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  1. Norv will last as long as Rivera does. Next coordinator change not for a promotion the head coach goes as well.
  2. Agreed I won't buy new psls either. The parking for a game at BOA is unique. There are lots of little lots where you can find shade grass and a great tailgating experience. Lets trade that in for a large expanse of asphalt or a parking deck so the owner can make money verses small businesses renting out their lots.
  3. The ONLY way to beat New Orleans...

    Where was you confidence after the first loss to the Saints with the Patriots and a hot Lions team looming? I sure didn't see an 11-5 season. We have bounced back pretty well this season when the chips are down.
  4. The ONLY way to beat New Orleans...

    I don't remember seeing a run out of the I formation lately. I believe it was Minn that they used it several times effectively with Stewart. That could be something Shula is saving for the playoffs. Cam runs up the gut with Armah and Stewart blocking. Once the ends start crashing down Cam around the corner.
  5. The ONLY way to beat New Orleans...

    Key to that last gif is Cam stepping into his throw and getting the ball out quick. That throw is picked if its a tick late. We need good Cam to show up. He missed easier throws against Atlanta.
  6. True but he wasn't up 28-3 in the 4th quarter.
  7. Yeah but he did manage to win a playoff game with Tebo at Qb. That’s his biggest accomplishment.
  8. Only way we win this game is to take what NO gives us. Cam needs to run when it’s there and execute something else when it’s not. Most of his runs are options with him making the decision to keep it or not.
  9. A very real scenario for next year

    I believe so. I don't see Fox running 3-4. Wasn't San Fransisco 4-3 as well? I think he would mesh well with Rivera and both guys could learn from each other.
  10. Ron Rivera | CAP

    Really? Our schedule was pretty stout this year.
  11. A very real scenario for next year

    Jack did a good job bringing the Raiders back from the dead. I wouldn't be surprised if he got another HC job. I would love to see Vic Fangio back in Panther gear. That would be an upgrade IMHO.
  12. Do I have to much faith in Cam?

    I have 100% confidence in Cam getting the job done next week. I really believe the coaching staff and Cam was taken by surprise by the JStew injury. CAP looked like he hadn't practiced with Cam at all. He couldn't even take a hand off much less do what Stew does with the zone read RPO plays. That seriously limited the run game and caused us to get a little pass happy yesterday. If the D plays as well as it did yesterday as far as forcing field goals and we don't turn the ball over we have a decent shot.
  13. Sad admission from Cam

    Gross was better sure but the rest of the line is as good or better now. We have probowl level guards. Protection was not the issue yesterday. Judging by your avatar tho....
  14. Sad admission from Cam

    With Jake at QB. We have Cam. Are you saying Jake/89 > Cam/Funches/Olsen?
  15. The NFL is actually pretty lax in its drug testing protocols. Random tests are generally computer generated. You could get tested 3 times in a row or not at all for a long time. The league has no reason to hate on or target Cam.