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  1. On Paper, Things Are Taking Shape

    If everything leads to the best possible result OP could be right. If Smith and wright can be serviceable while Byrd and Samuel can find a healthy stretch and develop roles then that group is as solid as we've had in some time. I think Funchess can be a WR1 but ideally he's a 2. No one else on the roster is even close. As for defensive backs we are bottom of the league, possibly the worst on paper. No way we will field an above average secondary this coming season. If we get lucky in the draft and can add a solid vet or two we will be at best serviceable. Expectations should be very low. As for the lines. I think we will be solid to slightly above average with health permitting. It's important that Moton steps up and we can get something out of the other younger guys, but decent group of guys on both sides. TE is a big concern as well. You gotta imagine we will do everything we can to help this group. Maybe Armah can help, but that's a long shot. All in all if things go perfectly we don't look too bad, but we've got quite a ways to go.
  2. Some pretty lowbrow post folks. Horribly embarrassing story. A real shame for the kid, his family, and his coaches and teammates. I hoping he can recover from this and live a normal healthy life.
  3. Lions release tight end Eric Ebron

    Hakeem Nicks all over again.
  4. Lions release tight end Eric Ebron

    I don't see how you can say Ebron is an upgrade over Dickson. When Olsen went down Dickson stepped up. Also played fullback and hback for us and made some big plays. I'm not gonna say ebron is a bust, but I bet lions fans will.
  5. Lions release tight end Eric Ebron

    Watched him at Carolina. Thought he had a chance to be a good player. Decent athlete, good size, looks the part. I had my concerns tho. Concentration issues, wasn't sure about his passion for the game. Lions fans will tell you the guy drops literally everything. Still young though. Would be an absolute wild card. Not sure people would as interested if not for local fanfare.
  6. Breeland 18 cap hit is 3.7 MM

    Not that Breeland is potential pro bowler or anything, but this contract falls on the side of team friendly. Either he wasn't getting that type of interest from other teams or dude really wanted to play here.
  7. Giants release Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

    Doesn't seem like the kinda player wed go for. Thought he was good, but that day has long passed.
  8. Saca.. I appreciated the work you'd put into an OP. But now I just hope you're doing alright fam.
  9. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    For sure Samuel and Olsen even Cam as well. We were missing that element big time last year.
  10. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    McCaffery will have a lot more space to work with with a legit proven field stretcher. I just can't seem to understand why people are hating on this move. This is exactly the kinda player we need. Personality fits with the program as well. Nice work Marty.
  11. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Funchess and Smith actually a pretty good combo.
  12. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Just got off work and I'm not about to read all 44 pages of this. Especially with all the bitchin and moanin. Maybe I'm wrong, but wasn't Worley benched last year, and moaned and griped about it? He seemed pretty disgruntle to me. Now he has a change of scenery. Maybe what he wants. As for Smith. This exactly the kind of player they've been talking about adding. Folks were saying they thought we were trying to get younger forget that just a week ago Rivera talked about getting a player with some age in the receiver room. Smith fits the bill perfectly.
  13. Gettleman Making Moves

    I'd pie this twice if I could. I get it can flood the pages when there's a lot of news to be had, but we ain't really talking bout poo right now.
  14. I don't disagree with considering a p draft pick. I'm of the belief that time on the field is better than no time especially on offensive or defensive line. If he bombed though that could be bad, but a second round pick should be ready by now.
  15. If Norwell walks I don't see why we wouldn't look at Moton at LG. Snaps are better than no snaps. You'd have to imagine he would likely be one of the more talented options there. Good OP.
  16. This would only be an issue if Hurney was referring to some distant past performance. Its not like he'd been good for a few years but is now in decline. What he's done as a Panther is why he's earned his contract. Not seeing much more behind the comment than that.
  17. top kickers have avg around 4 or so mil a year for the past few seasons. Gano earned his contract. One can only hope he can continue to perform at a high level, but there is no reason to assume he won't. I have no problem with the deal or the reasoning behind it.
  18. NFL live reported it was Ryan kalil which would make since with the retirement thing.
  19. Gano was great last year, but this is just seems like more evidence to the Panthers' plans to move on from Norwell. Shoulda coulda woulda Buttkicker would still be on his rookie deal. While he wasn't a pro bowler it was a promising season for the young kicker in KC
  20. Hard to cut Kalil, but I'd understand if they did. Hard to see us cutting Coleman but would love to see an upgrade there.
  21. Talking about building on the foundation of names like Thomas Davis and Julius Peppers?
  22. Has Norv Turner actually been Hired ?

    It has to be done imo. At this point you wonder if trai Turner is a distant cousin or some poo