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  1. There is another aspect of that play nobody is talking about because you have to look at coaching film to see it. Funches is running wide open 40 yards downfield on that play. That is who Cam was throwing it to when his arm was hit. Helps explain the pause trying to pick it up.
  2. I like to think he will stop tripping and take that next step. Only one way to top this season and perfection is hard to reach. There are bound to be some speed bumps along the way.
  3. Exactly. How many last second hail mary TD passes did last years MVP make this season.
  4. Agreed. Cam showed great sportsmanship going straight over to Manning and other Broncos after the game. What he failed at was professionalism at the press conference. Even in a loss as much as it hurt that was a worldwide stage and a lost opportunity. He blew it.
  5. Voth talks about Rivera and Newton

    That was Cams choice. I think he just wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. He could have  gone to the locker room, broken some stuff, cried, showered and dressed first before going out there. 
  6. God Damn theirs a lot of pent up Cam hate

    Why not dress up in the suit he would have worn had we won and give credit to the Bronco D and Von Miller. There was a lot of media love for Cam the last 2 weeks. He missed an opportunity to keep that love coming. I bet he never handles a post game presser like that again.
  7. "Show me a good loser... "

    XM NFL radio led of its live programming this morning with sound bites from yesterday's presser set to music. Tom Petty's won't back down and The Beetles I'm a loser. Then the host came on saying he thought be was done talking about this but for Cams comments yesterday. Same guy defended his right to dance for 2 weeks. Plain and simple. Cam fuged up.
  8. "Show me a good loser... " The link above is part of the narrative I have heard all day. There is a real good interview with Ron as well. He talks about hoping Cam learns and grows from this experience.
  9. "Show me a good loser... "

    Maybe you are right locally. I listened to 10 hours of XM talk radio today driving to Mobile Al and they all had cut up audio of today's interview. Cam made it worse today. 
  10. "Show me a good loser... "

    I don't think his SB presser would have been the main topic today had he not fanned the flames. It's a matter of degrees.
  11. "Show me a good loser... "

    Another clueless one.  Its a username not an ideology. It comes from an old out of print comic strip.  Sure Cam has a right to defend himself but that doesn't make it smart. It's better just to let it die down rather than dig heels in. Less drama that way.
  12. "Show me a good loser... "

    Clueless as usual. I am a Cam fan. He never had press conferences on locker clean out day before. My whole point is this would be a non issue had he not brought it back up. It's fuel for the fire for those who do want to attack him. I am not one of them. I just hate the drama.
  13. "Show me a good loser... "

    I just drove 11 hours listening to NFL radio. Cams presser has been a major topic all day. Does he want the attention or not. For a guy who says he doesn't want to talk to the media he sure does a lot of it. He says he doesn't care what people think, then calls press conferences to address criticism. I would have had more respect for Cam had he simply refused to do the press conference Sunday and ate the fine. This would not be a topic by now had Cam not brought it back up like a teenage drama queen.
  14. "Show me a good loser... "

    A sore loser is a loser too. Personally I would have preferred Cam just let go and not feel the need to stir all the crap back up. Too much drama. 
  15. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Local news here in Winston Salem is live from BOA. There is a nice crowd there