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  1. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    Why Butler though?
  2. Your final predictions (#30)

    I'm gonna guess Ogbah or Coleman
  3. It is draft week people... look alive...

    I'm really not a fan of drafting a DT in round 1. It appears we have the money to resign both Star and Short, and Gettleman has said he doesn't like grooming players for other teams. I know that's inconsistent with what just happened with Josh, but Gman also values DL more than he does DBs.He basically decided to let Josh go because of that very reason. Ithink he'd be more willing to dish out a big deal for Star than he would for Norman.We have two great starters along with solid veteran backups at DT. I don't see the need to use a first round pick on a DT based on how Gman has been talking. Maybe Star's asking price is outrageous? I don't know. I'm a fan of getting a DE at 30 though. Ogbah or Spence would both be great options, and should be available when we pick.
  4. Ealy in 3 collegiate seasons - 96 tackles, 28 tackles for loss, 13.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles Ogbah in 3 collegiate seasons - 133 tackles, 35.5 tackles for loss, 35.5 sacks, 5 forced fumbles Ogbah was also better in each stat (outside of FF) in each individual season. It wasn't just one monster year to get him those numbers. Double digit sacks in back to back seasons. Not sure how you can say Ealy was "much better in college".
  5. Oh I don't disagree with you. Ogbah is on my shortlist of guys I want in the first. I didn't mean that to read another way. Dodd is not only raw but, I believe, also less talented than Ogbah. I've heard one person describe him as "the other guy" at Clemson. He was next to some dominant players which made his job easier. Yes, he'd be in a similar situation here, but that won'ttranslate as well in the pros. I think Dodd is a much bigger projectthan Ogbah, and like I said before, less talented in general.
  6. If we are taking a DE at 30 I hope it's Ogbah. Not a fan of Dodd.
  7. Draft Availability / POLL - Round 1

    I really have a bad feeling about Dodd
  8. Browns, Broncos, looking to move up

    I just don't see anyone trading up for Cook or Hackenberg. Lynch is likely going in the first. But teams will have to move up higher than pick 30 to get him.
  9. Browns, Broncos, looking to move up

    KInda bad news for those hoping we move down (assuming both want Lynch). With Broncos looking to move up, Cleveland will have to move up higher than 30.
  10. Tony Pauline reports......

    Ogbah Shepard Miller Beavers I like that scenario
  11. Tony Pauline reports......

    Pauline is a phony not saying we aren't interested in Miller, but this guy just talks out of his ass.
  12. Patrick Peterson throws a haymaker at Josh Norman

    Soooo Josh is getting more than this punk now
  13. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Damn. Happy for him getting his money. Time to move on.
  14. Josh Norman hiring new agent to be lead on his new deal

    Where did you hear this?