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  1. There is also more time to plan travel for the regular season. Worst case for demand would be Atlanta or Philly because it's an easy cheap drive. Arizona turned tickets back in for both playoff games before. They went on sale several days after the game "sold out"
  2. Who to pull for Sunday

    This year is easier than most. Just look at the loss column of NFC teams and pull against the smaller number whoever that is. Take care of the number 1 seed and everything else will take care of itself. Arizona,  Minn, Green Bay and Atlanta are the only teams who can catch us so they all need to lose. 
  3. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    I believe none of this NFL conspiracy theory. However if you take it to it's ultimate conclusion the NFL would F over the Patriots big time in the super bowl as revenge for losing deflategate. 
  4. You're Welcome

    Keep Pounding Zach 
  5. In Search of Playoff Tickets

    Face value is higher as well 500 level endzones are approx $85 and $150
  6. Saints game flexed

    14-1 or better would have home field locked up throughout the playoffs. I doubt our starters would play the whole game if that's the case.
  7. Saints game flexed

    I could be meaningless for the Panthers anyway if everything is locked up. Doubt they want to see Cam on the bench for a game they flexed into prime time.
  8. Deadskin Pic

    How long before PETA weighs in
  9. USA today using Jeremy's Pics?

    Y'all ever have any altercations jostling for position or are you the biggest ,baddest MOFO out there.
  10. Panthers have two opponents this week.

    Fixed in our favor?
  11. Panthers have two opponents this week.

    I am not a big believer in conspiracy theories. Do you also believe the Panthers got favorable calls yesterday because the NFL wanted us to be undefeated for the Cowboys? That was a pretty big call on the Olsem hit/interception. at 14-14. Then we got numerous calls go our way on the next drive to go up 21-14. Game could have been a lot different without that 14 point swing. Just saying its hard to believe one without the other..
  12. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    I worry about this as well. I am in the process of re-watching the Redskins game yesterday. I am just watching the TV feed not coaching tape so I am not watching Josh on every play. In the first quarter he made a tackle on a receiver by hitting him high and knocking him to the ground never wrapping up.. It was every bit as bad as the Olson hit that negated that Washington interception TD. No need for it. A few plays later he got called for hands to the face on Washington's long TD pass. No doubt he is playing lights out this year but there is still room for improvement. Not getting targeted can lead to complacency. Just make the tackle Josh. No need to knock some guy out.
  13. I know this had to be a Huddler

    I bet you could make some money selling that patch to Redskin fans who own worthless RG3 jerseys.
  14. A special request to the media

    In this case more about dumbass Dallas fans betting on "Americas team"
  15. Do we have reliable back up RBs?

    Capable yes. Just as good? Probably not. CAP is the unknown with the most upside. Maybe we will get to feature him in week 17 with everything locked up.