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  1. When a player doesn't fit your system

    Rivera didnt lose them anymore than the players did. You can argue that Rivera wasnt aggressive enough but you could argue that Cam didnt know how to finish games and win in crunch time like he did last year or that players failed to execute on defense and let teams beat them such as Norman's gaffe that cost us the Buffalo game everyone blames on Rivera.
  2. When a player doesn't fit your system

    Every team has a system in place that players have to fit into. And no college system is as complicated as the most simplistic NFL system. That isnt the issue. The issue was whether you pick athletes who have athletic potential and teach them your system, or pick players who have experience in your type of system so they can fit right in. Fox was terrible at developing players. If you couldnt play in his system right away you didnt make it longterm. How many receivers did we ever develop under Fox. Now think how many receivers have we already developed under Rivera.
  3. When a player doesn't fit your system

    Under Fox we did a lot of picking folks who fit our system and using vets primarily, but with the current group of coaches we are bringing in guys who are athletic and teaching them the system. The using guys who fit your system right away is fine if you need instant contributors but using the athletic talented model is much better to raise the overall depth and quality of your team and build for the long term.
  4. Too bad for them you get no credit for winning the NFL in April and May.
  5. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Our linebackers and safeties are often interchangeable given we play linebackers in coverage more than many teams and run alot of nickel.
  6. Video: Panthers rookies Garrett vs Sanchez

    I don't think you can look at college film and determine if a player will do better or worse in college without considering that college offenses and defenses are nothing like professional offenses for the most part. College corners for example rarely play press coverage yet in the NFL corners are expected to be able to do that even if you play primary zone. No team lines up in the same coverage or they get abused easily. What you look for is size, speed athleticism and intelligence which you can't teach. The rest you can.
  7. Kony is turned loose.

    Charles Johnson was a third round pick and didn't become a starter until year 4 starting 4 games his first 3 years. Ealy by comparison started 0 his rookie year and 9 games this past year. Seems to me he is well ahead of Johnson's pace at this point.
  8. Kony is turned loose.

    What was consistent about them was their resistance to being coached and doing your job on every play within the system. The problems have been between their ears not due to physical limitations. He is playing for a starter role and to prove he is worth a big contract after 2017. Hopefully like Josh, he gets it.
  9. Trading up with the Titans

    Makes sense. With 2 picks so close they can trade down and pick up more picks. Who would have to be there to justify a 3rd this year and third next year or something close.
  10. Dave likes physically gifted athletic guys on both sides of the line. Butler is just that. So we picked him to replace Love next year and set out DTs for the next 5-7 years. He really likes ours young DEs we already have including Cox and Delaire. Now look at the DT depth and Love is going on 30 and Soleil is 32.
  11. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    Coleman is not only a great receiver but could be excellent as a return man. He would be a great replacement for Ginn whose contract ends after 2016. If he is there it would be a great choice. And we likely would trade back up and snag another guy we have a first round grade who drops.
  12. Jaylon Smith?

    I doubt we take a flyer on him in the third. Unless our doctors think there is a good chance he can play in 2017. Even then what if he only gets partial use back. Then he wouldn't be BPA in any round
  13. The question is whether Treadwell will be BPA on our board if there at 30. I don't think he would be. I think our BPA includes a need component although it isn't the major component because that leads to reaching
  14. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Honestly I think there are several folks who could help us this draft and Henry is one of them. Given Gettleman is good at finding gems throughout the draft and will move up if he sees guys fall that he really wants it really doesn't matter who we pick. Going BPA means you won't be reaching and you will get quality guys with whoever you pick. I could totally get behind this pick. After all I really hoped we would pick Olsen when he came into the league and was thrilled when we got him for a third in a trade.. I think we will pick a DE and a ,safety as well in this draft. I just have no idea who or when. It just depends on who is available.
  15. I think it is fair to criticize Ogbah for his inconsistent effort and sometimes poor technique. Should that stop us from drafting him? Only if you need a plug and play guy which might be one of the Clemson DEs. But what is intriguing about Ogbah is the same thing that was intriguing about Benjamin. Great size, speed and athleticism who is raw and lacks polish. I think our coaches will do a great job coaching him up as long as he wants it badly which hopefully we found out about his character in the visit.