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  1. PantherJD

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    The only consolation to me is that he is not Hurney's guy, so Marty has no loyalty to him (especially after Ryan retires).
  2. PantherJD

    Mike Rucker

    If he and Craft had switched places, I think the camera would have done them both a favor. Rucker actually looks more normal when the camera zooms in on him.
  3. PantherJD

    Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    I pretty much agree with this. The thing that has always dragged Garcia down is that he trips over his words/thoughts a lot, so it makes him sound even dumber when he's the one trying to carry the show and do the all the promos, intros, transitions, etc. In the past, when they tried to pair him with a sidekick like Buckner or Yarbs, it just didn't work at all because Garcia had to carry the show. And I liked Yarbs in his previous role on the Morning Sports Page, but the pairing with Garcia was cringe-worthy because they both tripped over their words so much. For that reason, Bailey is the perfect addition for Frank because he has a great radio voice and can do all the promos and transitions. I'm actually more lukewarm about his opinions and commentary, but the value he adds with the rest balances out Garcia's "dumb jock" role well. The show can still go off the rails when Garcia tries to get on a soapbox or just talk too much in general, but when he allows for a give and take with Bailey, it works much better.
  4. We're talking about apples and oranges here. The Panthers have been to the playoffs 4 times during Cam and Luke's tenure. They went to the Super Bowl and finished 17-2 one year. This is in a league where only 6 teams make it from a conference of 16 teams, including only 2 wild cards. The only "waste" is that they weren't able to win it all, but they certainly have had a great deal of success during that time. The Hornets have only made the playoffs twice during Kenya's tenure and haven't made it to the second round yet in a conference where 8 teams make it in out of 15. Of course, it's harder for the Hornets to have success than the Panthers based on the structure of both leagues, but the Hornets have "wasted" Kemba more.
  5. PantherJD

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Stats only matter to a certain degree. Someone copied a Broncos poster talking about how lowly ranked our passing attack is, but you don't keep passing when you have a good rushing attack and are ahead in almost all of your games. That obviously skews the stats. I'm sure most of our opponents would argue that our passing attack is plenty explosive. Similarly, Denver's offensive stats are pretty anemic, but with their defense, they haven't needed it to do much most games. If the game Sunday turns out to be low scoring, they may not need a ton out of it then either. Personally, I think it works in our favor that we can win games different ways. We should have a shot no matter what Sunday.
  6. Are people actually banging seatbacks with their hands or swinging the empty seat in front of them against the seatback? I do the latter, and it certainly makes a ton more noise than banging the seat would. It also doesn't hurt your hand, so no worries there. I don't do this often because normally the seats in front of me are full, but sometimes I get the opportunity to do this late in the game when the stadium has emptied out some. Of course, I'm also yelling as loud as I can when I do this.
  7. How did no time come off the clock?
  8. Still plenty of time if they get the onside kick.
  9. Well, we knew it was coming down to this. Lions need to look out for the pick play.
  10. That was close to Rodgers not getting out of bounds (it looked like his elbow might have hit in bounds before the forearm got out of bounds).
  11. The Lions D isn't ours, so unless Rodgers forces something, this will probably come down to a 2-point conversion.
  12. This Starks fumble will be overturned, but if he wasn't touched, he was close to not being down anymore and thus fumbling the ball on his own. Yeah, he was obviously touched on the replay, so it's down either way.
  13. That should have been a first down on Stew's run, but we'll take that extra down to run more time.