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  1. 4Corners

    Tepper speaks at Carnegie Mellon

    He’s growing on me that’s for sure. I really appreciated his honesty and candidness regarding Trump. It’s refreshing. Hopefully, a new age, progressive owner like Tepper will trim some of the fat off this fan base.
  2. 4Corners

    Raise your hand if you hate car shopping.

    What apps do U recommend
  3. 4Corners

    Gun laws I’d like to see

    fug the second amendment.
  4. 4Corners

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    Do you have a high school diploma?
  5. 4Corners

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    Bingo it sounds like most of the Trumptards and conservatives in this thread actually like the gun violence involving African-Americans. Sad!
  6. Are u up this early to watch the Royal Wedding
  7. Ditto. There is a scene in The Departed that comes to mind. Mark Wahlberg’s character tells DiCaprio’s character that some people join the force because they want to serve their community, serve justice, help their neighbors, etc, and some people Become police officers only because they want to crack a ******* head across The hood of a car. You can figure what word I bleeped out for yourself by googling the clip. Sadly, what he said is true.
  8. Dude are you really trying to start a “which race has been shot by police more” contest? Is there something wrong with you? I think you have the huddle mixed up with your StormFront home page. This may very well be the last time I respond to you, but I bet you’re a real treat to watch Panthers games with. I’d hate to hear what you yell at the TV when a player that doesn’t look like you drops a pass. It’s sad there’s folks like this in our fan base.
  9. 4Corners

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    honestly I didn’t really hear either one but if I had to pick I would go with #TeamYanny
  10. She should! They need to make stronger laws that severely punish people for lying in these situations.
  11. 4Corners

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

    Sad, but unfortunately true.
  12. 4Corners

    Houston school shooting, at least 8 dead

  13. 4Corners

    I’ll be in Charlotte Tomorrow Afternoon

    It’s to the point now that I’m basically done with craft beer. With a few exceptions. The hangovers I get from them are awful. I went to Olde Meck a month ago and started slamming their Frubach and has to force myself to get off the couch the next day after eating 4 Advil. I’m to the point now where I just have a few drinks and that’s it.
  14. 4Corners

    I’ll be in Charlotte Tomorrow Afternoon

    We werent exaclty thrilled with the atmosphere. We got there at like 2pm and the places was packed. Super packed. People acting like idiots and I’m in my early 30s and we felt like we were the oldest people there. Not my scene. PS the only beer I got there wasn’t good, either. Forgot what it was called.
  15. Can’t say I blame him. If I were a super rich, famous celebrity.....I would be afraid to leave my house. IMO athletes/celebrities attract a different type of woman and a different type of person. Money makes people do crazy things.