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  1. Yeah, I was going to say that if you start this game at 6:30, I bet you'll see folks willing to stay a little longer. This isn't just a Panther issue.
  2. Any Bersin Love Out There?

    I'll give him the benefit here and say that the official may have been focusing on who recovered the ball on the off chance that it ended up being called a fumble after a review and that he was going to signal a TD either way.
  3. Crowd size yesterday.....

    I was definitely expecting more Falcons fans based on the fact that they were in the Super Bowl last year. There were a decent number there, but I was surprised that in my section there weren't really any around me. Contrast that with the Philly game where Eagles fans were everywhere, and even the Bills game where there were a good amount of Bills fans. I do think that affected the amount of empty seats.
  4. I like that line of thinking, but I want to be up 28-0 late in the fourth quarter with the Falcons staring at a 4th and very long in field goal range so they have to choose between a 28-3 final score or a shutout.
  5. I'm fine with the challenge there. We shouldn't need the timeouts - if we do, then all heck has broken loose - and losing the opportunity to challenge doesn't really change much. Of course you don't really ever win those, but still, I don't think there's really a downside there.
  6. Well, he would know better than just about anyone else, I guess.
  7. Anyone who has the skills: We need a gif of Cam rolling his eyes so we can post it anytime Person says or does something dumb.
  8. I guess they do this all the time, but it's weird to have Nantz's call combined with a Panther game he didn't announce (SF).
  9. Cancer Patient Hopes to Meet Panther

    I wanted to give one more update to this thread that I just found out today. Although no Panthers could make it up to Salisbury before Mike passed, Coach Rivera and KB did both Skype with him. I've seen a video of it, and he was truly moved by it. So, kudos to Ron and Kelvin for this.
  10. Cancer Patient Hopes to Meet Panther

    Update on this for anyone interested: Mike passed away on Saturday.
  11. There are only 6 intradivision games.
  12. The Mike Shula Statistical Anomaly

    The sad part is that the fact that he's been a good bit better here (compared to his earlier stops) makes you wonder how much better we could have been with a real OC.
  13. Cancer Patient Hopes to Meet Panther

    This is the brother-in-law of one of my co-workers, so I was going to post this when I had a chance. I'm glad to see that someone already did. I'm hoping word of this will get back to the team and someone will be able to make a trip up to Salisbury to make this happen.
  14. I would say yes, but a great defense gets you turnovers to offset offensive ineptitude, and we didn't get any yesterday. We had a couple the first week, though, so we'll have to see what the future holds there. Two games is a little too early to make that call. If we can constantly win the turnover battle and keep shutting teams down far below their normal production, then I could say that this is the best Panthers D ever.