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  1. Agree but if a new stadium is in the works the team will at some point stop selling them for the old stadium.
  2. I wonder how many PSL's have been bought in the last 3 years. Those folks are screwed. I laugh everytime I see one posted for sale on facebook by some auction site. One thing I will look closely at is whether the team continues to sell PSLs for BOA and at what point they discontinue the practice.
  3. No way PSLs for a new stadium would be priced at $3-10K. Those are 1990's prices. My guess is double that at least. I have owned a couple since the first year. I got my moneys worth over the years with the memories. I won't buy them again. Its too easy to get tickets online now a days.
  4. Can you tell me where?  I've been going to games there for 15 years

    At least somewhat familiar with Pantherville


  5. goodoleboy

    The Answer is on the Roster

    The run game has been balanced. Early last season defenses knew Cam was less likely to keep it himself due to ankle injury. Without that threat its not as open for the back.
  6. goodoleboy

    Santa Topcats!

    That Dab was awesome. They should do one at the end of every routine. Cam does them after TDs. Top Cats after creating boners on horny huddlers
  7. # 6 was actually a pretty good play by the Saint DB. Had he not gone for Stewart's legs and tripped him up, he would have gotten face planted by that stiff arm like so many before him.
  8. I get your point about Cam being bigger but the QB position is not "a soft spot for people who could never cut it athletically to be able to play sports." Most NFL QBs played multiple sports and could have been good at any of them.
  9. But that's not what you said. This is: You seem to have a problem with older white men who vote republican. That is racist. I am just forcing you to do a little self examination. Its not a bad thing and you strike me as someone who cares about that. For the record Cam can do what he wants after he scores. I do believe as he gets a little older he will do it less. It will become more about giving a kid the ball. That's already happening IMHO
  10. I understand your dynamic. However when your initial premise concerns someones age and race its racist.
  11. I got a grip but if the shoe fits......right?
  12. Sounds pretty racist to me. I am a white guy close to 60 years old and none of that other crap is true, yet you continue to paint me with that brush....racist.
  13. Its a racist assertion. White is a race
  14. Loved me some Icky shuffle. People hated Joe Nameth too.
  15. Smitty grew up and quit doing the elaborate celebrations. Cam will too.