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  1. Diddy wants to buy the Panthers

    Y'all not working together as a team.. I gotta shut down the practice facility. Only way I open it back up.. is if you go uptown get me a sugar cookie.
  2. Bradberry trips on the break and ends up with an int. What a day.
  3. It's a fickle world. I'll wait and see.. but my opinions are worth as much as a heap of horse poo. If you really have strong beliefs about what is going on start or continue to take the actions that teach the oppressor the error of their way.
  4. Gotta get myself some cheap sunglasses

    Meh. Really was kinda joking, but good point about getting over myself.
  5. Gotta get myself some cheap sunglasses

    I thought all-pro sub = no ads. Am I paying 5 a month for dark theme?
  6. I'd argue the commentary generally pulls for the challenger. When we've been down and driving I've heard commentary seemingly pulling for the comeback
  7. Possibility Wentz tore his ACL

    Wentz was among the front runners for mvp. It's a shame to see him go down at this point .
  8. Meh. It's not 2015 anymore. Everyone else in the league has been building and we've been tearing and wearing down.
  9. Who knows what his great grandmother was thinking.
  10. Time for some consistency.

    Saints are limping into I tough matchup on the road against the Rams this week.
  11. It's tough against the black theme, but for me lady's post are worth highlighting
  12. Didn't van roten have to finish the game because Larsen went out with injury?
  13. Some damn good looking a-skips if I do say
  14. I appreciate the statistical analysis, but the guy just looks the part. That's always more important. The stats are reassuring, but you can see when a guys got it. Keep building that confidence Fun.
  15. Curtis Samuel injury updates

    He didn't even try to put weight on it. Does not look good. No way he was back after. They literally carried him straight to the locker room.
  16. Gase seat is fire hot. His teams give up too easy. What's 7 wins if your team sucks?
  17. Hype 95 for nothing then miss him on the tfl stop on 4th down. Gruden
  18. Great play but we were lucky for the injury. Clock was rolling during the celebrations. Team needs it tho. 2015 was nothing but until it mattered most.
  19. Again Mccaffery will break one tonight. Looks the best he has all year.
  20. Luke could play corner with those instincts