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  1. Well, we aren't very good this year, as expected with a team that lost almost all of its roster with the coaching change, but Price got his first win last night.   Young guards have looked pretty good, but we don't have much talent inside. We'll get better as the year goes on, but 10-15 wins is probably the ceiling this year. Attendance has been terrible, which is unfortunate. I hope when Price gets things turned around the crowds come back. Halton was a lot of fun when we used to average 7,000+ per game.
  2. Our long history of being jerks when given the opportunity

    Phone calls and people on the street.

    ​Just saw the number on twitter. Didn't count it myself.   Apparently more coming out later. The dude on PackPride that has been spot on since the beginning said additional information will come out in days ahead.

    Men's basketball cited 40 times in the report.
  5. ​I think he'll be a baller. I see that you guys are a finalist for our freshman stud transfer as well. Not that he'll help in 2015, but Torin Dorn is going to be a fuging star, even in the ACC. He has a complete game and superb athleticism. I really hate that we lost him, but it's worth losing a player even as good as him to get rid of a terrible coaching staff. He seemed like a really good kid too, so State will be getting a really great player if he ends up there. I have a feeling he'll join the 4 star recruit we also lost as a result of the coaching change in Miami though.
  6. UNC receives Notice of Allegations

    LOL, stan you actually think basketball isn't one of the 5 sports implicated in the allegations? Basketball is DEFINITELY getting punished. So is football. Baseball too. The other two sports, anyone's guess is as good as mine. The allegations were level 1 offenses, which are the most severe and show a lack of institutional control.   5 sports at UNC are going to get fuged pretty hard, at least for a year, probably longer.
  7. Brandon Ingram

    If the NCAA does nothing, then UNC has handed schools the template for how to cheat.   Just make up fake classes, then the NCAA will say they can't do anything because it wasn't specifically an athletic issue.   The reality is, the NCAA can't do nothing. They are going to punish UNC in some way. If they don't, it'll be detrimental to college athletics, making them even more of a sham than they already are.
  8. Shaun Kirk, an underrated recruit in 2015 IMO, committed to NCSU last night. I was pretty bummed because he seemed pretty high on Charlotte. After he committed to State, Calipari rushes in and offers him a scholarship and now he's considering going to UK instead because he didn't sign a LOI for State.   Not that I care about NCSU, but fug Calipari. Commitments have never meant anything in college football, but they've generally been respected in college basketball.
  9. I haven't seen this kind of buzz around the program....ever.   I know there was in the late 90's and early 2000's, but I didn't start following until the mid 2000's when we were declining.   Cool to see MKG there. He didn't travel with the team so he could be there for Price's press conference.
  10. [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

    Chris Ferguson is leaving OK State to join Price's staff.   Houston Fancher is also joining the staff. He was a former App State head coach and most recently was an assistant at UNCW with Buzz Peterson. He did reasonably well at App State considering App has never put much of a priority on basketball.   Third spot is still open.
  11. [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

    Apparently 2 assistants have already been lined up. One coming from a high major program and one is a former head coach. No names released yet. I imagine the third will be a Charlotte alum like Byron Dinkins or Demarco Johnson
  12. [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

    No doubt, but when you're a CUSA school, gotta take risks sometimes.   I'm looking forward to seeing assistants though. I'd like to see him grab someone with head coaching experience to put on his bench and also some people with local recruiting ties.   The hire has drawn a lot of attention though, that's for sure. I hope the surge in excitement by niner fans translates into people buying season tickets again. When I was in school 05-09, we had 7000+ per game, which is really good for a school not in a power conference. The atmosphere was a lot of fun. Everything was worse with Major except recruiting. He signed some really solid guys, including a few top 100 recruits, but he had a difficult time keeping them (had a lot of transfers) and his results on the court speak for themselves.   I'm guardedly optimistic.
  13. [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

    Bonnell has confirmed it is done so lose your poo all you want
  14. [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

    We have a shoutbox (basically a chat room) on our message board that is only visible to members. One of the guys that is in the know there confirmed it was a done deal.   He could be wrong of course (or Price could change his mind and back out), but he's always been reliable in the past.