the Panthers crushed them. Frankly I doubt Denver would have beat either of them.
  12. The truth is we have beaten all comers with the exception of Atlanta at their house and that was still a 1 score game. Strength of schedule comparisons are highly suspect particularly when you play different opponents in different conferences.  Head to head the AFC had a losing record to the NFC 29-35 so really comparing  opponents strength of schedule of  teams  in a somewhat weaker conference is hardly something to crow about.  As for taking folks off the street, both Finnegan and NcClain have done a good job for us. Carolina has a history of taking guys who struggled in other systems like Coleman, Ginn, ,Remmers among others and gotten the most out of them. That isn't a knock on the players simply a testament to our great coaches and systems. Why not look more and post less until you understand our team more so your posts are more factual and believable and you won't appear such a troll.
  13. JUst curious why you would buy a ticket at inflated prices to sell it for the same.  Phil Youtsey, the Panthers ticket director said the price for face for all their tickets were between 850 and 3000.
  14. Didnt Steve Smith make him his bitch a few years ago.
  15. Bucky Brooks: Five part plan for Broncos to beat Panthers

    To beat the Panthers you have to nickel and dime us down the field with short passes, consume the clock and keep the ball out of Cams hand.  You cant run against us but you can pass underneath.  You try to keep the score low and hope to win on a last possession field goal.  Anything other than that will be useless.