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  1. I wouldn't count on Marty sticking his neck out for him.
  2. Hopefully one lesson learned from his previous experience is to just sit tight and make draft picks and don't trade up for anybody. If he sticks to that, he has a chance. He's free to trade non-first round picks for players, though.
  3. I hope NBC fires Collinsworth

    He did say "I can't wait until they overturn this" but I believe his intention was as you said. He was basically saying "I can't wait until they overturn this and all heck breaks loose because of this silly rule." As for the calls, I personally felt like the first TD wasn't a catch based on the rules as they are now because of the ball moving around in the receiver's hands but the Ertz one was a catch and TD.
  4. Mike Shula Was Just at My Store

    Dang - I didn't know he hated shopping at Petco that much.
  5. So, you're saying it'll probably be like a typical Shula start to the season?
  6. It's kinda sad that our lowest probability to win against any of the playoff teams is against the one team we're actually matched up with.
  7. He did - twice. I looked back at the play-by-play of that game to confirm it.
  8. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Stats only matter to a certain degree. Someone copied a Broncos poster talking about how lowly ranked our passing attack is, but you don't keep passing when you have a good rushing attack and are ahead in almost all of your games. That obviously skews the stats. I'm sure most of our opponents would argue that our passing attack is plenty explosive. Similarly, Denver's offensive stats are pretty anemic, but with their defense, they haven't needed it to do much most games. If the game Sunday turns out to be low scoring, they may not need a ton out of it then either. Personally, I think it works in our favor that we can win games different ways. We should have a shot no matter what Sunday.
  9. Are people actually banging seatbacks with their hands or swinging the empty seat in front of them against the seatback? I do the latter, and it certainly makes a ton more noise than banging the seat would. It also doesn't hurt your hand, so no worries there. I don't do this often because normally the seats in front of me are full, but sometimes I get the opportunity to do this late in the game when the stadium has emptied out some. Of course, I'm also yelling as loud as I can when I do this.
  10. How did no time come off the clock?
  11. Still plenty of time if they get the onside kick.
  12. Well, we knew it was coming down to this. Lions need to look out for the pick play.
  13. That was close to Rodgers not getting out of bounds (it looked like his elbow might have hit in bounds before the forearm got out of bounds).
  14. The Lions D isn't ours, so unless Rodgers forces something, this will probably come down to a 2-point conversion.