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  1. The schedule

    4 of last 6 away with a back to back away on the west coast is going to be tough. We will need a fast start.
  2. Super Bowl Roll Call

    C136 green 4 go time!!
  3. Josh already knows how to tame a bronco!

    it's not propaganda when it's real! Josh is the f ing man.
  4. I am there. Any idea if ticket prices will dip on the secondary market? I waited to buy my AZ tickets until Saturday and saved 45%.
  5. I have to ask this

    He picked a bad day to not coach Carolina

    Not to burst any bubbles but the Panthers get 12,000 tickets NOT the ticket holders. Ownership, partners, luxury box owners, sponsorsand friends of family will eat the best ones up before the PSL owners get a crack at a lottery. I have several friends in Denver and Seattle who have seen this happen to them. They say the fans only saw about half and of that half not a one was a seat better than last 10 rows upper level.
  7. Thanks for the update pro tip: bring a snow shovel to your tailgate. Most parking lots will be kinda nasty.
  8. What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    Arizona big place
  9. So ifit was the Eagles would we start a go fund me page?
  10. Brenton Bersin continues to impress

    How many years has Bersin been a "starter" for us? I was under the impression last year was his rookie campaign. also amazing how many people can call a "ceiling" so quickly. Impressive.
  11. I never stated that espn was intelligent, just passing on what I heard. If you want my take: I bet a team like Den or Phi has a lot larger chance of a 2 pt conversion than other squads who keep the chance of a success below 50% therefor a team that has a 60 % success rate may be more inclined to give it a go vs a 91% chance of a pat (assuming espn was correct about that percentage.) Edit: If I had to guess kicks have a higher block/return rate than a 2 point attempt