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  1. Eagles trade for #2 pick

    This is great for the Browns because they would have screwed up the #2 pick for sure, but now they get to move down and take some of the pressure off. #8 is a great position to be picking at because there's still usually a player that's basically just as good as the top pick but he's just not as scrutinized. As a GM, you can look like a genius making a great pick there, whereas in the first couple of picks, you have to get it right or you're an idiot.
  2.'s Top 5 Stiff Arm's of all time

    Most of the onesin the link are due to getting good leverage on guys and just moving them out of the way or getting them to lose balance. J. Stew's are all about throwing guys down like rag dolls.
  3. Rank your Top5 sports team you root for

    Until about 6-7 years ago, I would have said: 1a. UNC basketball 1b. UNC football 3. Panthers 4. Hornets (Bobcats) 5. Braves The first two would have been far above the rest. Now, as I get further away from my college years and having had many seasons of living back in the Charlotte area and attending Panthers games, I would say: 1a. Panthers 1b. UNC basketball 1c. UNC football 4. Hornets The top 3 are well above the fourth on the list, and it'snot even worth it to add a fifth team anymore because it wouldn't be in the same stratosphere.
  4. I think you could argue just as easily that Dilfer held Shula back as an OC. It's not like Dilfer was a great QB anywhere else, but Shula has been a great OC this year.
  5. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Stats only matter to a certain degree. Someone copied a Broncos poster talking about how lowly ranked our passing attack is, but you don't keep passing when you have a good rushing attack and are ahead in almostall of your games. That obviously skews the stats. I'm sure mostof our opponents would argue that our passing attack is plenty explosive. Similarly, Denver's offensive stats are pretty anemic, but with their defense, they haven't needed it to do much most games. If the game Sunday turns out to be low scoring, they may not need a ton out of it then either. Personally, I think it works in our favor that we can win games different ways. We should have a shot no matter what Sunday.
  6. Pro Bowl replacements

    That would throwoff the scheduling balance way too much. It would mainly just end up hurtingthe cities/teams of the losing conference by taking away an important revenue-making home game from each city. More importantly, it doesn't really help the winning conference much either because you're competing against intra-conference rivals for playoff spots, so oneextra or one less home game for everybody does nothing. The only way it would help or hurt a team is if you were playing, say, the AFC East and you happened to draw the Patriots at home instead on the road. It would really suck for 3 teams in the division to get a home game against the Patriots and for one to have to go to Foxborough. Anyway, I don't think the league should be trying toadd any incentives to make the game more competitive because that could lead to unnecessary injuries. If anything, you want guys taking it easier in this game (which is why some people are saying not to play the game at all).
  7. Forced TO before play clock expired

    We weren't really doing a hurry-up because the play clock ran all the way out. The frustrating thing is that Arizona seemed to be intentionally delaying their substitution to run our play clock down. The officials are supposed to give a "reasonable amount of time" for the defense to substitute, but Arizona had guys jogging on and off and back onlooking like they didn't know who was supposed to be on the field, which was probably intentional. It seemed to take more than10 seconds off the play clock, and that is way too long for a "reasonable" substitution.
  8. Official: Panthers to wear Black Jersey for SBL

    There seems to be a discrepancy on that because technically the all blacks aren't an "alternate jersey" but rather an alternate uniform. I know they've already announced black and silver - so it's a moot point -but I'd still like to know if the all black was an option.
  9. Yeah, I was a little disappointed with those. I mean, they're a fine souvenir, but they weren't conducive to the game experience at all.
  10. 89 Panther 4 Life! Bottom Line

    I think that's from 2012 because Joe Adams' jersey is in the background.
  11. I definitely felt like the lead-up to the game was a bit muted as well. I thought everyone in the stadium would be going bonkers well before the game started, but it felt like everyone was pacing themselves. I do think a lot of it was shock and just trying to take in and relishthe experience. I have to say that there wasn't one moment in this game where theentire crowd was as wild as Luke's pick 6 last week - the one last night was well after the game was decided - but I thought the crowd's intensity swelled as the game went on. It definitely felt like a party from about halfway through the third quarter on, whereas last week the crowd seemed about as tight as the team did in the second half.
  12. What irritates me

    It took them 2 gamesjust to score on us. They certainly didn't have the blueprint the first time around. Guess what? Denver only gets one shot against us.
  13. Why did we go for 2?

    We should have gone for 2 after Cam's TD to make it 33-7. They weren't kicking field goals anymore atthat point, so being up by 28 would've been much better than 27. Glad it didn't matter.
  14. Roll Call for NFC Championship Sunday

    Section 552 here.