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  1. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Byron Bell gonna be cut after this game if he keeps it up. Man, he stinks as an NFL player.
  2. Early reports are that Crab Legs pulled a Trump and just straight up grabbed her crotch with out hesitation.
  3. Surprisingly, That’s actually pretty smart on his end.
  4. U can get ejected in college for “clean” hits. If I see a replay maybe I would change my mind but from the only replay I saw it looked like it could have been targeting in NCAA.
  5. That Timmons hit on Cam - probably targeting and ejection In college.
  6. I like Gruden, but when he said that.....proof he isn’t watching film on us this year. That or the prep guy feeding him info is an idiot.
  7. I like it better that way. Drive 100 miles in any direction and panthers country shrinks.
  8. I guess they aren’t calling holding on Miami OL this game. That’s like the third one I’ve seen.
  9. Here comes the run of 14 unanswered points from Miami as Catawba Riverboat Ron goes tight booty hole up big
  10. College Basketball General Discussion

    He’s also apparently a rocket scientist. Jon Rothstein was on Jim Rome yesterday and said this year he thinks duke will be a power team, and UNC will be a finesse/perimeter team and he noted the teams are usually opposite.
  11. Seen a few recipes and ideas online from cooking websites. Hosting thanksgiving this year and was gonna deep fry a turkey for the first time - Cajun style is what has caught my eye
  12. Jerry Jones: continually employs and makes excuses for players who put their hands on women, drug and alcohol abusers, kills a team mate in a drunk driving accident. But his “moral” compass goes off when adults peacefully exercise freedom of speech protesting a legitimate problem in this country. There’s no doubt in my mind Jones is a bad human being and anyone he vouches for as commissioner should immediately be removed from consideration. How much of a shitbag is Jerry Jones? He makes me side with Roger.
  13. Fire Shula Banner.....the reason why

    I mean....I thought it was a stupid, juvenile idea to begin with.