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  1. Selling a house

    Yep, barely commuting is a priceless amenity. It takes me 3-4 minutes to get home from work. I can never go back to long commutes again.
  2. Selling a house

    pff, my value has gone up about 75% in 4 years. The benefit of buying in the hood on the fringes of nice areas I suppose.
  3. Trump Defends penis size, Cruz eats a booger

    He can't. Something like 44 states have sore loser laws to prevent someone from running third party after they took part in the primary process.
  4. This is just in...

    Last night was Cruz's time to party. There are still a few other states where he will do well, but he will not do well in the N.E., or west coast.
  5. This is just in...

    Last night was a really bad night for Trump, so this probably wasn't the most appropriate post for his campaign right now. I thought he was going to all but wrap it up last night, but instead, he's fading hard and vulnerable right now. He really needs some wins in winner takes all states.
  6. Great Recession round 2 ?

    I'm 29, make a middle-middle class salary. My neighbor just sold his place for about 100k more than I bought mine for and he doesn't have a skyline view or the upgrades that I do. I should be able to clear $110-120k. I've been kicking around just selling, moving into an up and coming neighborhood into a newly renovated house and paying for 50+ % of the home with the profit.
  7. Great Recession round 2 ?

    so should I sell my house and take my 100k profit now or wait a little longer?
  8. After only 3 states

    Just get in your car, cross the border, and live in a Montreal strip club.
  9. Jerry Springer Show errrr....Pub Debate

    Well, many of the early primaries aren't winner take all, so early wins don't mean much unless you dominated and took almost all the delegates. That isn't happening. Someone winning the big winner take all states will be in good shape.
  10. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    We won't be 15-1 again next year because seasons like that are really rare, but we'll still be a good team and we'll go to the playoffs as long as we don't have major injuries.
  11. The Nominee of the Dem Party

    She's gonna lose to Bernie.

    ​Just saw the number on twitter. Didn't count it myself. Apparently more coming out later. The dude on PackPride that has been spot on since the beginning said additional information will come out in days ahead.

    Men's basketball cited 40 times in the report.
  14. ​I think he'll be a baller. I see that you guys are a finalist for our freshman stud transfer as well. Not that he'll help in 2015, but Torin Dorn is going to be a fuging star, even in the ACC. He has a complete game and superb athleticism. I really hate that we lost him, but it's worth losing a player even as good as him to get rid of a terrible coaching staff. He seemed like a really good kid too, so State will be getting a really great player if he ends up there. I have a feeling he'll join the 4 star recruit we also lost as a result of the coaching change in Miami though.
  15. Shaun Kirk, an underrated recruit in 2015 IMO, committed to NCSU last night. I was pretty bummed because he seemed pretty high on Charlotte. After he committed to State, Calipari rushes in and offers him a scholarship and now he's considering going to UK instead because he didn't sign a LOI for State. Not that I care about NCSU, but fug Calipari. Commitments have never meant anything in college football, but they've generally been respected in college basketball.