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  1. That is what has probably got the trumptards disgusted - not that he dropped an N bomb but because he apologized for saying it.
  2. My wife is from the Midwest. Not Indiana. She went to a B10 football game several years ago when her school played against IU in Bloomington - told me that there are rebel flags at almost every tailgate. If you are from Indiana and you own a confederate flag, not only are you a racist but you are also an idiot.
  3. He was crying about the anthem protests hurting his bottom line a few months ago........Instead of maybe wondering if the crappy ingredients, bland flavor, and prices were actually to blame. I’d tell him to “stick to making pizza” but it looks like a racist rant from a trump supporter has likely ended His career. He is a terrible person - google it if you don’t believe me. Shitty politics, shitty pizza. Papa Johns.
  4. is this guy not even jewish?
  5. 4Corners

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Bingo. If you don’t adhere to our society and cultural norms, ya know, tipping correctly - then you don’t need to go out to eat. That’s the way it is. Don’t like it? Stay home. You are probably a pain in the ass anyway. I can assure you, that you are not a food critic and probably one of the last people on earth who are qualified to be a judge of service in an eatery. Especially one that requires you to properly use a knife.
  6. 4Corners

    Supplemental Draft

    I’ll be happy when the supplemental draft is over, just so I don’t have to see anymore threads about it on the huddle. The one poster here made a pointless thread every time a kid declared.
  7. 4Corners

    Restocking the Barren Tree

    The panthers d hasn’t even played a snapped under Washington and there are folks already looking for his replacement when he bolts for a head coaching gig next year. Good grief. Y’all may be wanting to run him out of town by week 6 this year. Can we get another anthem protest or new uniform thread?
  8. 4Corners

    Trade Idea!

    Duke fans gonna duke fan
  9. 4Corners

    Restocking the Barren Tree

    Offseason thread gonna offseason
  10. 4Corners

    Shady McCoy

    I mean this certainly looks like the leader in the clubhouse.
  11. 4Corners

    Shady McCoy

    Never, ever underestimate the pure stupidity of a rich, professional athlete or celebrity.
  12. 4Corners

    Shady McCoy

    How he only got what 20 years is beyond me.
  13. 4Corners

    Shady McCoy

    I’m in my 30s - not old by any means, but there have been a handful of times in my life that were kinda surreal and made me feel old. One was when I realized “Hey Ya” was like 15 years old and the other was when I started hearing Rae Carruth’s parole was approaching.
  14. 4Corners

    Shady McCoy

    If we have learned anything from watching football players behave off the field in Charlotte, it’s that an NFL player would NEVER pay a group of men to attack (or murder) his girlfriend.