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  1. Poor guy just wanted a smoke after banging his gf in the family room no biggie.
  2. Crowd size yesterday.....

    You might want to go the prepaid parking route. I bought a space last season in the lot adjacent to the Roaring Riot Tailgate for $350. This year I moved a little closer to the stadium and got one next to the practice fields for $450. Saw a sign Sunday near the doghouse $105 to park
  3. Crowd size yesterday.....

    70 is probably pretty close to face on those seats. Fans shouldn’t expect to pay below face unless you like seeing the team suck
  4. Line play hasn’t been as bad as this thread assumes. This all pro O lineman ranks the top 5 lines by how they play each week. We were second last week and in the top 5 several times this season. http://www.nfl.com/news/author?id=0ap3000000632619
  5. Neither do I. The Bears are going to pound the rock on a wet field. I can’t think of a better recipe for getting a linebacker hurt. I bet that figured in as well
  6. Works for me. We need him for division games after Chicago.
  7. And got drunk at the Roaring Riot Tailgate.
  8. Agree. This entire thing started because a young fan insisted on standing in front of an older fan who wanted/needed to sit. I have seen numerous posts on this board about "changing the culture" of our fan base and it always involves standing up the whole game. How about stand up if it doesn't interfere with others enjoyment of the game. You can still make plenty of noise.
  9. Which path for Newton?

    The teams we have played since he started running again haven't target his head as much either. I remember thinking during the Patriot game how much classier they were than Atlanta and Denver. They had numerous opportunities to take a head shot but played clean.
  10. Which path for Newton?

    I will take Cam being Cam for 5 over cramming a square peg into a round hole for 10.
  11. Its Shula's fault. Everything bad is Shula's fault.
  12. Just saw Cams tweet apologizing. Good for him. It was sincere and you could tell this is hurting him because he had zero negative intent. First thing I hear on NFL radio is that it didn't go far enough because he didn't mention her by name. Reminds me of the spin Trump gets on everything he does. Cam for President 2020.
  13. I believe the comment about Cams fundamentals in the pocket refers to him stepping up to throw. Rivera made some comments about Cams lack of practice and it's affect on the blocking scheme. Cam tends to set up deeper than most Qbs requiring an adjustment to the linemens set up. He stepped up better this week. I really think most of our passing game problems stem from lack of reps for Cam with the new guys combined with KB and Olsen being out. Timing sucks.
  14. Time for a Change

    If we lose the next 4 games Rivera is gone at the end of the year. It is a very real possibility. The 4th loss being to John Fox would be the nail in the coffin.
  15. "It's just the 49ers and Bills"

    I remember thinking the same thing yesterday. We had the ball most of the first half too. Great point on TOP affecting the D. Now we need the defense to produce some turnovers. That's what separates good and great defenses.