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  1. REPORT NFL to look into why no Cam presser today

    Will you please. Cam made a mistake. He publicly acknowledged the mistake. He, for whatever reason; and by god we do not KNOW the reason, made a decision, for himself, not to make himself available to the media. Whatever penalty is imposed will be on him. To say he has fuged up as a MAN (hypocritical on ur part in context to ur point) is as short sighted as the mistake Cam has apologized for. The reporter could have handled her issue a number of ways. Creating an attention grabbing headline out of the issue is the route she ended up taking whether she intended to or not. As I've said before on this subject, You choose your battles in life and you choose the platform for which you fight them. She chose to be a martyr. If she realized it or not is not the issue. Many will appreciate it I'm sure. While i agree with the sentiment i also dont have a problem with Cam if he choose to apologize for his insensitivity to the cause and then stay out of it. It's no reason to question who he is as a person or as a "man" whatever that means to u. Let it go. He is hardly the face of the sexism.
  2. I saw a tweet saying KB was sore today. Let's hope he feels better after rest and treatment. The guy has been great this year.
  3. Move makes no sense on the surface, but there has to be more to the story here.
  4. Deep question, for those seriously to respond.

    To OPs first question what is the meaning of life? Life is the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. OPs second question why are we here? Science says we are here because necessary conditions for life developed on planet Earth via cause and effect. Addressing the third question is our short time here the end? I don't believe in communication with deceased people so I can't speak on after life as far as if or in what capacity consciousness exist. I do know the hydrogen atoms in your body are estimated to be some 13.7 billion years old. So there are some eternal like quality to physical existence.
  5. Crazy thing Is, I feel like Shula likes to show things one week to set something up for later in the game or even the next week or even later in the season. He set up Stewart on screen that bounced off of his hands and right to the defense. He also ran a toss out of the same set that we've pulled counter on all season that went for like -8 yards. Changing up the looks can confuse a defense but we've got to be careful not to confuse ourselves. Stew is great in pass pro. Need more play action with him on early downs.
  6. Something Positive to Remember

    I don't think the OP is using age as an excuse. Younger players generally improve from season to season more often than older players.
  7. If we play great and lose that's one thing, but we've lost playing poorly against good teams. The poor play is compounded by the health issues. It seems as soon as we got Cam going we've had a rash of misfortune. Thursday night we were reminded how much we miss Greg. There were some frustrating drops. We also were reminded how important Luke is for us. I hope to God he's ok. Both Luke and Coleman being out we saw a huge drop off. Larsen looked like a back up. While he's serviceable, it's the same problem as Luke and Coleman being out, you don't get the same communication when your coach on the field is out. Need to get Ryan Kalil back out there. Samuel can be a key player for us but he's finally stringing enough healthy weeks together to figure into the mix. All that said we can't afford to have so many critical errors. Get healthy, catch the ball and get some run pass option or play action going on first down to avoid these negative plays and we beat "the best two nfc teams."
  8. Curtis Samuel is a bust

    Ludwig postin lit off dat sauce!
  9. Game etiquette

    NFL has attendance issues and this is part of it. No matter what side of the issue you take something is compromised. It's easier to just stay home and enjoy it however you want. Ive sat all over bank of America stadium. I try to be considerate. Panthers football gets emotional for me. I like to jump up and cheer. If I had it my way I would stand the entire game. If things aren't going well it upsets me and I don't want to deal with conflict while I'm fired up so I just watch at home.
  10. The video is disgusting, disturbing and almost unwatchable. I wish security got involved sooner as apparently this had been an ongoing issue through out the game that caused people sitting nearby to leave before it even escalated to the point caught on video. The man in the white shirt apparently didn't appreciate the fan in the Cam jersey and his friend standing for most of the game. The guy may have instigated the altercation getting angry with the fan but he didn't deserve to get his face bashed in. To both parties involved if you have an issue with a fan report it to security. Don't try and handle it yourself. People who buy tickets to a game have a right to sit stand yell whatever, but definitely no right to viciously assault an unexpecting defenseless person. It sucks it escalated to the point where it did and I wish the guy quick recovery from his injuries.
  11. Who thought we'd run it on first down?
  12. Here we go. We need to play the best game we have all season. We've got the star players. Stars shine at night!
  13. If i have to see one more progressive commercial I'm going to have to switch to geico
  14. Let's hope not! Here's to hoping he can make a splash play!
  15. They talking about Ted Ginn now. We will literally speak Samuel into a breakout game if need be.
  16. fug it. Bring your best game.
  17. And now they say he's up
  18. Nfl net says inactive
  19. That helmet prank they pulled on rookie Luke.. Banana land!
  20. Waiting till kick off to get the cork out of this! Let's get in these eagles tonight! Go Panthers! Keep Pounding!
  21. Man you pick up on things quickly! No wonder you so smart with the knows! Bravo
  22. What the hell is on that chip
  23. What Urban Myer runs at OSU has nothing to do with anything. If the staff doesn't trust him on the field it could be for a number of obvious reasons. As for my own football knowledge, I know enough to enjoy the game. I certainly don't care to brush up on anything for a discussion with you. Thanks for the offer tho.
  24. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT ?!?!?!?!?!??!!

    Hate to break it to you but your reflection is not J stew.
  25. Responding to the question of when will he make an impact he'll need to do a little more than run decoy go routes. If NFL offenses were that simple you would see every team just send their fastest guy tearing down the field. The last thing you need is a guy getting a penalty because he didn't line up properly or limit your ability to audible or change play direction because a player doesn't fully understand his responsibilities. I'm hoping he's getting closer to contributing in a big way, but the kneel on the return is just an example of why the coaches likely aren't ready to trust him to this point.