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  1. thunderraiden added a post in a topic If Cotch is back for Seattle who gets cut, if anyone?   

    Pretty obvious we need Bersin for possession since he is one of the few players on the team that can actually catch a ball in a spiral(specifically only spirals). Norwood is the weakest link, bye. He hasn't done anything and we lose nothing correct?
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  2. thunderraiden added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Be prepared for power ranking disappointment tomorrow fellas.

    Yahoo predicts the Panthers the 4-0 team to miss the playoffs. This is the first of many power rankings that will talk cash poo about the Panthers but ignore the bullshit folks.

    These Power Rankings? They don't mean poo because these same idiots said this back in 2013 after we blasted the @Vikings(35-10), vsRams(30-15), @Buccaneers(31-13), and vsFalcant's(34-10), that we were going to be completely stomped by the 49er's and what did we do? I'm amped folks, time to do it again. These folks will never learn.

    The people that look at film know whats really up, the Panthers have a solid O-Line, current NFL MVP Candidate Quarterback, two potential 2015 All-Pro Defensive Tackles, an All-Pro Middle Linebacker, reigning Walter Payton Man of the Year Outside Linebacker, and current frontrunner for 2015 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Cornerback Just looking at the resume of that team should at least have you question if you should watch the film on this team, but the analyst refuse to do their job. You will see a few well informed analyst actually look at film and accurately access our team and place us in the top 7 where we belong but many won't. And it's fine, because the 1-3, i mean 2-2 Seahawks that should have lost to the winless Lions will be ranked ahead of us in many power rankings tomorrow. Don't flip out, chill, relax, revel in the feeling of knowing it all happened before and it won't be any different this time.

    Who am I kidding, entire huddle meltdown tomorrow with all the posters upset at the disrespect that gets page clicks.
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  3. thunderraiden added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    My penis is so erect watching Wilson get smeared by 4 Lions at once.
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  4. thunderraiden added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    It sounds dumb but from what seahawk fans tell me, they specifically practice these bullshit lucky ass plays and they solely look to make those happen while the running game is supposed to do enough on its own with Marshawn Lynch. Basically they only need to make 17 points and their defense wins. Same as our offense but we choose to power you over and deliberatly overpower you, while seattle chooses to "rat" their way to 17.
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  5. thunderraiden added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    Just have our D-Line practice wrap-up tackling drills all two weeks. He slips every tackle.
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  6. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Rivera presser: Jared Allen injured, on Delaire, Shaq, bye week schedule   

    That's actually good news considering all the people railing on him after the game.
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  7. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Third leg Greg with that ether for the haters   

    You know you fuged up when the only person that pies you is Panthers United.

    Plus, you can't ask people to stop using a nickname for a player that said player bestowed upon themselves.
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  8. thunderraiden added a post in a topic McDermott on the field vs booth   

    We did this stupid poo during the Fox years with one of the coordinators and it was as stupid then as it's stupid doing it now.
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  9. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Means nothing, but man it looks cool   

    Are you really patrice o'niel?
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  10. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Is it a two horse race or will Atlanta fold?   

    Injury problems are the only bad longterm issue I feel like there is about this game. Our defense played like it was without Luke. The other team was forced into dink and dunk and Klein is just garbage in pass protection. He is slow and when Luke is on the field all that underneath poo get cut out. Cam had only two bad drives I can think of and even those hardly looked bad at all. This was strictly a Luke being out problem and we have weathered the fore-front of the storm. Hopefully he will be back next week and we can squeak out another win while we wait for everyone to get healthy on the BYE.

    Honestly I dont know whats going to happen after the BYE, I know we should handle Indy, but after that I have no clue.
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  11. thunderraiden added a post in a topic We could go 12-4 and still not win the division. Look at these easy ass schedules y'all   

    Buy tickets now for the home game and for atlanta, they will both be flexed into prime time the way the league is shaping up this year.
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  12. thunderraiden added a post in a topic The teams that "won Free Agency" are a combined 1-5.   

    When did the huddle start getting meta? I'm not liking this.
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  13. thunderraiden added a post in a topic power rankings, #14, smh.   

    USA TODAY has us ranked 7th. Its all relative.
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  14. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Not a betting man but, FWIW   

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  15. thunderraiden added a post in a topic Anyone worried about the pass rush?   

    Listen guys, Our d-line played amazing in the technicalities today. There is a reason Houston only had 95 yards of offense in the first half. They went to short passing and mixed in some runs. The D-line did exactly what they "NEEDED" to do to get the win and put our secondary in position to make plays. Would it have been nice to see the D-Line finish off a few more plays? Of course, there is always room for improvement. But they did exactly what they were asked to do, stop the run, and put a short clock on the passer.
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