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  1. Cam was high early so you can pretty much assume he was a bit of nervous or excited because Cam says he doesn't get nervous. We had plenty of opportunities to win the game but we just didn't get it done plain and simple. Next year we will be better on offense with Benji coming back. The questions that needs to answered is do we upgrade the Tackle position. I'm not so sure if we can find a Tackle in the draft or free agency that's better then what we have now on the roster. Let's hope that Daryl Williams develop.
  2. You still got to have time to get the ball to him.
  3. You made some great points but the key for the Broncos has been their pass rush and coverage all season. They have been shutting offenses down all post season and it's because of their pass rush and coverage in the secondary. They have played 3 top 10 offenses and only gave up one passing touch down this post season to Rob Gronkiwski who was catching in triple coverage over defenders. The NFL is a copycat league and it seems like the #1 defenses are outweighing #1 offenses when it get's to these big games. Denver has shut down Pittsburgh (Without Antonio Brown), New England, and Carolina now in the Super Bowl. After watching that clinic their defense did on us, everyone is going to try and emulate to shut high powered offenses down with elite defenses like Denver and Seattle.
  4. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    I wouldn't be upset with the usual celebrating and stuff a lot of people realize that it's just fun with Cam and it's really in his personality. I would definitely be looking for the defensive players to stop him though.
  5. We did go with more max protection packages in the game it just only takes Von Miller 2 seconds to get to the QB. 
  6. But now is seems like the key to winning the Super Bowl is having the best defense. Denver has a top #1 defense that is prime to stop high power offenses like Carolina, New England, and Pittsburgh. Those pass rushers who can get to the QB like Von Miller and Demarcus Ware are dominant forces also their interior defensive front like Derek Wolfe and Malik Jackson are monsters too. We have been damn near complete as a team until this moment. Teams are going to take notice and now find pass rushers who can shut your Cam Newtons, Tom Brady, and Ben Roethlisberger down. 
  7. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    Broken forearm or not, Thomas Davis is the last person they should want to test on this defense.
  8. Compensatory pick?

    I agree. In the NFL if you're team is not getting better it's getting worse. Not saying that we need someone like Greg Hardy on our team because we clearly don't. If the Panthers allowed him to comeback the Panthers would be doing him a favor because It will be hard to get signed anywhere else with the way things have been going for him. 
  9. Compensatory pick?

    The last time Greg Hardy played a full season with the Panthers we was 12-4.There isn't a reason to bring him back after all that happen last season but his presence on our defense warrants why some players wanted to keep him on the team. 
  10. Compensatory pick?

    Completely understandable and i'm not saying what he did was right but in life everybody makes mistakes. You show me one person who says they haven't made any mistakes or have any regrets and I'll say he is a liar.
  11. Well this explains a lot...

    On dancing with the stars Carlton was awesome!
  12. Well this explains a lot...

    One of my favorite shows growing up outside of Martin, Family Matters, Full House, and Happy Days!
  13. Compensatory pick?

    I wouldn't even consider the Bengals an option for Greg Hardy. Can you picture that defense with Hardy, Pacman, and Burfict? Marvin Lewis would probably commit suicide before they allow that to happen lol.
  14. Compensatory pick?

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Greg Hardy had the opportunity to return the Panthers and I wouldn't mind him back at all. The odds of this happening is slim to none but just know that players in the locker room wanted him back on team TD, Josh, and others. I think his best shot would be Jerry Richardson letting him back on team which you can pretty much say it's not going to happen but crazier things have happened before.