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  1. I got beat up by bouncers

    Vote for permanent ban on this clown.
  2. I got beat up by bouncers

    Probably. Or he is recycling the stories from somewhere else. There is a small, legitimate chance that all of these outrageous threads are true - if that is the case, he needs to reevaluate his life and choices. Disturbing. Pathetic on either account
  3. again, I posted this in a different thread...but the reason attendance is down IS NOT due to players peacefully exercising their freedom of speech by kneeling during the national anthem. It's because it costs a small fortune to attend a game. tickets for me an my wife - $150 easy tailgate parking another $25 case of beer and some random food item I bring to tailgate another $30-$40, half of the food will probably get wasted. Another 5-6 beers and snack inside the stadium - $50 OR I can watch the game in my man cave or friends house where the beer and food is really cheap and I can watch red zone channel and check my devices easier for fantasy football.
  4. hopefully you run faster than the time I drilled you with a kickball up in the Huntersville Go Kickball league like 5 years ago
  5. What Bills fans are saying ...

    Going to 4 straight super bowls is impressive, win or lose. But damn that was like 30 year ago. When was the last time they made the playoffs? was it when they were on the wrong end of the Music City Miracle?
  6. Damn Trai!

    the Turner pick could go down as one of the best "value" picks the Panthers have ever made. Wasn't he a third rounder? In the conversation as one of the best interior linemen in the entire league who can also be an adequate OT in emergency situations. excellent pick from Gettleman. I bet Marty would have drafted some TE from a small school who probably would be out of the NFL by now.
  7. What Bills fans are saying ...

    Bills fan - just like his cousins, Browns fan and Jets fan - are delusional and living in a fantasy land. Every year is "the year," the career backup QB they have starting is suddenly "a franchise QB" and whichever defensive player made the most recent tackle is suddenly the "best LB/DB/DL in the conference." They are irrational homers that think because they rode the bench for one season in high school qualifies them as some expert talent evaluator or because they are still 34 years and play Madden every day that they know more than the coaching staff. I'm sure once the Panthers win on Sunday it will be because of the "cheating rayuffs" and they'll post one last time on here with a racially charged insult about Newton. Bills, Jets, and Browns fans are all very similar. Three historically bad franchises whose losing ways get passed down generationally. Bills fan Grandpa was a loser Bills fan - just like he is.
  8. I fully expect the stadium to be 60-40 panthers fans to bills. There are a ton of Bills transplants in this city. Tailgating could be interesting on Sunday. Bills fans are idiot tailgaters. They go crazy and don't think about what they are doing they are so drunk.
  9. If you had to realistically "rank" the parts of the country that have transplanted to Charlotte - Ohio/NE Ohio is probably #1, but Upstate NY has got to be in the top 3.
  10. they'll be a TON of Bills fans around the tailgating and in bars in uptown. I expect a lot of Bills fans in the stadium too. Don't kid yourselves, there's a TON of people from upstate NY in Charlotte. Just in my circles alone, I know five people whom are Bills fans. They have lived here long enough to where they root for the Panthers, but there's going to be a lot Bills fans in Charlotte this weekend.
  11. it's to the point now where I can't watch any of the pregame shows. they all suck

    man as much as I thought I would never say this - I def think they need to reconsider the Thursday night game. I'd switch a game to Saturday night but there is probably some sort of gentleman's agreement between corrupt NCAA and corrupt NFL that NFL won't compete with college FB games. NFL game would smoke NCAA game in ratings during primetime Saturday.

    Man i love going to games too. But, our spot where we tailgate (near Draught) is $25 to park. In addition to the the case of beer I will bring and the random selection of food that I bring in which half will go to waste. Tickets for me and my wife are another $$75-1$150. Add in the five to seven $7 beers I will drink while in the stadium and another $10 snack for my wife. And then Win or Lose I'm gonna pop in to a bar with my friends after the game to catch the 4p game. Or I can just sit at my house or my buddies house and watch the panthers game with cheap beer and cheap food, sit on a nice ass couch and watch the games on a 60 inch TV.

    buckle up dude. this is going to be a very scary four years.

    I don't watch MSNBC so I don't understand your reference. But race discussion = CLICKS.