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  1. 4Corners

    Kuechly talks to Voth

    Those three flushed doodoo down the toilet that had more talent or skills than 98% of the rappers out today. Also much less face tattoos.
  2. 4Corners

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    I don’t know how much or what exactly he was selling but my friend who has absolutely no reason to lie told me he was a drug dealer. He told me something else Brown said to him that was really funny and stupid but I am not going to say that on here. He told me this years ago before Brown was the best WR in the NFL. Nobody knew who AB was even when he was at Central Michigan.
  3. I love Charleston. I try to get down there once a year, my wife does the Cooper River bridge run. Hilton Head/Bluffton etc are nice too but people who live there and visit there are not from South Carolina. North Carolina is a superior state to South Carolina. I do love Charleston though.
  4. 4Corners

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    He went to NC Tech. It’s like a junior college in Fuquay-Varinia, most if not all the kids there are in the same boat. Talented but have big time academic issues and off the field baggage. I have a friend that was at NC Tech and played with AB for that one year and he told me Brown was a drug dealer. And yes, I know the difference between someone who smokes pot and someone who sells pot. He said Brown was the latter. Take it for what it’s worth, I believe what my friend told me.
  5. See they just signed Thomas Rawls off the street and is expected to play Sunday. I’m sure he’ll be good for 120 and a TD.
  6. Pepsi products > coke products
  7. You are gonna give some of these fine folks from South Carolina a taste of the good life and they are sure to turn it into a garbage festival better suited for Myrtle Beach. I bet it doesn’t last more than this weekend.
  8. This is a really cool idea in theory but unfortunately I don’t think it will last. Too many people from South Carolina are liable to hang around misbehave and act irresponsibly.
  9. 4Corners

    Russell Wilson is no Cam Newton

    Also, this Monday night TV crew sounds like the D team on Fox. Written is awful.
  10. 4Corners

    Russell Wilson is no Cam Newton

    I get that the raiders got a couple first round picks for Mack but holy crap that trade is going to go down as one of the worst trades in NFL history especially if the Raiders don’t hit home runs with their acquired picks. Mack basically has defensive player of the year locked up the second week of the season.
  11. Mixon is our for this game but considering we just let a backup RB gash us I’m not getting too excited.