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  1. The best rock song of all time

    Great memories with this one.
  2. The greatest GIF. Ever

    where da boobies? No boobies?
  3. RIP: Keith Emerson

    Great band and music, RIP. Still listen to some of ELP in my car.

    Panther pie is scrumptious
  5. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Redskins' mission is to keep Cam from Dancing, there will be dancing in the end zone as well as the stands today.
  6. Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread

    "little one" Lol. Young man, I wish you well in the future. Oh keep using the word "Fug" if it makes you feel older.
  7. Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread

    I'm back from the future, the bad news is that there will be a scary moment but everything turns out okay. The good news is we win this game by 10 points.
  8. What Texans Fans Are Saying

    I've been looking for a reason to post this, good for a laugh.
  9. Luke's the man, just glad he's on our team. @DC_Amp
  10. Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread

    I would wear that shirt!
  11. Fan chant/Fight Song

    ♫ Put your claws in the air like you just do not care. ♫
  12. Kelvin and Devin , Devin and Kelvin

    "Holy genetically created just for Cam's periodical high sailing passes, Batman"