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  1. Talking about Cam on GMA in like 5 minutes

    Today Show better
  2. Dog Barking help

    Sup Bros  Can someone recommend a good device to keep one of my dogs from barking all day while were at work? I saw some collars online for $100 - are they humane and worth a poo?   thanks
  3. BOA Field Concerns

    I'm sure the Moo U football players and their farming "degrees" know some interesting ways to fix the turf. 
  4. Would really like to see Cotchery and Brendon Bersin off the team next season. 
  5. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

    Yo Gettleman, I heard Ron Dayne is available. Could prob fetch him for the vet minimum.
  6. CB Teddy Williams Signs With Panthers

    dude is trash
  7.   Don't agree w/ the statement but I like where your heads at.    Absolutely pathetic performance from the woofpeckers to lose against BC. Someone tweeted out NCSU's record after one of the handful of times they've beat Carolina over the past 10-15 years. Yikes. 
  8. Shout out to the woofies for taking notice of the weather report of potential snow and making it over to CH. 
  9.   Coming from a guy who claims a school that is ACTUALLY on academic probation. Did you even realize Crap State had a hoops team?    But the whining and crying from NCSU fans on the local airways needs to stop. The knee jerk reaction of "AH MAN WE GOTTA FIRE GOTTFRIED" is ludicrous as well. If they were to fire him...honestly man who in the hell could they convince to come to Raleigh and coach between a rock and a hard place? 
  10.   UVA without potential ACC POY Justin Anderson is not the same UVA team that is ranked #2 in the country. I still think UVA could take a dive the last month of the season and I honestly picked State to win that game and maybe start the losing streak.    State is not a tourney team this year and that win would have helped their resume. They won't have Syracuse to upset in the ACC Tourney this year.   
  11. Didn't watch the game last night but UVA without Anderson is a different team. Been listening to the radio off and on today and what's the crying about dem cheatun rayuffs been about? Has NCSU ever lost a game fair and square the past 25 years? 
  12. Ted Ginn Jr could return to Panthers

  13. poo talking aside - this is a difficult NCSU team to figure out. Seems like they have 2 different teams. 
  14. Cat Barber not decking that loser Miami fan is his biggest accomplishment since arriving in Raleigh.